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Expectations are irrationally high. Tech wannabe spec mongers want everything under the sun. Not gonna happen.
I don’t believe a word of any of this. First of all why would content creators/owners negotiate strictly with Apple when other players are just as capable of providing the service? Amazon, Google, Roku, Netflix for example come to mind. Second the content owners already have a good revenue stream with cable and satellite subscriptions. Why screw that up with lower prices for so-called cord cutters? Thirdly this whole cord cutting thing is suspect in my opinion. We hear all...
One of their major clients appears to be Google. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StellaService https://www.internetretailer.com/2013/10/18/google-beefs-retailer-reviews-data-stellaservice
Exactly. Why is it we usually have never heard of these companies. At least we know who Consumer Reports is.
Every time we read one of these reports from some ‘market research’ firm we round around with our hair on fire. Maybe because things like this are immediately picked up by tech media sites with axes to grind against Apple and trumpeted as proof of the Doom™ to come.   Sometimes I think results like this are caused by changes in customer’s attitudes and not Apple policies or procedures. Are people becoming more entitled, more OCD about things, more jaded, more negative in...
Trolls bristle when it is pointed out that Google is an advertising business whose product is consumer data like spending habits, website visits and the like. Google is not a ‘high tech’ company by any means. It makes its money the old fashioned way by standing on a soapbox and hawking information.
Except for the fact that we always have oodles of leaked specs, prototypes, and mockups of every new iPhone coming. Why the ‘cone of silence’ over this rumored product?
Well whatever price it is be prepared for the onslaught of the price obsessed crowd deeming it overpriced garbage and a flop.
Interesting that we’ve seen no prototypes or mockups of the rumored Apple TV. In fact we’ve heard next to nothing about it. Why is that?
The only question is how much it will cost. $99? I’m betting $149 or $199
New Posts  All Forums: