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  No. It’s called irrational paranoia, the idea that there’s a hacker hiding behind every bush waiting to jump out at you. This myth is usually propagated by neckbeard techie wannabes (and security researchers) who like scaring people. Common sense is really all you need to protect yourself but many users don’t even have the slightest scintilla of that either.
 This says it all. These developers need to be banned for life from submitting any iOS apps. I think just about every report of OS X or iOS malware involves bypassing Apple’ security features (i.e. jailbroken iOS devices and OS X Gatekeeper being turned off). There’s only so much any company can do about security if your users are stupid enough to turn off the security protections. Somebody want to explain to me logically why this is totally Apple’s fault and not the...
And your “Steve is dead, Apple is going down the tubes” argument is laughable. Utter nonsense and it exposes your real motive here.
You are precisely who I was talking about when I mentioned the “Didn’t they test this?” crowd. Sounds to me more like user incompetence than bugs.
Well that’s exactly what my German ancestors did in the early 1850s. They fled famine and war in Europe, came to America to settle in Southern Illinois, farmers and coal miners all. So maybe you think I should “go back to where I came from.” My grandmother spoke German but I don’t.
Oh that’s just great. Now we’ll have listen to all the self-styled faux automotive engineers trash the thing, declare it D.O.A. and solemnly announce “Steve would never have allowed this”, “Fire Tim Cook”, “Fire Jony”, “Apple is DOOMED™.”
It has been unusually quiet on the Apple Discussion Forums. Oh there’s the usual screaming and hollering by a few screwballs about bricked phones and such, you know the background noise that accompanies any release. But it seems to be a successful launch and rightfully so. This has probably been the most pre-tested iOS release ever. Developer and public beta programs have seen to that.
It had nothing to do with this news. $450 million is barely a blip on Apple’s balance sheet. A big number to be sure but hardly anything that would affect Apple’s financial health. More likely just the typical machinations of AAPL manipulators like Jim Cramer. 
CurrentC is going to be D.O.A. by the time they get it out there.
Glad to see this. At some point you have shoot the engineers and start production. The release of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 will be the most tested releases ever by Apple. Obviously there will be some loose ends to tie up and OS X 10.11.1 is out already for that purpose.   This time around the stupidity of the “Didn’t they test this?” crowd will be obvious.
New Posts  All Forums: