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Now you’re just trolling for trolling’s sake. I just bought my Watch yesterday at the Apple Store in St. Louis (stainless steel with Milanese loop) and it flies. Sounds like you latched onto a troll meme and went with it for effect.
Once again I forgot that damned sarcasm tag.
The partnership between Apple and IBM gets little attention from the tech press. I wonder why that is? With this partnership iOS is worming its way into the Enterprise while Android is almost a nonstarter. My son-in-law’s employer is almost 100% iOS on mobile devices and Macs are worming their way in big time. This should be news.
Yep, Apple is on its way out, no doubt about it, proudly failing at everything it does since 1977. Steve is dead. It’s all over but the crying. I told my financial advisor to liquidate my AAPL before this afternoon’s debacle takes place.
We should all know by now that market share is meaningless in terms of Apple products. That other manufacturers sell more gadgets while Apple takes in most of the profit is the important part to focus on. Market share has not cause developers to flee the platform. On the contrary developers know they can actually make money making iOS and now Watch OS apps.
Just like anything else on the Internet the negative crowd tends to post negative things while those who are satisfied or at least not upset do not tend to post. So we get this skewed view of reality, whether it’s customer satisfaction or software bugs. And I think tomorrow’s Q3 report will stun those those trolls regarding the Apple Watch. 
You sound like those iHaters who say only stupid people buy Apple products. Please get a clue.
Then why are so many bitching about Apple Music not having a free, ad supported tier like Spotify?
Other tech sites have been discussing this issue and some thoughts appear to be worth investigating. Apparently the Zune used to make the user connect at least once every thirty days to verify a valid subscription. Apple could allow syncing to the Nano and Shuffle but require a connection to iTunes every so often to validate the sunscription. If you don’t connect to iTunes in the allotted time period the music stops playing. When you do connect to iTunes your subscription...
So what’s your solution, genius-stein?
New Posts  All Forums: