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 AI has fallen victim to the click-bait bandwagon. Write something negative about Apple to guarantee clicks and comments. It’s all about the ad money now, just like every other tech website.
Fandroid response? "No 5.5" iPhone? I won't buy. Sorry, Apple, you just lost another customer." Samsung rulez!
Shoot! Just when I thought Apple was doing well suddenly they’re doomed once more. Turns out if you try hard enough you can damage anything. Watch for the Samsung commercial coming soon.
I grok! Robert A. Heinlein (1961)
Screw the bastard. Bill Campbell is the one who killed off Quicken for the Mac. He’s the one who saw to it that the Mac version of Quicken never reached feature parity with the Windows version. He’s the one who’s arm Steve Jobs twisted to delay Quicken for Mac’s cessation of development. All we’re left with now is a piece of shit called Quicken Essentials and a few other subpar, so-called financial programs for OS X. Good financial software for the Mac simply does not exist.
When founders leave (Gates, Ballmer, Jobs, Dell, etc.) the bean counters usually take over. It then becomes all about maximizing profits, cutting costs, maintaining the status quo, not rocking the boat. Tim Cook has shown signs of that behavior too, just not as much. Time will tell with him.
 Steve Jobs has been gone for two years and he still gets blamed for stuff. What’s your point?
Bbbbwwwwuh?... but, but, but you can only do real work on a PC. Macs and iOS are toys for consuming videos and playing dinky mobile games. I’ve heard this so many times it just has to be true, doesn’t it? Why would almighty enterprise want to use toys in business? What is becoming of American business?
 You know what I think? I think you are completely nuts. That’s what I think. Tarnishing of the brand? Ridiculous. Go back to your post-Jobs spider hole.
 Because we fall for the click bait every time. 
New Posts  All Forums: