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Still confused as to what exactly you are talking about. You appear to indicate that you can now search your iTunes music with Siri but that is contrary to Apple’s latest support bulletin updated today. https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT205321 About searchYou can use the Search app to find Apps in the App Store. Siri doesn't search for apps in the App Store. At this time, the Search app and Siri don't search music. The Search app and Siri don't search Home Shared...
Because your link was to the 9.1 beta and not today’s 9.0.1 update which had no release notes. So are you saying today’s update now adds Siri support for Apple Music when Eddie Cue said it was coming in 2016? 
Gotta chuckle at the lack of reading comprehension here. The update released to day was tvOS 9.0.1 but some apparently think it’s tvOS 9.1 beta. Why is that? Can’t people read?
We’re talking about two different things. I’m talking about tvOS 9.0.1 while YOU are talking about tvOS 9.1 beta. Get it?
No, it does NOT enable bluetooth keyboards. No, it does NOT include a Podcast app. No, it does not turn on 4K. No, it does NOT install an optical port.   Any questions?
We need to understand also that this was not the action of thousands of Apple employees banded together like the picture in this article would have you believe. This lawsuit was filed by a couple of disgruntled employees claiming to represent a class of Apple employees. Class action lawsuits are misunderstood and are often the result of a single individual’s claim. Then this individual seeks to represent a class. There is no vote, no petitions signed, no mass gatherings of...
Still using my iPad 2 running iOS 9.1. It’s a bit sluggish but serviceable. May be time for an upgrade but I’m not in any hurry. My Apple addiction has cost me some bucks this year with an Watch and the new ATV4. It would have to be Santa for a new iPad but I told Santa I wanted a new subwoofer for my home theater system. Oh the trials and tribulations of being a materialistic capitalist.  
Switch platforms. Buy something else. If you are that upset, if you think Apple produces junk, why stay? Oh wait! I just checked your posting history. You’re a Samsung ringer. Well that explains everything. Never mind.
I don’t believe a word of this. This is not Google’s M.O.
No. This is not an issue. 
New Posts  All Forums: