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My extended family contains seven iPhones, five iPhone 6 and two iPhone 5S. No one is reporting any of these issues and we all use the features you say are broken. I worked for AT&T for 34 years and near the end saw the deployment of tens of thousands of iPhones and iPads. iPhones are standard issue these days at the telecom giant. So the question you should be asking your self is why you are having issues and others aren’t because it’s certainly not iOS 8. You are an...
Yep, these are NOT Apple employees. They work for Compass Transportation. Yet this article clearly implies they are Apple workers.
This thread is so utterly predictable. It is repeated every time an update is released. Every. Single. Time. From the comments one could get the impression that iOS and OS X are helplessly, uselessly, pathetically unusable. That there are close to 1 billion users of apple devices now speaks volumes as to the veracity of such claims. They are complete bovine excrement, especially when coming from the usual suspects.Nonsense.
I’m not having any problems with 8.1.3 and will be welcoming 8.2 with open arms. Each iteration gets better no natter what the League of the Perpetually Dissatisfied says.
Isn’t this the guy who ran J.C. Penney into the ground and was fired.
This all reminds me of the Lamprey fish...  
 Now the government can prevent your freedom of speech. Just like television networks, your ISP can be fined if you type the word **** in this forum. Your criticism of Al Sharpton could be labeled hate speech and banned. 
From the comments here I see it boils down to two competing socio-economic views, those who think that government is the solution and those who think that government is the problem. As for the first group these are the same people howling at the top of their lungs about the NSA, the FBI, the IRS surveilling its citizens but are now pleased that this same government just totally took over the Internet. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t even begin to describe this irrational...
It means higher prices mainly form new taxes and fees that will be added.
Maybe not 20% but it WILL be an excuse to punish the stock. Manipulators live for stuff like this to drive down the price so they can start buying.
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