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As a fanatical, unapologetic, rabid, delusional Apple fanboy shill I’m waiting for Spotify’s next financials to see what happens to their subscriber numbers. Nothing against Spotify. Just because. I want to see the iHaters squirm and wriggle. I want to read their convoluted explanations and diatribes. I love seeing them switch horses in mid stream like they did with Samsung when it started to lose steam. Samsung is no longer their Shining Knight out to slay the Apple...
Serenity Caldwell from iMore has a similar article about this. Apparently there’s plenty of misinformation and FUD floating around about how Apple Music, iTunes Match, and DRM interact. Apple should publish a document explaining this relationship clearly in layman’s terms. We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Well, we can hope can’t we? And as we should have assumed from the start, the DRM thing is all about what happens after you cancel your Apple Music...
Heresy. It’s simply not possible that your library is okay like mine is. Everybody knows that iTunes 12.2 and Apple Music are EPIC FAILS for everybody. No one is happy with them. Be very careful of what you say here. You may be labeled as stupid and ignorant. <#sarcasm>
He can’t and that’s the point. All he’s got is his perception. 
I have a very mixed library of purchased, ripped, other sources files. Explain to me why my library has not been “exclusively ruined by 12.2.” Per usual claims are made that cannot be substantiated and instead rely on anecdotes, counting ‘views’ and Google ‘hits’.
Why is it always ‘some users’ and not ‘all’ users? It’s either a bug or it’s not. iTunes is iTunes and Yosemite is Yosemite and your iTunes Library is your iTunes Library. What about those people experiencing trouble could be different from those not having issues? Hardware configuration should have nothing to do with it. Corruption is the only thing I can think of.
Why bother with Apple then? Just head over to Microcenter or Fry’s, buy a bunch of cheap parts off the shelf and assemble your own beige box and run Ubuntu. Who cares about design aesthetics, how things look, fit and finish, screws all over the place, stamped sheet metal cases, and multi-colored LEDs twinkling inside, weird decals, etc?
 In other words, complete bull. 
While we’re on this subject I can’t see any references to iTunes Match in the new iTunes 12.2 update. There used to be a ‘Store’ menu item that allowed one to turn iTunes Match on/off/update as well as control the Genius recommendations. That ‘Store’ menu item is gone apparently.   Any ideas as to what is going on? The only mention of iTunes Match is in the ‘Account’ section where you can turn auto-renew on or off.
I sure hope so.
New Posts  All Forums: