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You have a history here. No one believes a word you post.
Yes, it’s worth an article because the list of retailers accepting Apple Pay and NFC in general is very small. While we hear of hundreds of banks and credit unions and credit card issuers coming on board the retailers are not. We will be carrying our bulky credit cards for years to come. Of the retailers my family regularly visits only a couple support Apple Pay. Macy’s for example accepts Apple Pay but you often get a bigger discount by using your Macy’s store credit card...
The best parts of the MacBreak Weekly show are Rene Ritchie and Alex Lindsay. Leo makes some stupid, ignorant comment about Apple and Rene and Alex are quick to smack him down with knowledgeable retorts. Andy Ihnatko is the most objective and comes across as unbiased. He criticizes Apple when he thinks it is necessary but also praises the company often. Of course the various guests are always pro Apple like Serenity Caldwell and Jim Dalrymple.  And like some of the...
I am seeing no major issues with my 10.11.1 installation, very stable and fast (27” iMac 14,2  I7). Bug and security improvements always welcome of course but El Capitan is the best yet and I started out with System 7.   Now let’s hear from the naysayers and malcontents proclaiming El Capitan to be rubbish.
You’ve created quite an alternate universe for yourself haven’t you.
Calling someone a racist doesn’t have the impact it once had. That’s because you guys overused it to death by labeling anyone who disagrees with you a racist. People are not bothered or intimidated by it anymore, knowing you will whip it out at the earliest possible moment. Calling someone a racist is now right up there with calling someone a Nazi. It has become a corollary to Godwin’s Law which states “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison...
I will defer to the statement of one of the aledged victims who spoke to the media. He said it was a single employee and he was actually there. Your new math doesn’t hold water. You can’t count.
I am running the latest software and have not encountered the problem.
Questioning the motives of the AI editorial staff will get you banned so I’ll just point out that headline appears to clearly imply that Apple Store “employees" as a class are profiling blacks. We don’t get to know that it is a single store and a single employee in Australia until we start reading. Interesting that the headline used the plural “employees” when one of the alleged victims said it was a single employee.
Where do people come up with nonsense like this? I use Beats Bluetooth headphones and they sound magnificent. I use Bluetooth audio in my automobile and it is great too. “ BT headphones for the most part are awful”  Utter nonsense. “anyone that uses their iPad to create music needs the 3.5mm to hook up to an amp.” Complete baloney and total ignorance of technology.
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