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The big prediction that the Android/iOS competition would wind up like the Windows/Mac OS outcome  just didn’t happen. Android’s worldwide market share looks a lot like Windows worldwide market share. The huge difference is that developers haven’t abandoned iOS. In fact it appears developers make a lot more money on iOS than they do on Android. Market share hasn’t translated into total dominance like it did twenty years ago. 
And when Apple passes that mark you and your ilk will come up with another reason that Apple just doesn’t measure up. Of that I’m absolutely certain. 
It makes perfect sense when the motive is to trivialize Apple’s achievements.
And when AAPL exceeds $843 billion (Microsoft’s “adjusted for inflation” peak) the usual suspects will come up with another yes-but reason Microsoft still wins. I read an article to day by some asshole at Business Insider who pointed out that, adjusted for inflation, the Dutch East India Company was worth over $7 Trillion at its peak around the year 1679. Yes, they will stoop that low to denigrate Apple. They simply WILL NOT accept that Apple is a successful company. 
My bad. That’s what I was aiming at, that Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Google combined. I also remember the day when Apple’s market cap exceeded that of Dell (before it went private) by more than 20X. Michael Dell will never live down his comment about Apple when it was in trouble. 
At market close today Apple is worth slightly over $.75 Trillion dollars. Apple is now worth over twice as much as Microsoft and Google COMBINED.   Just had to get that off my chest 
“iPhone: 6+ was 1st iPhone that is useful as a phone. It's the best mobile platform out there. I don’t carry it in my back pocket.” You mean you didn’t catch the “snide” reference to Bendgate? That’s how these guys work things. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was Benjamin Frost in drag or something.
You mean the “iOS is a toy operating system” meme from the fAndroid Troll Army?
What’s good fopr the goose is good for the gander.
I get it alright. What I don’t get is how some people continue to do business with company’s they despise. If I had experienced the issues this individual says they did with every Apple product they ever owned I would be running away from Apple as fast as I could. In the over thirty years I’ve been using Apple products I’ve had only one bad experience and that was with the water-cooled G5 Power Mac and they fixed it out-of-warranty no charge.
New Posts  All Forums: