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I have cringe inducing memories of parents descending on the school board meeting some 25 years ago demanding the school district invest in Windows PCs so their children would learn to use “real” computers, the computers they would use when they got jobs. Of course those who went on to study graphic arts, desktop publishing, music, etc. were stunned to find out they would be using Macs. My son went to the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL. He said he walked into the...
 Believe which ever one fits your bias. Go to any financial website and read articles about any company on the planet and you’ll find the same opposite opinions. For every Armageddon there’s a Utopia analyst. So if you don’t like Apple or the Watch then believe the negative articles. You will feel better and not alone. If you like Apple and the Watch then believe the Morgan Stanley analyst. You will feel better too. This bias can be seen in this thread. You know what, it...
Except for one tinty detail. Apple has not mentioned any purpose for this hidden port and unofficial use would certainly void any warranty.
 Which is precisely what they have done in the smartphone business. 
Naturally someone of your ilk would see it that way.
Straight out of the Bible, actually. Mark 4:16
He said nothing about Apple taking any kind of legal action. He merely pointed out that it could confuse others as it did him for a second. It’s very intentional and very contrived. For that reason alone I wouldn’t give this service a first look. And these services are becoming a dime-a-dozen like seed sown on rocky ground. Most won’t be around for any length of time which puts this whole cloud platform idea on shaky ground for the future.
Yep, a quite blatant attempt at duping customers into thinking it’s an Apple service. Not very creative or clever but blatant nonetheless. 
I believe we were talking about Google sycophants and their tendency to forget what they whined about Apple doing when Google decides to do the same thing.
“The application is now available to faith-based organizations anywhere in the U.S" Or can’t you read? Or are you just trying to be cute?
New Posts  All Forums: