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I trust Ritchie. He has inside connections and is usually right about stuff concerning Apple. And he is a good counterpoint to Leo LaPorte’s constant criticism of Apple. I watch MacBreak Weekly religiously.
Evil Apple once again picking on the ‘little guy’ just like they did the ‘indie’ artists. Maybe Samsung can slap Apple down this time instead of Taylor Swift. /s
Wait for the response from Spotify. I guaran-damn-tee you they will claim anticompetitive behavior on Apple’s part. They will claim special sweetheart deals by artists like Taylor Swift who pulled her entire catalog from Spotify. The musicians want the free ad supported tiers gone and the second Spotify or Pandora or whoever stops a free tier the DOJ will pounce on Apple for encouraging it illegally. It does not matter what the artists want. Apple is paying more royalties...
Funny reading comments from members who only a few tears ago were touting the virtues of torrents, boasting about the size of their pirated music collections, berating the RIAA, complaining about the cost of albums and justifying the torrent downloads because of it. Now they claim Apple was stealing from poor starving artists. Simply amazing logic.
AI, please let us know when this exploit goes live in the wild and is affecting real users. So far none of the other Apocalyptic/Armageddon flaws have resulted in anything. And a lot of those flaws require physical access or cooperation from the user. As we all know, once the bad guy has physical possession of your machine you’re screwed no matter what. Haters gonna hate and security researchers gonna toot their horns and thump their chests.   Beyond this there’s the...
Like I said, it doesn’t matter. Time Capsules are NOT included in this plan. What’s so hard to understand about that? You making the claim that they should is irrelevant.
Doesn’t matter. Time Capsules are not part of the program.
Too late, the ‘tech media’ are off and running with this already. No amount of denial from Apple will change the storyline. It’s about Apple and it’s negative so it has legs.
Is there some OCD Army out there constantly perusing Apple’s website to find and report any changes, punditize those changes, and then distribute them to various tech blogs?
She owns her work. She has the right to distribute it or withhold it as she sees fit. That you don’t like her, her work, or her business or personal decisions is irrelevant to the topic. 
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