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Does that give you the right to steal her work?
Common thief.
Then why is it listed on my bill as an additional fee that I have to pay? You can spin it all you want. It IS a tax as far as my pocketbook is concerned. We are becoming Greece. We want all these social programs but we want somebody else to pay for them. We are in debt up to our eyeballs, demanding this and that from the government, and someday the bill will come due just like Greece found out. I suspect the Chinese will not be as accommodating as the Germans are. What...
Remember all the “Reclassify Now!” banners during the net neutrality debates? Well, they snuck this in with it right under your noses. Remember how you supporters expounded about how net neutrality wouldn’t mean higher rates or fees? Boy did you get snookered.   So we now will have Obama Internet along with those Obama Phones. And I suppose what’s next is Obama Computers too. Free phone service, free Internet, free computers for our less fortunate but entitled citizens....
This has become all about saving face.
I was told by nefarious sources that it is actually the Trilateral Commission, head by Henry Kissinger and the New World Order.
Don’t worry. Once he is no longer useful to his patrons, the Russians and Chinese, he will mysteriously vanish without a trace. That this ‘patriot’ would flee to one of most repressive, totalitarian, non-democratic nations on earth for protection is telling in so many ways. Anyone who opposes Vladimir Putin seems to disappear quickly these days, or wakes up dead.  As long as Snowden and Asante are ensconced in their spider holes they can rot as far as I’m concerned.
Really? You saw that on your Magic 8 Ball?
Would any one of the critics dumping on Apple here please let us know when this exploit goes live in the wild? And while you’re at it please provide links showing when any of the recently announced security flaws were found in the wild attacking OS X users. The problem with all these announcements is that they turn out to be overblown hand wringing that never materializes. Take a gander at the Apple discussion forums. Close to 100% of the complaints are about MacKeeper and...
It’s almost a sure thing, guaranteed that this is NOT the cause of your issues.
New Posts  All Forums: