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If you are talking about daisy chaining then no, USB is not a daisy chain protocol and never was. You will need a hub which Apple already has planned for ($79).
 Because it’s not Apple proprietary and will become the de facto industry standard that’s why. Thunderbolt simply has not caught on except in the professional market where big speed is worth big money. The rest of us will be using USB-C.
I have been an Apple supporter/customer since 1982 and I finally bought my first iPhone last October. No you are not the norm, you just don’t get it yet. This is a whole new category Apple just created. Current smart watches are just like the smart phones were before 2007. Once people figure out the potential of this new category (health kit, home Kit, carplay, etc) they will come around.
 Good for you. You should never have trusted the government in the first place. The U.S. founding fathers didn’t trust government either. That’s why the Bill of Rights is in the Constitution. Government should be treated as a sort of necessary evil to be kept on a tight leash. But that’s not how it has evolved since 1776. Today there are millions upon millions of citizens whose very existence is dependent on the government and some say that’s just dandy and what government...
And then what? Will YOU be in the ruling class after the government burns?
I think we are seeing class envy rearing its ugly head. To be expected I guess. Just another anti-Apple talking point.
What do you expect from someone who thinks Chili’s is a fancy restaurant?
I read an article this morning about the pick-pocket potential of the Apple Watch. Apparently the professional pick-pockets are poised to pounce on Apple Watch wearers to steal their prized possession without them noticing. 
  The basement dwelling neckbeards over on c|net are running around flailing their hands in the air. They simply cannot grok the fashion element of the Apple Watch. It’s going to a fun time on the comments section this afternoon.
 This section for me is the most important. The spec and feature trolls roll out this argument every time Apple releases a new product. But as DED points out what good are specs and features if they don’t deliver a pleasant experience. Every time I use Apple Pay people ask me about it. They’ve never seen something like it. What does this say about Android having this “feature” for four years before iOS? Really, what does it imply?
New Posts  All Forums: