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You forgot this one... Commentary: Sorry, Steve: Here's Why Apple Stores Won't Work http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/stories/2001-05-20/commentary-sorry-steve-heres-why-apple-stores-wont-work Hilarious read from 2001
On the contrary they will be manned by tech nerd wannabes who will try to steer you to the Samsung Gear watch by explaining to you how stupid it is to pay $350 for an Apple product. /s
 But it’s also true that Apple really has no choice but to manufacture in China. India may be the next big cheap labor destination but that is a long way off yet. Apple will tolerate a lot of this because it has to. It’s not like Apple will up and move manufacturing somewhere else. Now if an iPhone could be manufactured in a completely automated factory things might change but I think that day is also far off. 
The Watch Stainless Steel Case with the Milanese Loop band lists for $699 in the Apple Store. Add $69 for AppleCare+ and sales tax and you’re over $800. I spent 34 years working for AT&T to raise a family and put three kids through college. Now it’s my turn.
And we already have an instant cottage industry building up around the Watch ecosystem. Where do I go to get an Android Wear third party watch band? I saw almost none on Amazon and those were like $12 cheapies.
$700 watch with a $30 band. Right, Jony would approve. NOT!   I took one look at that Milanese loop band with the mechanical latch and noticed it was the same as my old $25 Casio. Then I looked at my newly purchased Watch Standard 42mm stainless steel with Jony’s Milanese loop band and thought, “Yeah, I like this better, a lot better.”   BTW it was very pleasant buying experience. I walked into the Apple Store at the Galleria in St. Louis. Told them I wanted to look...
It doesn’t really matter what Hollywood types think of Steve Jobs or how he is portrayed in these various biopics. The story of Steve Jobs and Apple is already entrenched in the text books of every business school in the Western world. 
Because it’s not about the customer experience, or customer security, or customer anything. It’s about eliminating credit/debit card fees, period.
 Apple doesn’t need you anymore, probably never did. Do your thing, nobody cares.
The biggest question for Microsoft is how did they miss the mobile boat totally? From Ballmer laughing at the iPhone to the embarrassing market share of Windows Phone. I mean they didn’t even see it coming.
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