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Well get a load of this one. The FBI has raided the offices of LAUSD and carted off twenty boxes of records. Looks like they are investigating the ‘close’ relationship between the former superintendent and Apple executives. The above article only mentions this in passing.   http://www.laobserved.com/archive/2014/12/fbi_raids_lausd_officers.php   I sure hope there are no allegations of collusion or kickbacks coming. That would be a ‘gate’ to end all ‘gates.’ 
I’d really like a reasoned, logical explanation why people apparently use their Android devices for not much more than making a phone call and a little texting. Why does iOS trounce Android in usage metrics like web access, online shopping, photography, and the rest. It doesn’t really make any sense unless the vast majority of Android devices are the cheapest low end crap running an outdated version of Android.
My own personal opinion is that the constant drumbeat of negativity about Apple’s business and future is having an effect. The downside pundits are always saying it’s a house made out of cards that will collapse ‘any day now.’ They’ve been saying it for over a decade and that makes some investors skittish, with their finger poised over the SELL button waiting for an excuse to push it. Human beings act for two reasons, greed and fear.
Well, it's all over. Start the death spiral clock. If IDC says so it must be true.
Just to play devil’s advocate what if, back in the day, CDs had been released that could only be played on Sony CD players? You buy the CD, it’s yours but you MUST buy a Sony player in order to listen to it. Isn’t that what this lawsuit is really about? It’s not the DRM itself, it’s the fact that those tracks could only be played back on an Apple device because Apple would not license the Fairplay DRM. If the DRM had been some cross platform, universal format (like DVDs)...
Interesting how Apple just seems to chug along with no innovation, horrible marketing, obsolete products, terrible ads, the list goes on. What universe do you live in again? Or is it just that Apple customers are so stupid they don’t know any better?
And Steve is dead too. The past seems to suit you.
The voice quality is just fine.
And guys like you think Mike Daisey is Walter Cronkite reincarnated, right?
I don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to jailbroken iOS devices or their owners. If these morons, spouting their ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’ invectives, want to open their devices up to the bad guys then they deserve every piece of malware they get. If these self-important, narcissistic, holier-than-thou, ‘look at me’ idiots want their ‘freedom’ then let them move to Android. Screw ‘em. Their nonsense gives Apple a black eye because the media does NOT distinguish between normal...
New Posts  All Forums: