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I’m always amazed by some Apple customers. They spend the money for a premium product and then go cheap on substandard cables and accessories that wind up damaging their premium hardware. They buy a $5 power adapter and it fries their Mac. Of course they then blame Apple for their issues. Happens almost every day on the Apple discussion forums. 
I was going to say that Benny Frost is probably spinning in his troll chair over this survey but he hasn’t been here in almost two weeks. I think maybe he gave up on us.
Far be it from me to be defending Google but if this is what the New World Order is going to be like then I’m against it. There’s a difference between fostering competition and manufacturing it artificially just to be “fair.” Google reached the position it’s in by being the best search engine ever invented. The rest, including Bing and Yahoo, have come and gone because they can’t hold a candle to Google’s algorithms. And if they can come after Google for this then they can...
Chess programs are mostly giant databases of past games played by humans. Opening moves, Mid-game and end-game moves are parts of huge databases of possible scenarios. In this case the grandmaster was likely using the iPod to pull up and analyze the situation, not tell him what his next move was. Contrary to your assertions that it’s 100% mind and computation it isn’t. The U.S. Chess Championship was held in St. Louis, Missouri (I live close to St. Louis and have visited...
Shows how much you know about chess at "this level.” No, some 99 cent app on a phone cannot beat the best players in the world. It takes some serious computing power to do that. It took IBM’s Deep Blue to beat Kasparov and that only happened the second time around after some serious upgrade in computing power. Kasparov beat Deep Blue handily in the first match. 
 Who determines what I need? You?
But that was voluntary, not confiscation and redistribution by force.
 Can AI stop with the class warfare, class hatred, and class envy nonsense please? We get it. The tech wannabe crowd thinks the watch is too expensive, that it’s for idiots with more money than sense, that function and specs are the sole purposes that electronic devices exist for. Design, fashion, personal preference, status, fun, excitement, pleasure are for losers and the stupid masses, rich people are evil and the source of all misery on the planet, and therefore to be...
Yep, only one. Apple is moving, as it always does, to where the puck will be and if that means offending and abandoning the loyal old guard then so be it. They have no qualms about it.
To keep the riffraff out.
New Posts  All Forums: