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I wonder how much Apple paid U2 for this album? I wonder how much U2 usually makes on a new album release. It’s gotta be in the multi-millions?
The Android troll army (sometimes referred to as Orcs) is massing somewhere near Cupertino. If you listen you can hear them sharpening their weapons, see their campfires, smell their stench. The battle for Middle Silicon Valley is approaching. The trolls have been busy getting their comments copied to their clipboards so they can drop identical posts in numerous threads. It’s the same old nonsense but they are Orcs after all. The minute Cook steps on stage they will...
 Do these mockup bozos think Jony Ive will notice and hire them or something?
 So basically an iPad that can make phone calls. And you don’t care how stupid you look holding something that to your ear? 
So they’re all waiting for Apple to show them how it’s done. Then will come the comparison ads showing their devices are oh so superior. If they didn’t have Apple to copy what would these Korean copycats do? This is priceless. I eagerly await comments from regular AI trolls now that their favorite foreign companies have openly admitted what we all knew anyway.
 And the hilarious part is that it isn’t working. While not labeled as ‘beleaguered’ yet analysts are starting to use the term ‘in a slump’ recently.
 Well,yes, of course. Samsung has been in standby mode for over a year now waiting to see what Apple does. They have released a slew of ‘feature’ phones in an attempt to cover all their bases
Rumors get reported, rumors get shot down. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is why sites like AI are not ‘news’ sites, nor are their owners ‘journalists.’ Most websites these days are run by click-whores looking to make a fast buck. Why else do you think we see Microsoft and Samsung ads on AI from time to time?
If they announce on 9/9/14 but don’t ship till 2015 that’s a big problem for me. It reminds me of Microsoft’s tactics of announcing vaporware in order to stifle a competitor’s sales. If they announce on 9/9/14 they better damn well ship within a reasonable period of time (weeks not months).
 So you’re saying Samsung or LG would be embarrassed to have customers like this? After all, you are one of the asshat, scum sucking trolls who slime their way around AI. It would appear you are also obsessed by Apple, just in a different way. 
New Posts  All Forums: