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And remember that GM is the company back in the 1940s who killed the electric street car with its diesel powered buses. And they did it underhandedly and surreptitiously. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-gm-trolley-conspiracy-what-really-happened/ And of course there was the EV1 all electric that was shelved by GM.
Considering this is coming from a former executive of a failed automaker that declared bankruptcy and had to be put on life support by the taxpayers (GM aka Government Motors) I think the comments are laughable. It reminds me of Steve Balmer’s iPhone quip, “No keyboard so it can’t be used for business...” 
It’s a patent. It doesn’t mean Apple is going to actually use it. Companies patent lots of things they never use. Chill out.
I realize that I’m one of the very few lucky ones that had absolutely no issues updating to Watch OS 2.0. I must live in an alternate universe from people like the poster before me who has read ‘hundreds’ of reports of failed installations and thinks it’s all ridiculous. Yet another abject EPIC FAIL by Apple. How does the company continue to exist with these constant failures and crappy software that 100% of users are experiencing? /s   Of course I’m watching...
Haven’t you heard? Shtisung is announcing its car this afternoon thereby stealing the spotlight from Apple. Android users are already reminding people that Google has had a car for years.
 Yes, but the Apple server for downloading Xcode is NOT. That’s why the Chinese developers were bypassing Apple directly and using the file sharing site instead of going to Apple to get Xcode. Chinese Internet filters and censorship made it very time consuming to get Xcode from Apple so they went instead to the file sharing site and got the modified version containing the malware which in turn automagically inserted the malware into the developer’s app. Then the developer...
  No. It’s called irrational paranoia, the idea that there’s a hacker hiding behind every bush waiting to jump out at you. This myth is usually propagated by neckbeard techie wannabes (and security researchers) who like scaring people. Common sense is really all you need to protect yourself but many users don’t even have the slightest scintilla of that either.
 This says it all. These developers need to be banned for life from submitting any iOS apps. I think just about every report of OS X or iOS malware involves bypassing Apple’ security features (i.e. jailbroken iOS devices and OS X Gatekeeper being turned off). There’s only so much any company can do about security if your users are stupid enough to turn off the security protections. Somebody want to explain to me logically why this is totally Apple’s fault and not the...
And your “Steve is dead, Apple is going down the tubes” argument is laughable. Utter nonsense and it exposes your real motive here.
You are precisely who I was talking about when I mentioned the “Didn’t they test this?” crowd. Sounds to me more like user incompetence than bugs.
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