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Why is there so much misunderstanding about this product? The whole attraction is that you REUSE YOUR EXISTING deadlock. Only the inside turn lever is replaced by this product. This is NOT a complete replacement lockset. The product is on the inside of your home, not the outside.
You DO realize that this is on the INSIDE of the home, don’t you.
Since Apple does not ‘do’ CES either I wonder if there will ever be another show where Apple centric manufacturers and software developers can show off their wares? I actually attended a KansasFest (which is still going by the way) many years ago where the Apple II vendors had a show after the Mac took center stage. It was wonderful. 
Never fear, you will find something else to bitch about.
Yeah, all this dancing around the truth with clever little gotcha’s. The truth of the matter is that, even with a valid search warrant, the owner of the device can simply refuse to unlock it and there’s nothing authorities can do about it except hold the owner in contempt. And then the owner can likely use the fifth amendment to get out of the contempt charge. So, bottom line a drug dealer can safely keep a complete list of his suppliers and customers on his mobile device...
But you just chastised me in another post that the person ordered to unlock their phone could simply claim a fifth amendment against self incrimination and not provide the passcode. So you CAN be jailed for exercising their rights? So which is it?
Please AI, stop calling these rumors “reports.” Calling something a report implies factual information. These are just ass-hats making up rumors to try and get clicks. I’m perfectly willing to wait a couple of days to find out what Apple actually releases or does not release. I can handle the stress of not knowing, really I can.
I think you just covered all the troll talking points. They are getting more desperate these days aren’t they?
Let's see if you privacy nuts sing a different tune when one of your family members is kidnapped and the perp has their location on their iPhone and won't give the cops the password.
Yeah, and then you would claim fifth amendment rights of not incriminating yorurself, right? You clowns hate the government so much you would probably just love to live in a country where the government has no power at all... like Somalia for example.
New Posts  All Forums: