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Confirms the other surveys and studies. iOS users are better educated and financially better off than Android users.
Apple has never invented anything. I read this on the Internet.
Whether it’s good news or bad news for Apple keep in mind that these analytics and statistics are produced by companies with clients that pay for the information. The information is used in various ways such as marketing, business models, future direction initiatives, etc. In the case of Apple it’s been pretty clear for years that these studies are used to manipulate AAPL stock and so are suspect from the get-go. 
So I can watch Amazon content on my Mac and on my iPhone but not on my Apple TV? What’s with that? Who the hell made the decision not to have an Amazon app for the Apple TV? Jeff or Tim?
 No, no they don’t. People want longer use between charges. Instead of larger batteries the industry should be hell bent on better batteries. In fact there should be a Manhattan Project style program to advanced power technology. 19th century technology is holding back 21st century progress. In the real world we still have paper cones attached to magnets to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, i.e. sound. Same goes for power technology, a chemical reaction...
Always remember the analyst/hater/blogger/pundit predictions of Apple Doom™ in China. Keep those solemn predictions in mind the next time one of these bozos pulls something out of their poop chute about Apple. 
"If you see a Muslim with an iPhone, arrest them.” Donald Trump
So true but there are those who will surely twist the facts. Some post right here on AI.
Fatal mistake when you think your needs and wants are all that matter but that’s how the haters operate.
New Posts  All Forums: