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I forgot to include the sarcasm tag. My apologies but it seemed obvious to me at least. See, I want nothing to change but I want innovation too. Get it? No?
I don’t want a single thing to change without my express consent. I like things just the way they are. And it’s too bad Apple doesn’t innovate anymore either.
They can only dream of something like this. Same goes for Microsoft. It will be very hard to spin this launch into a negative but there are those are working feverishly to do just that.
I think it was Harry Truman who said, “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.” If you expect everyone to just accept your opinion and nod their heads in agreement then you are living in a dream world, especially when your opinions fly in the face of reality.
So by your own logic no phone now exists with the ‘cool factor.’ You most certainly can’t say that ANY Android device has the ‘cool factor.’ That would be an oxymoron. Whatever will you do with your life now?
Well, some people always see the glass as half-empty. Others see things getting better with age, like Jennifer Aniston.
I don’t think it will have anything to do with higher quality encoding or smaller file size. Your second speculation is more likely. This will be about improving the experience and recreating the album as the default choice.
Yes, we all live in our own little universe where everybody likes the same bands, the same food, the same books. So we jump to conclusions about what other people feel. I can assure you there are countless millions of fans who do indeed care about U2. I put your comment in the same category of people who comment about mobile carriers and how AT&T sucks while T-Mobile is great, how AT&T is great and Sprint sucks, how Verizon’s hind end leaks buttermilk and (insert carrier)...
No, you’re wrong. Just plain wrong.
What always frosts my hind end is that these ‘critics’ that claim Apple has lost its innovation without Jobs are the same ones who claimed Jobs was hurting the company with his style of management.   What is the problem with these critics (and trolls) who hover around Apple like vultures waiting for something go wrong so they can attack. No other company that I know of has this “cadre of the macabre” following them around, ghouls and poltergeists haunting the streets of...
New Posts  All Forums: