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Gimme a break. Some bozo on MarketWatch “doesn’t want to panic anybody” but then goes on to predict the Dow will drop to 5,000. This is a great time for all the Chicken Littles of this world. They’re all crowing at the top of their beaks. What do the real experts say? Hang in there and don’t sell. It’ll come back like it always has in the past. “The entire system is going to collapse”? Utter nonsense.
Worse thing the little investor can do now is sell. Ride it out. It will come back. But unfortunately some will panic and hurt themselves badly by selling low and then buying back high. 
Boy I sure hope you don’t have any skeletons in your closet Mr. Perfect.
So there’s no way for Andre Romelle Young to redeem himself? Only his destruction will suffice? I suppose you want Apple to drop him like a hot potato, erase him from their website like he never existed like the WWE did to Hulk Hogan when an old tape surfaced of him using the “N” word? 
I’m positive Tim Cook and the Apple executive team considered this before making the Beats deal and taking on Dr. Dre. These people aren’t stupid and they obviously knew this would surface sooner or later. People like to talk about forgiveness and second chances but the truth is, especially with wealthy celebrities, this almost never happens. They are hounded about their past lives relentlessly, even more so if there’s the prospect of monetary payouts involved. Most...
Some on this site always think Apple is stupid for not doing the obvious (in their opinion). These types went on and on about how the watch was not future proof and who would spend that kind of money only to fall behind with the next iteration. Well who’s stupid now?
But what will happen to all those startups making charging bands, battery bands, etc. when Apple proceeds with making all of these available as they had planned all along?
Yep, this is Samsung’s Kamikaze gambit. They’re all out of ammunition, they’re surrounded, and there’s a thermonuclear device headed their way on a plane with a strange fruit shaped logo painted on the fuselage. And behind this stunt will be paid minions invading every tech forum claiming to have ditched their iPhones in favor of the Galaxy. It’ll be interesting to see how the tech press spins this. This sort of thing is right up their alley. Pundits will be pundit-ing,...
Then why haven’t Roku or Google or Amazon already negotiated a deal with content providers to provide the rumored IPTV service Apple is supposed to be working on?
These research reports are just guesses, educated guesses. Apple doesn’t release Apple TV sales numbers and I don’t think some of the other manufacturers do either. Then there’s the fact that the Apple TV is available in other parts of the world and some of the others aren’t. Why do people take these research reports as undeniable fact when they are just guesses or estimates? I guess somebody just has to have a piece of paper in hand to reinforce their opinions.
New Posts  All Forums: