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In my opinion Yosemite has been the most stable .0 releases to come along in a long time. Since day one I can’t think of a single show stopper bug that has reared its ugly head. All of the new features work pretty well. Continuity, handoff, iOS phone calls, air drop all work just fine with my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1).    Bug fixes are always good.
I think the class action lawsuit may have had something to do with nudging Apple forward.
 Read his posting history. A bit strange.
There are two Apple stores in the St. Louis, MO area and I visit both occasionally. The stores are always pretty full of people and blue shirted reps. Most customers seem to be there for support reasons or training. I overhear a lot of people being guided by Apple employees on how to use iPhoto, iTunes, Photoshop, etc. They’re not there because their phones or computers are broken but because they want their hands held in learning how to use their devices. People still...
It’s a rumor coming out of Korea for God’s sake. Can’t you put 2+2 together? This is the same Korean site that announced a massive recall of iPhone 6s just last week, only to be proven FUD.    http://www.imore.com/128-gb-iphone-6-plus-and-ridiculous-recall-allegations   The fact that this is all coming out of Korea should be a red flag. But no, it’s the gospel truth because, well, it’s on the Internet and couldn’t possibly be an orchestrated campaign by some Korean...
You know what? Let the trolls live in their made-up fantasy world... and have a good chuckle at their expense. We shouldn’t care what they think or say anymore. 
‘Renting an OTA antenna’ sounds a lot like ‘time shifting’ a rented DVD by copying it. Semantics, rationale, whatever, it’s the idea that the content producers don’t really own the fruits of their work. Once released it becomes the property of the masses to do with as they please. Others would call it by its traditional name, theft. Oh wait... that’s what the SCOTUS ruled it was. 
Come on now, can we just let it go. Samsung, Samsung, Samsung. They are not the big bad boogie man that little iOS users see in their nightmares. Move on, please.
This going to start a shit storm if it makes it over to C|net.
Yep, this story is slowly making the rounds. Talk about a backfire. “It’s good to be the King.” -Mel Brooks
New Posts  All Forums: