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 No, I don’t suppose you would.
Do I hear crickets chirping from the Android bleacher seats here on AI?
The fact that Samsung and Microsoft feel they have to attack Apple shows how dominant and powerful Apple really is. Way back in dinosaur days I was in sales (big tickets items involving dealing with large committees). My boss sent me to a number of professional sales seminars and Dale Carnegie courses. In every case it was made perfectly clear that the minute you mention your competitor you have lost. To mention your competitor gives them legitimacy, makes the customer...
 Because both companies do business in Europe. New world order my friend, starting with global economic regulation.
 There was a guy on one of the Usenet groups who was an avid Apple hater. He compiled his ‘data’ that Apple was doomed by going to his local CompUSA store and counting the number of boxes containing Macs on the shelves. The next day he would return and count again. Then he would issue his ‘report’ of zero sales for Apple. This ‘data’ was then extrapolated into utter doom for the company. By the way, he was a big Dell supporter and we all know what happened to Dell.
 Why so hung ho about NFC? Because the other guys have it? Because it’s the world standard for mobile payments (NOT!)? Who says NFC is the cat’s meow? The iHaters, if course, because Apple doesn’t have it. I don’t know if NFC is worth a plug nickel as a technology but I hope Apple isn’t including it just because the techies are enamored with it. 
 Most, if not all, of the major name brands you find at Best Buy are special models made for that demographic. Klipsch does the same thing. You would never find their Reference line in Best Buy but you find a cheaper version that has the Klipsch logo on it.  Same goes for HDTVs from Sharp, Samsung, etc. Check the specs and model numbers and compare with the high end audio/video stores and you immediately see the difference.
I painfully remember the old days of ‘embrace and extend’ which usually ended with Macs being frozen out of business and online commerce. I remember the ‘this site only works with IE’ popups. I remember the disdain and denigration of Apple users (well, that’s still going on via the Android sycophant crowd). This seems to be karma coming back in spades to Microsoft.
But according to AI Apple just had a disappointing quarter so... this is bad news too?
 You must be a real hoot at parties. Can you say Debbie Downer. Great quarter and YOU find something to worried about. What, exactly, is worrying you about tablet sales when the entire tablet market has slowed? I just don’t get people like yourself. And what ‘projections’ are you babbling about? There have been no projections of anything other than hearsay and rumors.
New Posts  All Forums: