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Not relevant to the point of the blog. The patching/updating process for Android is woefully inadequate and leaves the majority of users vulnerable to any discovered exploit with little or no hope of a timely fix. Even the original report states that right now it is being used against high value targets by hackers. It’s the process here that’s under fire, not the exploit or the victim count.
http://motherboard.vice.com/read/goodbye-android   Found this link on Jason Snell’s Six Colors blog. What a condemning read regarding the security hellhole that is Android. And the guy is a certified Apple Hater. Read it and weep for those running Android.   One of the many money shots...   "As security researcher Nicholas Weaver put it in a (now deleted) tweet, ”Imagine if Windows patches had to pass through Dell and your ISP before they came to you? And neither...
Absolutely love the headline! Apple fading away into oblivion since 1977. Almost gone, almost gone, almost gone.
Your fear is irrational. First of all, you are not required to launch the new Photos app and migrate your photos. Just don’t use it. You can keep right on using iPhoto as long as it’s version 9.6.1 or higher. It’s not deleted by the Yosemite update and remains in your Applications folder.
Wait. I though c|net was a shill for Apple. At least that’s what the c|net troll army says.
http://americasmarkets.usatoday.com/2015/07/22/microsofts-phone-outsells-apple-watch/ Already happening.
As has been pointed out it was Steve Jobs’ genius to negotiate total control away from the carriers. If this were an iOS issue we would get a patch in a timely manner without having to rely on our carriers.   In other news you should see the dog and pony show going on over at c|net. The Android apologists are out in great force spinning this into a non issue that no one need worry about. 
So file a complaint with the FCC and see if they bite. That’s what Spotify and the ‘consumer activists’ did. Or are you the kind that pontificates, alleges, bloviates, but does nothing.
The Apple discussion forums are always full of clueless people asking how to turn their Netflix, Hulu, etc, subscriptions on or off. We’ll see a flood of whining crybabies complaining they didn’t authorize Apple to renew their subscriptions. I’ll go so far as to predict a class action lawsuit claiming Apple should have made Apple Music subscription renewals after the 30 day trial period opt-in rather than opt-out. And they would have a point because people are so clueless...
Exactly what I was thinking. All this exclusivity could be anti-competitive and we can’t have that.
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