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 Yep, sounds like somebody is shorting AAPL again.
And the trolls are running wild with the original article. Once the words are out there there’s no explaining after the fact. The stupid, dumbass, ignorant, uneducated American public believe anything they see on the Internet.
Not bad for a doomed company. 
Patents can cut both ways it would seem. It is interesting to see how patents can actually be impediments to technology advancements, especially from the standpoint of patent trolling in which vultures with no product sit and wait to pounce on companies who actually make things.   In this case it looks like Apple knows it is on the losing end of the stick and is willing to settle. That being said, however, I cannot bring myself to trust any legal ruling out of a...
 Just stop using Chrome. Use Safari without Flash installed. Problem solved. Oh, but Chrome is SO mush better than Safari, or any stinky Apple product for that matter¡
 I remember the bad old days when parents stormed into school board meetings demanding that their children be taught to use ‘REAL’ computers instead of Apple products. If the board was even considering Apple this was the response they heard. I also remember one particular father in our group on parent orientation day at the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana (where Andreessen invented Mosaic) We walked into the freshman computer science lab and there were Macs all...
Thing is, none of these anti-Apple ads have helped Samsung much. Apple’s share of the U.S. market has grown to 42% while Samsung’s has shrunk a little.
Who’s desperate now, Fandroids?
Ooooooooo, another prediction of failure for Apple. What a new concept this is. Not only is Apple doomed as far as products go but their marketing efforts are doomed too. Add this to the long list of other predictions of doom for the company. 
 You know, counting Google search hits doesn’t mean there’s real problem. What is it anyway about extrapolating individual issues into pandemic flaws that ‘everyone’ has? What is it about labeling those without the alleged issues as “one of the lucky ones.” 
New Posts  All Forums: