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 And those crybabies have had such a negative impact on iPhone sales too. Not! This is the Internet in the 21st century. Every crybaby, screwball, troll, critic, sad-sack, Debbie Downer, glass-half-empty nincompoop thinks they can influence the company or hurt it with their negativity. Well they can’t and that makes them irrelevant and laughable.
In my neck of the woods I’m seeing small mom and pop businesses using iPads with a card reader attached, wireless printing of the receipt.
Humongous but disappoitning will be the meme. The stock will drop as usual. I’m beginning to believe Apple is the most disrespected compnay traded on Wall Street. 
Really Mr. Dilger, we don’t need your editorial about this matter. It’s stupid enough as it is. Trying to spin it pro-Apple isn’t necessary. People of reasonable intelligence are already amused by the ignorance of the lawsuit. 
Can’t you just see the Fandroids running around with their hair on fire, arms waving frantically and screaming “We had this first, we had this first!” But I don’t recall any Google ads touting Google Wallet let alone ads by major banks announcing the partnership. This is the difference between  real marketing clout and clueless tech.
Now you know why Taylor Swift pulled her entire catalog off of Pandora.
 No it’s not the “right” thing to do. Reasonably intelligent people understand the situation. It’s the idiots, their lawyers, and especially California laws who try to get something for nothing. Why else do you think there are so many warning labels on a ladder? Why do consumers have to be warned they shouldn’t stuff in their ears? Why do we have the Darwin Awards? I for one am tired of your ilk always coming up with reasons to blame a corporation for some little thing an...
 Bzzzzt! Wrong again. From the article over at siliconbeat.com... "Apple has fended off such claims before, beating back a Canadian case in 2012 that alleged the company misled consumers about the amount of storage on the iPod. Competitors such as Samsung and Microsoft have also been slapped with claims that they were not upfront about the true storage capacity of their gadgets.” This is not new. It is not Apple only. Apple did not "drop the ball on this one.” Try doing...
Bzzzzzt! Wrong!
Yawn... the industry has been through this already with hard drives, screen measurements, RAM, etc. I believe Apple was sued before for this with earlier iPhone models and won. Another article on another website pointed out that almost all manufacturers of computer/electronics have been sued for this so-called deception. But since this is Apple, by default, it becomes their issue alone. This is getting funny.
New Posts  All Forums: