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I’m ignorant. Can the general public buy these bonds? If so, how?
It’s gonna be awhile before I can leave my credits cards at home. This whole thing is sputtering around with multiple schemes being marketed. Meanwhile Home Depot has turned off Pay (which was never officially supported by them but did work) and recommends using PayPal’s mobile app. Then Home Depot does an about face and says Pay will be officially supported soon, whatever that means. CurrentC will muddy the waters when that debacle launches, if it launches that is....
Apparently the EU thinks they CAN retroactively invalidate a tax break. Apple certainly thinks it possible and is warning investors about it. American tax laws don’t apply in Europe. Get rid of your American mindset. This COULD happen.
  Easy. This is the EU we’re talking about. Whatever the pundits here think what the fair and equitable thing to do is irrelevant. The resident pundits caterwauling about how it Ireland’s problem apparently missed the point that Apple IS warning investors about a possible ‘material impact’ to their bottom line. I’ve read estimates up to $2.5 Billion. Apple apparently thinks it is possible. The EU is trying to retroactively invalidate a tax agreement between Apple and...
 Apple is obligated to do this under securities regulations when it may have a “material impact.” It’s the law. You make it sound like they’re doing this voluntarily because they are nice.
Well that’s not how it works.
  Except for the fact that Apple always gets blamed when a third party accessory causes trouble, never the third party manufacturer. Like all other third party accessories buy only the Apple approved ones (Made for Apple Watch) and avoid the mall kiosk stuff.
I wonder what your response will be when a nuke goes off in an American city and the government didn’t have a clue it was coming because they couldn’t monitor cellphone traffic.
Which is exactly what happened to Dell but instead of shutting it down and returning the money to the shareholders (like he recommended for Apple) Michael Dell just bought it back from the shareholders. Today we never hear a word about Dell. They are a ghost, a specter, a nobody. We don’t know what they make, what they sell, how much money they take in, nothing. They have no influence on the industry, none! 
I’ve actually seen someone with Argyria (blue skin) . They were convinced that colloidal silver has some healing properties and basically overdosed on it. But that’s not natural. Now if African Americans were reporting the same issues then we would actually have a problem. But they’re not so we don’t. On a similar subject my wife and Touch ID don’t mix. She scans her fingerprint, it works for a few days and then stops working. She tried all the fixes suggested to no avail....
New Posts  All Forums: