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Screw all these bastards. They are complete ass-hats who deserve no attention whatsoever. So what if they now praise Apple. Tomorrow they do just the opposite as they always have. Make no mistake, this is ALL about money and stock manipulation to them. So far Tim and Co. have resisted these douche bags who want instant profits at the expense of the future of the company. 
Yep, this is just setting the table for another short-fest manipulation scheme. 
I had to basically ‘order’ my financial adviser to add some AAPL to my IRA portfolio, even if only a token amount (28 shares). For some reason they just don’t like it. 
Dilger, as usual, tells it like it is. But I’m really agitated by the losers here who keep trying to interchange “security” with “secrecy.” The whole skit at the recent event was a self-deprecating, humorous putdown of Apple’s legendary “secrecy” when announcing new products, not any kind of commentary about the “security” of those products. All over the dumb-ass tech journalism universe writers are using the skit to attack Apple’s “security” record. They didn’t get it....
And then bitch about how it was made.
Mail is quite convenient. I’ve used it exclusively for many years and have tried alternatives like Mailbox.
I don’t think so-called ‘clean’ installs make much difference these days. Since Leopard I have just installed over the previous OS X with no issues to report. To me it’s become more of a ‘peace of mind’ procedure than necessary. But old habits are hard to change and old myths and voodoo incantations stick around.   That said I have a Time Machine and two bootable clone backups on hand before my move to Yosemite.
Zero, zip, nada. Tim told me himself.
  Oh looky! Two trolls jerking each other off in public. Get a room you two.
They are being bypassed by the very content providers they depend upon for revenue. As more and more content providers make their content available outside of the cable/satellite industry more and more subscriber will not see the need to pay for 200 channels when they get the channels they do want al carte. 
New Posts  All Forums: