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 You are correct of course. But compare Apple’s stealth marketing in which you don’t see that many ads except for extremely targeted ones with Samsung’s blitzkrieg ad campaign with ads in every magazine you pick up, a total blizzard of TV ads, sponsorship of just about any sporting event you can name. And what are the results? In the U.S. the iPhone has 42% market share and Samsung has 28% according to the latest estimates. Apple leverages its superior design and customer...
 It should be AI policy that new forum members should not be allowed to post or respond for two weeks after joining. That would stop a lot of this one post trolling that goes on. If you are truly interested in participating you can wait a week or two before doing do.
 Which is precisely why Tim Cook should have ignored the book and its author.
 Nope. Mr. Cook should have ignored the book and its author. The author’s response proves that point. She is overjoyed that Cook took exception to the book. It will increase sales, is great PR for her, it’s a win-win for her. She can’t lose now.
So much for all the wonderful products Tim Cook said Apple would be releasing this year. Here we are with Spring around the corner and… nothing so far. No iPhone, no iPad, no iWatch, no Mac, no iTV, no iPod, no nothing.
I’m thinking back to the days when people thought Apple couldn’t survive without Office on the Mac. Fast forward seventeen years and today some people think Office can’t survive without the Mac and iOS. Holy cow.
   I don’t know what planet these types come from but they’re out there… way out there.
I remember attending the school board meeting in my town when it was announced that the Windows/PC platform had been chosen for deployment in the district. Some parents had worried that their kids would’t be able to make it in the world if they didn’t use a “real” computer in school. Then when the kids got to a “real” school like the University of Illinois they found Macs all over the place, even in the engineering labs. It was quite shock. My how times have changed.
 On purpose too. Why should Apple give a dump whether Windows will run on their machines? If you can produce any survey or study that proves Apple sells more machines because it can run Windows then please do so. Anecdotal “my cousin needs this” doesn’t count. I see this as a stick-it-to-em move.
 Nope. It’s a good source of income. The ones who need to be spoon fed everything should pay through the nose. You see it big time on the Apple discussion boards. One of these types asks a question and gets pissed when shown the Apple support document explaining what to do. Nope, they want to be told, step-by-step, what to do and even then they can’t follow instructions. Knowledge is power… and money in the bank.
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