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Cognitive dissonance disorder?
FanDroid’s brains are exploding over all this fashion stuff. Even Apple techies are experiencing high anxiety. Tech types don’t give a crap how something looks, only the spec sheet matters. It could be a cardboard box painted baby-shit yellow but as long as it had enough mHz, pixels, the right GPU, and an SD slot they couldn’t care less. This has got  to be a big strain on their psyches. That’s why they drive Hyundai cars and use $7 toasters from the Dollar General Store....
Because you are a low end type you have no idea what the fashion watch industry is like. The Watch is not about being an iPhone accessory, it’s going to be part of the high end fashion industry. While you might not spend more than $10 for a cheap Timex (if at all) this product will be for the people who buy TAG Heuer, Movado, Burberry, Victorinox, etc., watches that are in the $1000 price range and higher. Apple made the right decision here not to wallow in the shallow...
Trying to be cute and not being able to spell makes for a bad post. And it makes you look stupid.
All this means is that you are one of the gullible ones. Apple says only 9 complaints but YOU decide to believe some unknown bozo on the Internet and will now probably claim Apple is lying.
Is Dilger not just doing what the mainstream media does on a daily basis? That is, present opinion as accepted fact. Is this not what every single tech website out there is doing? There is no such thing as news reporting anymore. It's all opinion supported by carefully spun "facts?" And yet AI's douchebag sect attacks Dilger at every turn. Face it, there are whole lot of you claiming to be fans who would love to see Apple fail so you could get in your "I told you so"...
Your understanding is dead wrong and a result of you buying into FUD. I really feel sorry for you being so uniformed and gullible.
Since it’s unacceptable to you what do you plan to do about it? Sue Apple? Switch platforms? Get on your soapbox? 
Quit flogging your pud so much. Have you EVER taken the time research previous software launches? Mavericks, for example, has been one of the best OS X releases in history. Very few issues that were anywhere close to widespread. You have absolutely NO evidence that Apple’s QA has been “getting slowly buggier” other than your own faulty memory. You do a disservice to fellow users by touting this utter nonsense.
That is not what the original poster said. What you are describing does NOT happen with a standard restore. .IPSW files are often deleted when an upgrade is completed. You may or may not have the required file available. Then you need to obtain it from a third party hacker site. So making the claim “Just restore it from your back up backup” is not what it seems.
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