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They are being bypassed by the very content providers they depend upon for revenue. As more and more content providers make their content available outside of the cable/satellite industry more and more subscriber will not see the need to pay for 200 channels when they get the channels they do want al carte. 
First HBO, now CBS. The tsunami is approaching the cable/satellite industry. If you think the iPod disrupted the music industry just wait till you see what this does to the cable/satellite industry.
Well, I have to eat some crow here as I was one the malcontent genius-steins who claimed both iPhone 6’s were too big and that the faithful wouldn’t go for them. My wife and I finally became iPhone users yesterday with two iPhone 6 64GB models. There are now six iPhone 6’s in the family (myself, wife, oldest son, daughter, son-in-law, nephew) with youngest son probably next to go. Oldest son thought at first the 6 was too big since he was used to the 5S. But now that his...
Problem is the Nexus line does not sell very well at all (except to Android purists) and we never hear of any actual sales figures.
Like what? What ‘big new’ product? A cotton candy machine that talks to you? A TV with an Apple TV built in (not new at all)? Oh, ooo, I know, that headless Mac tower that the nerds have been clamoring for for the past ten years?
Personal computer/mobile technology is leveling out in my opinion. Most computers, smartphones, etc. are already powerful enough to accomplish most anything the user wants to do. Faster processors, more memory, the usual incremental upgrades are no longer the catalyst for sales. So how does a manufacturer differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack? Software and industrial design, two things Apple completely dominates the market with. I see nothing but positives and...
 And the same goes for the so-called bendgate. Most of the noise comes from those who don’t even own the device. If you take the time to search the Apple discussion forums you see almost NOTHING about it. What you do see are questions from potential buyers who “heard on the Internet” that the iPhone bends and want to know if it’s true. 
 Well I don’t see it at all. Those people are the dregs of humanity, the whiners and complainers that contribute NOTHING in this world.
And it will be the undoing of this countryWell I don’t think it was very many people at all. I think the douche bag complainers were a tiny minority and because of the Internet’s ability to magnify anything way out of proportion, the desire of the media to sensationalize anything, this nothing story got traction. And the same douche bags are the ones calling it a “debacle.” Just like bendgate. Complete asshole losers, and you know who you are.
You armchair quarterbacks are the gnats flying around the anus of the world.
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