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Stop with the “overpriced” bull crap will you all. Nothing is overpriced if somebody is willing to pay for it. And as for the unwashed masses, that’s what Android and McDonalds are for. 
 You don’t get it do you.
 I mean EXACTLY that! Every single day we read about yet another security breach allowing our user id’s and passwords to be stolen. From Target to LaCie, to the Schnuck’s grocery store chain in St. Louis, to the Heartbleed bug it has become perfectly clear that using strong passwords is USELESS if they can be stolen at will from websites or company servers. If some bad guy empties out my bank account I’ll just sue the pants off the bank. Everybody does it, everybody...
 Why even care anymore? With this kind of announcement it becomes clear that your identity is fair game to anyone. What good is a secure password when that password is stolen by a bad guy with apparent ease? Why not just use the age old favorites like “123456” or “password” if the bad guys are gonna get it anyway? Just pass laws that take the consumer totally of the hook for any losses. Make the website operators totally liable for damages. When they lose enough money...
Bwwwuh? The 5c was declared a complete epic fail. Why is Apple debuting this thing in numerous countries?
I’ve got Office 2011 on my Mac. I’ve got Office on my iPad. I’ve got a One Drive account with 7GB free storage. Now comes the hard part. Do I take the last step and pluck down my $70?
 Excellent point. Android fans have invested heavily in Samsung hardware since it carries the flag for Android. If Samsung moves away from Android will Android fans move away from Samsung? Are Samsung customers Samsung fans or Android fans? We know Apple customers are Apple fans in general, not necessarily iOS fans.
 Exactly, what goes around comes around.  Hypocrisy abounds on all sides. We are all hypocrites and sinners in one way or the other. Oh wait, that’s a religious thought isn’t it. Sorry, my bad.
 All I know is I never made a choice to be heterosexual. I knew it from the day my sexual feelings started to stir. I’m convinced homosexuality is not a choice either. Science is still studying the issue but my own life experience tells me it’s they way you are born. 
You didn’t answer the question about Javascript did you. Why haven’t you tuned it off? Of course that would make your online experience a little difficult wouldn’t it? Being selective in your outrage?
New Posts  All Forums: