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Sounds like you should be an Android user then. Are you?
So is AI telling us that it’s all over for Apple? Finis? End of story? Should I sell the stock? I mean Android “outsells” iOS by a wide margin worldwide too. Poor Apple is “losing” the streaming music battle and there’s no fix. C’est La goddamn Vie I guess.
 Then can we assume this is your first and last posting here? As I said, I have my own don’t-by-from list but I don’t go around on some crusade of revenge about it.
Yet another failure on the part of professional analysts. It was predicted that China and India would be Apple's Waterloo. I remember when those same analysts said Japan would never come around to Apple's products. For over a decade now these so-called professionals have been predicting the collapse of Apple as if it has been some kind of aberration. It should make both fans and investors livid. Following AAPL for the last twenty years has educated me to the farce that is...
 Maybe a shame for you. Nobody else cares. Tired of listening to the bitching.
When can we start saying that Apple is ‘saving’ Samsung with this rumored deal like Microsoft ‘saved’ Apple? 
No need to worry. We all know that the quarterly results on 1/27 will be spun into a negative by the jerk punditry/analyst cadre and AAPL will drop. You can take that to the bank.
Apple has been on a roll recently in getting lawsuits dismissed. The karma is looking good for the iBooks judgement appeal.
 Leave the platform if you’re that upset. Why would you not? I won’t ever buy Firestone tires again because of something that happened over thirty years ago. You could give me a set of Firestone tires and I would hand them back to you. Do the right thing and buy a Dell with Windows 8.1. Bid Apple farewell. 
Meanwhile I’m watching CNBC and the punditry is discussing the downgrading of Google. The idea is that Google has run its course. This seems to be the case when you consider the troubles the handset makers are having and the fact that Google’s bread and butter is advertising. GOOG has been flat the last year.   But it’s always Apple that’s doomed. 
New Posts  All Forums: