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And guys like you think Mike Daisey is Walter Cronkite reincarnated, right?
I don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to jailbroken iOS devices or their owners. If these morons, spouting their ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’ invectives, want to open their devices up to the bad guys then they deserve every piece of malware they get. If these self-important, narcissistic, holier-than-thou, ‘look at me’ idiots want their ‘freedom’ then let them move to Android. Screw ‘em. Their nonsense gives Apple a black eye because the media does NOT distinguish between normal...
Dear Mr. Cook,   Stay as far away from unionism as possible. Collective bargaining may have been effective in the past but the unions of today are corrupt, entangled with organized crime, and politically beholding to the far left.    But you already know that.
Exactly. My iPad 2 is running just fine on iOS 8.1.1 and I have no need to replace it yet.
 AT&T has a market cap of $178 billion. Apple should pick them up (with pocket change from Cook’s bluejeans). Meh, get a clue. Only market share means anything. Forget revenue, forget profit, forget customer service, forget everything. He who sells the most, wins. And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so. Gimme a hell yes!
Which is also why CurrenC is going nowhere. People use credit these days; they will not want to have their banks accounts directly accessed, especially when they are near empty. 
If this were an article about Apple the ‘death spiral clock' would have been started by now. Only Apple can be perpetually doomed.
If I wanted something like this I’d get a MacBook Air.   MacBook Air, 11” w/128GB = $899.00 Runs OS X Yosemite + USB 3.0 connectivity and Thunderbolt.   iPad 2 Air, 9.7” display, WiFi only, 128GB = $699 + this $169 gadget = $868.00 Runs iOS 8 + NO USB connectivity or Thunderbolt   Both can use my iPhone 6 as a hotspot and both can use my iPhone 6 for Handoff, Continuity, and syncing.   Any questions? I don’t have any.
 Yeah, I’m sure Jony Ive is trembling in his boots, waiting by the phone for your call and advice on how to do it right. Jesus what a bore.
Looks like it’s going to be a monster quarter but some are correctly pointing out that having a single product be responsible for the vast majority of your business is a bit scary. Obviously the iPhone has a LOT of growth left in it but Apple must be thinking ahead to the future. The executive team are not stupid and I think we will see diversification into other products and markets. I’m not sure what those products and markets might be but I’ll let Tim and Co. figure...
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