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Apple’s influence on the U.S. economy has been ignored for years. Apparently no more.
Why couldn’t the top tech companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft) cooperate on a new cellular network to compete against AT&T and Verizon? Form a consortium and buy Sprint or T-Mobile or both. Still make your phones available to the existing carriers but offer the enhanced services and features that the big carriers refuse to offer. 
The ONLY things keeping me from jumping ship on the Apple TV is iTunes and AirPlay. I have been patiently waiting for a new ATV product that I can buy but so far no cigar. I bought the ATV1, my son gave me his ATV2 when he bought his ATV3. That’s where I stand now. No way am I going to buy an ATV3 in its current iteration. 
 It’s already been tried and found to damage Apple rather than help it. It was called Mac OS licensing and the clones nearly finished off the company. If people want the Apple experience then let them buy into the entire ecosystem. 
Haven’t we made enough fun of the fAndroid Troll Army? They have enough on their plate dealing with the sacrilege that is the Galaxy S6 and 6 Edge. Their whole universe is in turmoil and they’re running around with their hair on fire over removable batteries and SD card slots, and the lack thereof. Let’s not pile on shall we.
Is there any chance that this event will include product announcements other than the Apple Watch?
So what is more important to Apple? Selling more product, more revenue, more profit OR increasing market share? It would appear that in Apple’s case market share does not translate to success in terms of sales, revenue, and profit. They “lost” market share but blew away everybody else in every other metric. Or is the mobile market so huge and growing that market share means nothing in the end?
“Disruptive interloper” I love it!   " but I wouldn't underestimate the ability of the car industry to respond and adapt to the provocation,"   You mean like the music industry and mobile industry “responded and adapted” to the provocation? This is hilarious!
Realize that these types have absolutely NO impact on Apple’s business. Their rants are meaningless. They convince no one to switch away from Apple. They even piss off their own families. The only people they affect are you and I by making our blood boil. I am trying harder these days to ignore these bozos because they are irrelevant to any discussion. You should do the same.
Told ya. It’s already started. Doesn’t matter what actually happened. Apple is the fall guy. It will be a C|net front page article in no time.
New Posts  All Forums: