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Depends totally on motive. If Apple is hiring competent, creative, skilled women and minorities to promote diversity then fine. But if the motive is to simply satisfy political quotas then it’s bullshit on Apple. If a white male with better skills and credentials is passed over in favor of a less qualified but politically correct member of a protected subclass then Apple is headed for disaster.
Thank you Captain Obvious. Turns a positive into a negative every time.
If Samsung Pay mimics a card swipe then the security element is reduced. The merchant will have the card number and customer data in their system ready for the hacker to abscond with. Sure, the extra convenience is attractive but if security is the goal then no. If the data breaches continue Samsung Pay will take part of the blame.    But I see great reluctance to use any of this technology by the general public. What I’d like to see is a news report about a big retailer...
Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is stopping ‘design originality and creativity.’ These third party vendors are not forced to be in Apple’s stores. They can be as original and creative as they want to outside of the Apple store. None of them are exclusive to the Apple store. They sell their products in just about every retail outlet that exists. On top of that Apple stores’ accessories sections have been shrinking over the years. These accessory vendors exist at the pleasure of...
So the bottom line, as usual, is that nobody knows anything about anything so why not just make something up. Munster probably has two reports ready to go, one if the new device appears and another if it doesn’t. Either way he’ll have an explanation to foster the illusion that he knows something we don’t. I always wondered how analysts produced their dog and pony shows.
Ever see anybody walking around with a case around their Rolex, TAG Heuer, or other high end watch? I thought not. In my personal opinion it’s completely nuts to cover up the Watch with some ugly, basically useless rubber case with colored buttons. I didn’t buy the Watch Standard with Milanese band just to turn around and make it look like some cheap plastic crap watch you can buy at Walmart. By the way I saw a $10,500.00 Chanel watch in the display case at a Costco the...
No, it’s not waterproof. Next question.
I can’t add my bank credit/debit card to this system and I have to tie my checking account directly to this payment scheme. Okay... no.
The predictions of resident AI pundits are about as accurate as the analysts they excoriate. Nuff said.
 This is the part I really don't understand. What exactly are users security concerns? Is it a matter of ignorance? Do they not understand how Apple Pay works and is vastly more secure than a physical card? They trust handing over their credit card to a stranger they don't know but don't trust an encrypted transaction in which the merchant never sees their personal data or account number? I'm thinking this a matter of educating users.
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