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Why not $19.95? I mean we all know there’s only $7.99 worth of parts in it, right?
You have a point.
Leave it to you to suggest a negative. Apple is DOOMED™
Care to list something by any vendor that was?
Again, how much would you be willing to pay for access and posting to AppleInsider? $10/month? How much do you think it costs to keep AppleInsider online 24/7/365? How many subscribers would it require to stay in business if its ads are blocked and advertisers stop paying? None of you pro ad blocker types will answer. Why?
They won’t. They will cease to exist. How much would you pay per month to access and post on AppleInsider? Many web site developers have tried asking for voluntary donations over the years with dismal results.
 So how much would you be willing to pay in order to be able to post your response here on AI?
Funny you should bring this up. Yesterday’s podcast of MacBreak Weekly discussed this very thing. Advertisers are quite up in arms over iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 having new ad blocking technology. Websites that depend on advertising for their income could block access unless you agree to ads. Many popular and useful websites could simply vanish. Leo LaPorte said he originally founded Twit to be ad free and asked for donations instead. Didn’t happen. Basically people don’t want...
iCloud and iCloud Drive is a cruel, expensive joke. For $70/yr I get the latest version of Office for Mac, 60 minutes of Skype per month, and 1TB of OneDrive storage. From Microsoft of all people! 
Ahh, the strange world of the Apple Prognosticator.   Image courtesy of MacNN
New Posts  All Forums: