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Funny how the traditional watch makers ignored or mocked the smart watch category...until Apple jumped in. Then a bead of sweat appeared on their foreheads. When that bead of sweat dripped down into their eyes their hands started to shake a little.   We’ve had all the usual suspects pontificating and bloviating right here in the AI forums about the uselessness of wearable tech. These are also the same ones who assured us that real work can only be done on a desktop PC...
I’m guessing this is what got him put in timeout, no? To tell you the truth I’m about ready to join him. Civilized, logical arguments? Are you kidding? Are you saying that Benjamin Frost presented civilized, logical arguments? Or any troll for that matter? No, they blow their crap straight out of their asses and present it as unassailable fact. The slurpster blew a gasket. Now he’s paying for it. That management allows these trolls a voice when they know what the motive...
No. Sincerely, Tim
We are so obsessed with our first world problems. Imagine what would happen if the country experienced a truly immense catastrophe. What would happen if Silicon Valley were wiped out by an earthquake? On May 8, 1988 a fire broke out in Illinois Bell’s central switching office in Hinsdale, IL outside of Chicago. This was a major switching hub for the entire area and served over 40,000 subscribers. It took a full 2 weeks for service to be even partially restored. Stories of...
It was the same when the iPad debuted. Remember the feminine napkin jokes? The Watch has struck a nerve apparently though. It lays bare the class envy that simmers just beneath the surface and fits right in with the group’s “overpriced” meme they have been regurgitating for years. This plus the fact that the Android OEMs are unlikely to follow Apple’s lead on this one. I don’t think we will be seeing a $1000+ Android Wear watch anytime soon, do you?
And if you dare to confront any of them too aggressively you get put into timeout for a few days. It’s all about clicks and views these days. I visit Mac Rumors about once a week just to see what the paid trolls are saying.
Or maybe they just do this for Edition owners only.
As long as he is not per suing ad hominem attacks there’s not much the moderators can do. Trolls need a home too you know. Best thing to do is block and ignore. Without negative feedback trolls almost always leave of their own accord. Update: To be honest I was a big troll when the switch from PPC to Intel happened. I had bought into the hype about the superiority of the RISC vs CISC architecture so when Steve dropped the PPC like a bad girlfriend I became enraged. I had a...
There has been some speculation that the entire guts of the watch may be replaceable besides the battery. Maybe you just have the latest hardware swapped in to keep your Edition current.
I have this mental image of an fAndroid neckbeard standing on a street corner in a trench coat in the middle of the summer. You walk by, he opens his coat and you see Chinese Watch knockoffs hanging from the inside. They run Android and he’s selling them for $50. “You want a gold one?” he asks.   It’s also going to be hilarious to see how Samsung responds. I can’t wait!
New Posts  All Forums: