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Everybody else’s works fine. Why not fix your screwed up installation instead of making stupid claims.
Just another industry (luxury watches) Apple is poised to disrupt. Once these bozos saw what Apple intends to do they started crapping in their pants. People who called the Apple Watch ‘just’ another smartwatch had no clue what Apple was really up to. The Apple Watch will be sold in upscale, luxury item stores, not just the Apple Store and Best Buy. We’ll see the Apple Watch in the display cases right next to the Rolexes, the Tag Heurers and such. And yes, a substantial...
 Because attorneys eventually become judges and/or politicians with a vested interest in protecting their own. Yes, it’s really that simple.
This outrage will be appealed! Apple is evil incarnate and everybody knows it!   Sincerely yours,   The Troll Army   p.s. The jury was bought off by Tim Cook so add jury tampering to his resume.
Why does this not surprise me?
Still waiting. The only card I have that works with Pay is a Chase Freedom Visa. My branded GM Mastercard is not supported nor is my local bank’s Visa debit card. But I will be patient.
The task is simple. Take the word of the analyst who most closely matches your personal bias and you’ll be okay. No need to use caution or skepticism. 
Because banking regulation IS political.
And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it... accept bitch.
Hey big bank hater, wait till you get a load of the omnibus spending bill being rushed through congress. It rolls back almost every banking regulation passed after the great recession, in spades. Get ready to jump off a bridge because your ilk ain’t gonna like what happens then.
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