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 That ignorant statement from typical techie wannabes was quickly shot down almost immediately when the retail prices of those monster GPUs were listed. Even the most diehard do-it-yourselfers admitted that and praised Apple for the very competitive pricing of the Mac Pro.
To show you how stuff like this can be spun any way you want, here’s the headline from Business Insider...   “Apple Is Trying To Hire 1,000 New Ad Execs — Here's Why Many Of Them Are Saying 'No'"   The article goes on to explain that Google, not Apple, is the preferred brand these days so no self-respecting ad executive wants to join Apple. They want to be on a winning team.   Wow! what a spin.
 Nonsense. The ‘wider tech press’ mentions Apple every single day. Granted it’s usually about Apple’s impending doom, it’s supposed inability to innovate any longer, the mandatory ‘five things Apple must do to survive’ crap. Even Paul Thurrott and Rob Enderle mention Apple just about every other day or so. 
 Just be secure in the knowledge that Apple is the one everybody looks to for innovation, the one competitors know they have worry about, the company that disrupts entire business models and markets. What you point out solidifies Apple’s position as the world leader no matter what the techie wannabe crowd rambles on about who did what first or what their precious spec sheets tout. The world waits to see what Apple releases this Fall, not Samsung, not Google, not Microsoft.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that, if Apple does manufacture and offer for sale health related software and hardware, the ambulance chasers will be rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation. Another deep pockets corporation to soak. The first time some bozo suffers a heart attack or stroke, or whatever they will claim Apple’s products failed to recognize and alert them to the danger. Sorry to be a pessimist but this is how the world works now in the U.S.
 Blocked permanently.
 What’s most disturbing is that individuals and managed funds actually make investment decisions based upon the nonsense that these bozos publish.
 And two hours after your post AAPL is up $1.00
 Yep, AAPL tanked over the weekend. Now it’s under $100 just like the iHaters predicted last year. They were right all along. They have been vindicated; just ask them. So long Apple. It was nice while it lasted. We should be hearing from Constable Odo any minute now to confirm and explain this disaster of EPIC FAIL proportions.  Oh, and c|net has an entire article dedicated to explaining why this happened and why AAPL is now $93 instead of $645. I guess people are really...
 But would it be enough for you to quit the platform? That’s all that matters. Lots of money to be made selling an adapter for $19. If the European Union gets its way with standardizing on Micro (or is it Mini) USB for charging mobile devices then there’ll have to be an adapter for that too.  What in the hell do you mean by saying Lightening has no traction in the marketplace? All iOS devices use it now. It’s an Apple proprietary connector. If you have an iOS device you...
New Posts  All Forums: