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“Hold on to your butts!”    -Samuel L Jackson/Jurassic Park   Here come the rants and tirades about perceived bugs and UI flaws that have become an obsession with some...   “They better have fixed the bug I’ve been obsessing over for the last three years that no one else has.”   “Did they fix that bug three of us have? I won’t be updating if not.”   “I still have this bug. Get your act together Apple. QA has suffered. Steve would have fixed this by now. Fire Tim...
 I place tech journalist’s reviews on the same plane as movie critic’s reviews. They are often completely out of touch with the public response.  
Why give Wall Street any information at all. Take Apple private and be done with it? 
I assume that what we are seeing here is the brainchild of Angela Ahrendts. This entire Apple Watch rollout campaign is probably her baby. Let employees buy the watch at cost and encourage them to wear them in public. Get the watch on the street and in front of eyes so to speak. 
Have a chuckle while it lasts because this will be history within hours. Remember that only Apple is subject to ridicule and derision for this kind of stuff. There are already YouTube videos by Samsung fanboys “proving” that the S6 does not bend... at all. And do you really think that teenage twerps will descend on the Samsung booths in Best Buy to bend the S6 like they did the iPhone 6? Not a chance.
Yeah but the spec monkeys will freak out.
"McGuirk argued that Cook "won't allow these religious people to exercise their freedom," and challenged Cook to stop selling products in countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Iran, where "they not only dump on women and treat them as second class citizens, but as I said, they would execute gay people." The man has a point. This is what happens when a CEO becomes politically active. I can hear the Christian conservative preachers pounding on the pulpit now, calling...
I remember when Apple was sued for having a monopoly on Macs. The claim was that because the Mac was a market unto itself and Apple would not allow legal clones, therefore they were a Mac monopoly that should be broken up. Stupidity knows no bounds.   We read about lawsuits filed against Apple all the time. The tech media runs with it, the trolls attack, the tongues wag. Years later we often hear the lawsuit was dismissed or that Apple prevailed. That gets no press...
IBM and Apple are releasing Enterprise enabled software on a regular basis. Little known fact but the iPad owns the space in business tablets from hospitals to auto plants. I firmly believe it’s just the upgrade cycle being longer than phones. It is a speed bump like Tim Cook says.   As for the tablet market outside of Apple it simply doesn’t exist. All those cheap $50-$100 Android tablets are sitting in drawers after the user finds out how limited and slow they really...
I seem to remember that almost every pundit and analyst out there predicted China would be Apple’s Waterloo. They said the Chinese masses would not buy Apple’s premium hardware but would instead opt for cheaper Chinese knock-offs. They said Xiaomi would kill Apple in China.   Do I remember this incorrectly? 
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