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I blocked this troll months ago. And so should you.
Just put a sock in it will you. Bose does not suck even if you think so. You might as well say the same thing the iHater trolls do when they say that only stupid people buy Apple products. Bose, Beats, Apple, Klipsch, all the premium brands didn’t get to where they are by “sucking” or just because of marketing alone. 
It’s a microcosm of the world we live in today. Little, insignificant minds trying to be heard, screaming “Look at me!” And being negative about everything does seem to get attention. 
An Open Letter to Tim Cook...   Dear Tim,    Tell Icahn to go screw himself.   Sincerely,   Me
Apple’s only other partnership that I know of with a hardware manufacturer was the Motorola ROKR and we all know how that turned out.
Which means analysts and number crunchers can pick and choose the metrics they want to produce the results they want. If there’s one thing I have learned following Apple over the decades is that pundits, analysts, prognosticators are all scam artists producing the results their clients expect and pay for. It’s also why I pay a professional to manage my retirement IRA. I wouldn’t dare do it myself by relying on analyst reports and financial gurus on their websites offering...
iPads are computing devices capable of performing almost every task a traditional desktop, laptop, netbook can. If they included Chromebooks then they should have included iPads. Period.
Yeah, the iPhone 6 Plus is one big pile of crap isn’t it.
I don’t want Apple hiring engineers because of their race or gender or any other politically correct reason. I want Apple to hire engineers who are the very best at their craft. I don’t care if they are women, little green men, or Al Sharpton himself. If they’re the best then hire them.
Well, I could probably produce a survey that says the exact opposite. Posting links that support one’s opinion is about as easy as it gets on the Internet. So what’s your point? 
New Posts  All Forums: