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Ghostery https://www.ghostery.com/en/try-us/download-add-on/
Good idea to not advertise ANY water resistance or waterproofing. All that would do is motivate the #gate whores to redouble their efforts.
There are a lot of people here who don’t like anything Apple.
They still do just work.
All of these quotes by dead patriots and no action, just complaining. 
And there’s not a damned thing you can do about it except whine here. How’s that make you feel? Despondent? Just saying.
You forgot, “I’m not seeing the update yet in the App Store. What gives, Apple?”
Yep. Can’t wait for the YouTube videos.
It’s more like the tech illuminati have deemed the 16GB iPhone an abomination so if you don’t jump on their bandwagon and trash Apple for it you’re not ‘hip.’ It’s also apparent that more and more AI posters are pretty much dissatisfied with anything Apple does anymore. I really wonder what their thought processes are for sticking with a platform they are not happy with anymore... ever.  Criticism is one thing. Bitching and whining for Steve to come back from the dead is...
  First major malware infection on the CHINESE iOS App Store. There, I fixed it for the author.
New Posts  All Forums: