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No, you are not alone. Most of us enjoy using iTunes. It’s just the constant nitpickers, whiners, malcontents, and egomaniacs who think it’s a mess. But they think everything Apple does is a mess. Why they still remain Apple users is a mystery.
 More “Apple is doomed” bullshit. Stick a sock in it will you.
 This is the classic “only stupid people like iTunes” argument we get from know-it-alls. Nothing is good enough for this crowd. NOTHING! I’m one of the 500 million stupid ones, or ones who have ‘lower expectations and requirements’ that these types look down their noses at.
I still buy music and always will. I have hundreds of LP albums from my youth as well as CDs and purchased digital content. Since I generally eschew pop music for classical I love having multiple performances of various works and artists. I also wind up with recordings from European labels that you won’t find on iTunes or some ‘curated’ streaming service. Subscription/smorgasbord services just don’t do it for me.   And I sure as hell don’t consider iTunes to be a bloated...
Interesting post on Apple’s discussion forums. A poster who says they are with a small credit union wants to know how to contact Apple about getting their cards on Pay. The poster says they have been deluged with requests from members wanting their credit cards added to Pay.   The pressure seems to be building.
These are probably the same asshats who complain that iTunes chokes on their 50,000 song libraries. My son had a roommate once who bought hard drive after hard drive and filled them up with pirated music. He had their DSL line saturated 24/7/365 downloading pirated music.
9000 views mean absolutely NOTHING. 60 replies out of probably 15 million iPhone 6s by now. And this is now an issue? And I just love the bullshit extrapolation at the end of this bullshit article.
I have a branded GM Mastercard and a branded Visa Debit card (UMB Bank). Neither will verify. Instead I get a message saying the card is not accepted at this time. I emailed my bank and, much to my surprise, received a response that stated they were still ‘evaluating’ the product and should release more information soon. I take that as a positive sign. Like I said I’m willing to wait for things to kick in, not forever.
When TouchID was first released Andy Ihnatko made a very salient comment. He said that TouchID had to work perfectly and all the time to be accepted. Otherwise people would just turn it off and never use it again. The same goes for Pay. Apple’s discussion forums are rife with people who can’t get it to work. They either are having trouble getting cards verified or are running into issues at retailers who don’t get it. I think Pay is running into the same obstacles that...
Well, there are those brand new closed factories sitting there for the taking.
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