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Apple’s popularity in China must worry the crap out of the Communist dictators that run the place. I’m guessing that’s the main reason for demanding “security inspections” of all Apple products. That and supplying free R&D to Chinese phone makers.   By the way, whatever happened to all those Epic Fail in China predictions the analysts and fAndroids were so confident about? 
Didn’t you get the memo? Savvy Android users spoof their id’s to show they are using iOS so these figures are bogus ROFLMAO! It also explains why iOS only appears to dominate web usage and online commerce when in reality Android has utterly destroyed iOS. I actually read this somewhere on a c|net comment section. 
Can’t wait to see the stock tank when insanely record sales announced next week are labeled disappointing. You know this will happen.
 SOME users, and a minority at that. I’m certainly not affected by any WiFi issues with Yosemite and never have been. I haven’t heard any complaints by various family members running Yosemite on their Macs either. Buy hey, this is the Internet where problems and issues get blown all out of proportion and conspiracy theories become reality, fiction becomes fact and communities of victims find each other and bond. The Apple discussion forums about this issue need to be on...
My suspicion is that doing business in the E.U. is a nightmare come true with zillions of anti-business regulations cloaked in the mantle of consumer protection. I doubt it’s even worth it to Apple.
It has always seemed to me that Apple’s partners consistently drop the ball at critical times. Moto and IBM didn’t advance the PPC to keep up with Intel X86 development. Nvidia, ATI, Radius all screwed up on graphics cards and hurt Apple. Even today we have third party graphics causing trouble, namely the MacBook Pro lawsuits. So it would seem both logical and good business for Apple to develop critical hardware chips in house. But then the question of who does the...
Nothing new here. Business always gets caught up in politics and diplomacy. It would be interesting to know if other tech companies are following suit, and if not, why not. Samsung, for example, is not a member of the European Union, nor is it an American company. If they continue to do business in Crimea could they be sanctioned by the U.S. or E.U.?
This guy will never work in Silicon Valley again "Citing the successful opposition that resulted in an approximately 28-percent premium over the original settlement terms -- and a heightened risk of not finding future employment because of it -- Devine requests a larger reward commensurate of his service.And he will never work in Silicon Valley again. You can take that to the bank” He will never work in silicon valley again and you can take that to the bank. He is toast in...
 Whatever you do don’t ask a Fandroid about why they aren’t running Lollipop on their phones. They get very upset and testy and defensive. They start spouting about how Android rules the world and iOS sucks. If you keep pressing them about Lollipop you risk the cornered rat response.
Nice video. Now let’s see this guy write the code for it. Not so easy is it. You can’t just snap your fingers and make it happen? It’s like being a performing musician criticized by somebody who claims they can do it better but falls apart into gelatinous goo when they walk out on stage in front of an audience. 
New Posts  All Forums: