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Yep, a quite blatant attempt at duping customers into thinking it’s an Apple service. Not very creative or clever but blatant nonetheless. 
I believe we were talking about Google sycophants and their tendency to forget what they whined about Apple doing when Google decides to do the same thing.
“The application is now available to faith-based organizations anywhere in the U.S" Or can’t you read? Or are you just trying to be cute?
I fully expect that rewritten history to be “Google saved Apple” instead of “Microsoft saved Apple.” You know that’s coming some day.
If Samsung can manufacture the S1 more reliably and more cost effectively than other suppliers Apple should use them. Business is business and rivalry be damned.
You should hear them griping about the Galaxy S6 and its lack of a SD card slot, its non-removable battery, its metal case. How quickly they turn... and forget.
Is poaching illegal? I don’t think so. According to the article I guess this revolves around the agreement Mujeeb Ijaz had with A123 to not poach any more employees after leaving for Apple. Would it have been cheaper for Apple to just buy A123?   As for Musk and his statements he’s just trying to make like his balls are bigger than Tim Cook’s. 
Looking down your nose at people I see. Professional wrestling is the only true sport left in the world. All that other stuff like baseball, football, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, etc. is rigged and faked. Professional wrestling is real. Macho Man Randy Savage told me this years ago.
 “Limited worldwide distribution network?” What a crock of bull dung. Does Samsung have stores over there? Does HTC? Does Google? NO. They sell world wide through online stores and so does Apple. Smugglers want Apple products because they are popular and they can make good money on them. They don’t smuggle Galaxy S6s because nobody wants them and if they do they can get them for next to nothing.
When Apple was on Greenpeace’s shit list they stopped at nothing to embarrass  the company. They hung banners, they started online campaigns, they were constantly in Apple’s face. So now Apple is a good guy to them but are they going after HP, Dell, Microsoft , and all the others mentioned? Nope, just a mention in the report, that’s all.
New Posts  All Forums: