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Get off the “cheaper” bandwagon will you. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t fix things. All it does is sell more phones for less money and is a zero sum game as far as profit is concerned. A cheaper iPhone means you have sell tons more of them just to stay where you are. What part of this does the cheap crowd not understand?
An Apple ‘exclusive’!? Did Michael Bromwich approve this? Will Judge Cote punish Apple for this blatant anti-trust action. Shouldn’t Apple’s victim, Amazon, be given first rights to these books?
A whole lot more than those who use Apple’s Mail app. Tens of millions more.
While I agree with your snark it makes me wonder how things came to be this way. iOS and Android dominate the mobile operating system market. By all accounts these new Microsoft phones are really nice but it would appear they have little chance of challenging either iOS or Android. Why is that? Microsoft’s mobile OS isn’t all that bad is it? So is it simply momentum by the two top dogs? Has the consumer made their choice and the other mobile OSs will simply struggle along...
 Reigning supreme on mostly cheap junk phones is not what I would call a good thing. The top four Android brands add up to 44.6%. Apple is now at 44.1% which means Apple is selling almost many phones as the top four Android brands COMBINED! Android reigning supreme? Not hardly.
No tower with slots, no buy. /s
While no link I present will probably satisfy your definition of credible here is... http://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2015/10/05/apple-music-failure/ I’m certainly not saying Apple Music has failed but there are plenty of pundits of varying ‘credibility’ that say it has. My point was to the post I responded to in that Apple is held to an impossible standard of being expected to launch one home run product after another but other companies are judged by a different...
Why shouldn’t Microsoft be held to the same standard as Apple? When an Apple product doesn’t ‘take the world by storm’ it is indeed labeled as an immediate failure. See Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Apple TV all declared failures because they didn’t immediately dominate their respective markets.
So iOS 8.4 fixed the issue. Nuff said.
Tell me about it. I vividly remember what went on in the c|net comment section the day after SJ passed. There was unbridled jubilation at his death with commenters wanting to know where he would be buried so they could go and piss on his grave. It was very much like the videos of the Palestinians dancing in the streets after 9/11 (videos which were quickly covered up by the media and never seen again). And it’s still that mentality at c|net. Any article about Apple is...
New Posts  All Forums: