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Well the theory goes that developers will prefer the more popular platform. Apple critics were predicting that iOS would suffer the same fate as in the Windows/Mac era when developers tended to ignore the Mac platform in favor of Windows. To this day your Windows trolls will bloviate about how much more software is available for Windows than OS X (they don’t want to talk about the quality of that software advantage however). So when Android came to dominate the world...
 Well duh.
In these matters Apple is no different and no better than other tech companies. We all know shit happens but don’t act like it didn’t. If you have an outage, tell us. You don’t have to tell us what happened, just that it did and you are working on it. Is that too much to ask? I subscribe to Charter cable tv service right now. Last Saturday night, the night of the big pay-per-view fight, Charter’s entire network went down around 08:30PM in the St. Louis, MO area. Facebook...
 Discoveryd has been elevated as the new Boogeyman of connectivity issues. If that is the case then why is your system stable? My home network is quite stable with, let’s see, two iPhones, an iPad, an iMac, a Samsung TV, a Samsung Blue-ray player, a Yamaha AVR all percolating along with no connectivity issues. I suspect the vast majority of users have no issues either. But some blogger tagged discoveryd as the source of all evil and since it was on the Internet it must be...
I suspect there are more changes than the listed security updates. There almost always are because annoying little glitches often get fixed with these updates.
People generally hate change and resist it vociferously. Statistics show that on the Windows side the vast majority stick with the Windows version that shipped with their computer. They NEVER upgrade. People who are tech illiterate always come up with reasons they HAVE to stay on some older version of OS X and they sometimes pull those reasons out of their butts. 
Yeah, you and that other guy.
Anyone else think Spotify sees the bullet headed for their head? I love how everybody tries to play that anti-competitive trump card when they feel threatened. 
Android sycophants are always caterwauling about how dominant the operating system is and how irrelevant iOS is. When you point out that that dominance is mainly due to low end devices flooding the market their eyes glaze over and they act like they can’t hear you. When you further point out that iOS leads in actual use of the devices, web browsing, online shopping, multimedia consumption, etc. the glaze turns to anger.   What this report reveals is that the switch from...
 What troll turnip truck did you fall off of? Your posting history is... interesting.
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