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 Some people wouldn’t know what a bug is if it up and bit them in the ass. Some people think anything that doesn’t work they way they think it should work is a bug. Some people think a feature that works differently than before is a bug. Some people think if they don’t like something it’s a bug. Some people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when they use the word ‘bug.’
Oh the logic!
 It’s always bad either way. If the supply is constrained then Apple is bashed for being incompetent in estimating demand or is accused of intentionally limiting supply to increase the hype as a marketing ploy, or is accused of having production problems with defective units. Once the supply catches up with demand the doomsday scenarios come to the front and the hand wringing starts. So, you see, no matter what, it’s bad for Apple because, well, it’s just bad because it’s...
Evolve or die. You could always track down an old Zune I guess.
No. Take it from me. I know everything.
A car body and interior designed by Ive. Now I’d like to see that!
You are assuming the religious leaders (the true holders of power) are rational human beings. Radical Islam is not rational and would ‘touch’ Israel if they thought Allah had willed it no matter what the consequences would be. These people are nuts pure and simple.
I agree but the profit motive overrules both ethics and politics. American corporations were doing business with Nazi Germany right up to the start of WWII, and some even after that.
 I stopped reading right here.
Nonsense, baloney. For you personally maybe, not the majority of users. It’s perfectly stable for the rest of us. Nine iPhones (5’s and 6’s) in the extended family. Nobody is reporting stability issues or problems and I would be the first to know.
New Posts  All Forums: