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Sounds like somebody trying to short AAPL to me.
 Funny how that is. People here having a cow over some software feature being present or not, obsessing, getting all worked up while some poor bastard in Gaza is wondering where his next meal is coming from.
 I was going to say that too. Bill Campbell steps down and now we have Quicken 2015. Strange coincidence it is. 
 Maybe, just maybe, it has finally sunk in to Intuit that there is in fact a Mac market out there? Recent gains in Mac sales may have caught their eye? Naw, they are still the same bunch of iHaters. If you go to the Quicken 2015 comparison chart it looks like one big advertisement for the Windows version. 
 I’m with you. Of course the tech weenie wannabes want to lug around behemoths in order to prop up their egos but they have not been Apple’s target audience in the past. I, for one, will not be buying some giant piece of crap. I was hoping this would be the year my wife and I finally moved from plain old mobile phones to iPhones. Alas it is apparently not to be, and we will not buy last years models. So I guess I’ll have to settle for an Android device of some sort that...
 The last few times I have visited the local Barnes & Noble the Nook section in the middle of the store was completely devoid of any customers or even retail clerks. Nobody.
 You mean the old “My xyz device has had that feature for years. Come on, Apple, stop copying and start innovating” memo? 
When the device is released it will be analyzed to death, dissected, inspected, torn apart, and finally declared ho-hum by the tech illuminati. The usual suspects will declare it insufficient, disappointing, falling behind, not innovative. Apple will be doomed once again.   Then, miraculously, Apple will actually sell those 75 millions units they ordered manufactured and the illuminati will be left scratching their heads in befuddlement once again, followed by the now...
 Just block the idiot. That’s what al lot of us have done.
Damn! Just when I thought Apple wasn’t doomed... it’s doomed again. Also strange is how this stuff only dooms Apple all the time. Everybody else appears to be immune. Or at least that’s how this and other articles seem to spin it.
New Posts  All Forums: