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I read the title of the article and my coffee squirted from my nose. We have a winner! Tattoo-Gate! Can’t wait for the YouTube videos, the class action lawsuit (you know it’s coming), the outraged diatribes, the EPIC FAIL pronouncements.    The movie “Idiocracy” was showing on cable this morning. How apropos is that? 
The only problem I see here is that the vast majority of the viewing public do not have a broadband connection. Now that the FCC has redefined broadband as 25mbps and above most do not have it. It takes about 10-12 mbps for a good 1080P stream, about 15mbps or more for 4K. Add to that the fact that most internet connections are not stable enough to stream a complete movie without buffering or stuttering and you get the picture. Since net neutrality prohibits guaranteed...
Experts are a dime a dozen. I can call myself an expert on any subject I choose and there’s no board, commission, review committee, authorizing organization to say no.  That being said my biggest concerns are the weak minds right here on AI ready to accept what anybody says if it jives with their preconceived biases. Some “expert” said so it must be true.
Can we all agree now that Pay is an EPIC FAIL? /s
 Your “roadblock” is about as contrived as it gets. It is an inane statement to make. We see this kind of thinking on the Apple discussion boards when someone’s Apple TV needs to be restored using iTunes. When told that they will need a micro USB cable to complete the process they become enraged, demanding that Apple supply them with the necessary cable and lamenting their now “useless” device because they refuse to go down to the local Walgreens and buy the needed $4.99...
I don’t think that $2800 Omega watch I saw at Sam’s Club last night is “completely waterproof” either. They make diving watches for that purpose you know. But somehow I don’t think that was your reason for posting anyway. The vibe of your posts have “troll” written all over them.
I was in my local Sam’s Club (Walmart) store last night. In the jewelry department I found a $2100 Tag Heuer watch and a $2800 Omega watch... in a WALMART! Now I’m confused about all this “luxury” stuff.
 Apple is going to get burned in China eventually. The pseudo capitalist economy controlled by totalitarian elites cannot remain stable for very long. The middle class there will crash eventually and I’m not even a trained economist. It’s common sense. Google chose to leave China. Apple can’t at this point.
Meanwhile I just received an email from StubHub, the big national venue ticket reselling service, announcing their Apple Watch app. I don’t recall if there was any such announcement for an Android Wear watch. Tons of important companies are announcing apps for the Apple Watch, jumping on the bandwagon.    So this sophomoric easter egg says loads about the two companies. There’s a reason Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made that dumb movie “The Internship” about Google...
The Apple discussion forums are already filling up with idiotic questions, wild claims of bugs and malfunctions. You know, the usual. Just another day in Apple-land. 
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