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 And now they’re going after Dropbox for hiring Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State. As you point out, agree with them or suffer the consequences. I wonder how many of the AI lefties are canceling their Dropbox accounts? How many have deleted the Firefox browser because Mozilla dared to hire the inventor of Javascript as CEO? Heck, how many have turned off Javascript in their browsers? Wouldn’t want to use anything made by a hater bigot would you. Think and say...
You realize, of course, that the primary mathematician/physicist who proposed the big bang theory was a Belgian Roman Catholic priest by the name of Monseigneur Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître. Funny how you lump all Christians into one stereotype but bristle at anyone doing the same to your favorite group. The so-called tolerance of the left is beyond the pale of hypocrisy. 
 My how tolerant and accepting your are of people with different beliefs than you. I’m assuming you would fire any Christians working for you if you were their boss? Would you advise them not to attend church if they wanted to keep their jobs?
 Colorful you are.
Spare us the drama will you. Pono is already being panned by critics as not worth the money. It’ll be used by a few wacked out audiophiles who live for specs but can’t tell the difference, and priced up there with those granite slab turntables.
 And we all know how cranky those disappointed customers can get, don’t we. When did the word ‘disappointed’ become engrained in the Apple lexicon anyway?
 I don’t like reading stupidity. Blocked.
 Well in some sense Apple is either paying for or having to deal with decisions made by its founder years ago. Jobs apparently made decisions sometimes without considering the legal ramifications down the road. 
I really, really, REALLY don’t care how many Android phones get updates. All I care about is getting iOS updates on my iPad.
 Funny how what goes around comes around isn’t it.
New Posts  All Forums: