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With the ignorant, uninformed diatribe you just unleashed how could you possibly be a fan of the company? More than that how could you possibly choose to buy and own the company’s products. You are either A) suffering a severe case of cognitive dissonance or B) a troll.
I’ve been watching the three hour documentary about Walt Disney on PBS. The parallels are uncanny. Like Jobs, Disney was driven, tenacious, demanding, uncompromising, sometimes a tyrant who drove his people to produce perfection, a true visionary genius. Like Jobs, Disney’s critics were small minded little men and naysayers who were always nipping at his heels. This has always been the plight of great men and women. Little minds are obstacles to be overcome.
Nope. My ‘last year’s 6’ blazes right along. TouchID is also almost instantaneous now. Everything is faster. So that’s 2 to 1 against your experience now. Perhaps do some troubleshooting or something?
 But, but, but Android activates 20 billion devices a day. 
You have to pay for content one way or the other. That’s how it works. Nothing is free on this Earth.
The ‘everything should be free’ on the Internet bozo crowd is getting more than it asked for. It’s hilarious to see them posting here and elsewhere about how they block everything and have this nirvana-like Internet experience now. Oh wait... advertisers are still getting to them and their web viewing habits. Talk about an arms race, and it’s just getting started.
Can’t you read? Did you download it from the Chinese App Store? If not then you DO NOT have an infected app. Jesus Christ on the Cross this is how bullshit gets spread around.
“Only apps on the App Store serving Greater China were infected."   This is from the 9to5 Mac website. Some tech sites mention this, others do not. So why the confusion, why the inconsistency of reporting? What is the truth? Did any of these apps make it out of China? When this article says Apple App Store the average U.S. user will assume that means THEIR app store.   This is the kind of inept tech reporting that drives me crazy. The most important information, DID IT...
That’s the CEO trying hard to make a dent in the universe. Good for him. Adapt or die.
New Posts  All Forums: