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I wonder what your response will be when a nuke goes off in an American city and the government didn’t have a clue it was coming because they couldn’t monitor cellphone traffic.
Which is exactly what happened to Dell but instead of shutting it down and returning the money to the shareholders (like he recommended for Apple) Michael Dell just bought it back from the shareholders. Today we never hear a word about Dell. They are a ghost, a specter, a nobody. We don’t know what they make, what they sell, how much money they take in, nothing. They have no influence on the industry, none! 
I’ve actually seen someone with Argyria (blue skin) . They were convinced that colloidal silver has some healing properties and basically overdosed on it. But that’s not natural. Now if African Americans were reporting the same issues then we would actually have a problem. But they’re not so we don’t. On a similar subject my wife and Touch ID don’t mix. She scans her fingerprint, it works for a few days and then stops working. She tried all the fixes suggested to no avail....
You don’t even have a hint of a clue as to what you are talking about. You simply regurgitate what you read on the Internet somewhere.
  Neither of you know that, period. We don’t know anything until the numbers are published.
  If we’ve learned one thing over the years with Apple it’s that we can confirm our biases either way. Like stock analysts, for every Bull market report we can find an opposing Bear market report, sometimes on the same website page. So those who see failure behind every Apple product launch and marketing campaign will find reasons and reports to back up their pessimistic bias. Conversely the optimistic fans can find reasons and reports to back up their positive bias. The...
Well good, that settles it. An unambiguous statement. Apple did not state that some “fix” was on the way. No software patch, no recall, no hedging. The watch sensors will not work with some dark tattoos on the wrist. Live with it, people. End of story. Can we move on now?
No lost opportunity at all. The story is spreading like wildfire, “iPads crashing delays airline flights.” It’s the perfect spin. Oh and by the way, the HEADLINE on the Drudge Report website right now this minute? “DEFECT FOUND IN APPLE WATCH’ Apple’s openly gay CEO has apparently upset the right wingers to no end.
These are exactly the responses I expected to see. Fine, do whatever you like but don’t go trashing iOS 8 or Yosemite because of your personal biases. They are fantastic improvements over previous operating systems.
While I can respect the reasons some have for sticking with a certain iOS or OS X version (even thought I don’t agree or even sympathize with said reasons) it is still better for ALL users to be on the latest versions if for nothing else than security and compatibility. In my opinion Apple is doing the right thing by pushing hard for upgrades and updates, especially because they are free now. It’s a good thing that iOS 8 is now at 80% uptake and I don’t buy the “planned...
New Posts  All Forums: