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 http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/12/a-photographers-take-on-the-iphone-5s-camera/ Interesting read from a professional writing on TechCrunch. From the article... "The sensor in the iPhone 5S remains at 8 megapixels, which is a bold choice given that competitors like Nokia are shooting for the moon as far as pixel count is concerned. But, as with many things, the sheer number of pixels is not as important as the quality of those pixels, and that’s what Apple has focused on...
So IDG has ceased publication of the print edition of MacWorld Magazine, which I can understand. Even more disturbing is that almost the entire editorial staff has been laid off, including Jason Snell, Serenity Caldwell, Dan Miller. This puts the future of the online edition in question in my opinion. Yet virtually no mention of this in the Apple universe. Why is that?   Any opinions, thoughts?
 So you would rather have a 16 megapixel camera that takes crappier pictures? Are you saying that, based on specs alone, the more megapixels the better? Do you know that professional photographers have labeled the iPhone camera the best in mobile? It’s the SOFTWARE, stupid.
 You only get the album pushed to you if you have Automatic Downloads enabled. Otherwise go to the iTunes Store, not your library. On the right of the page you will see Quick Links. Under Quick Links you will see Purchased. Click Purchased and the album will be located there. Click the Cloud icon to download the album. Once you download the album take few extra minutes to read some iTunes help files so you can learn how to use the iTunes app.
Well, this thread is not alone. The Apple Discussion forums have a couple of threads like this one too. Incessant bitching about a free gift from Apple. As is the usual case though, I suspect the complainers here and on Apple’s forums are the tiny minority of douches who complain that the sun came up this morning. The vast, vast majority of some 500,000,000 iTunes subscribers are either appreciative or blissfully unaware. Tim Cook and Apple were very proud of their...
 Pleased drop dead. No, really, drop dead. I mean it. What a tool.
 The brightest minds on the planet have been working on this holy grail for decades with no real progress (Lithium Ion being the current state of the art). The labs at MIT are ablaze at night working on it. Lots of prototypes in the labs but nothing ready for the market anytime soon. Battery technology, or more precisely the lack thereof, is keeping the electric automobile industry from taking off. Smartphones and now watches have all this technology available but nothing...
 Technology tends to just shit on some people. Sucks to be you I guess.
I don’t understand why the co-called tech illuminati always dump on iTunes. It just works and works well. I have no issues to report and am a very satisfied user.
Suffice it to say we’re probably talking 7 or 8 figures.
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