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Thing is, none of these anti-Apple ads have helped Samsung much. Apple’s share of the U.S. market has grown to 42% while Samsung’s has shrunk a little.
Who’s desperate now, Fandroids?
Ooooooooo, another prediction of failure for Apple. What a new concept this is. Not only is Apple doomed as far as products go but their marketing efforts are doomed too. Add this to the long list of other predictions of doom for the company. 
 You know, counting Google search hits doesn’t mean there’s real problem. What is it anyway about extrapolating individual issues into pandemic flaws that ‘everyone’ has? What is it about labeling those without the alleged issues as “one of the lucky ones.” 
 Where did you get this nonsense anyway? What slowness? There was no ‘slowness’ to be fixed. I swear to God, what makes you think that because you have an unstable system everybody else does too? Complete baloney.
For this to happen Apple has to have given the go-ahead. Now we have the lower priced iMac, the lower priced iPod Touch, the lower priced iPhone, all within a week or so. Some kind of decision has been made in Cupertino. 
 You are not making a profit doing it. You are not selling that stream access to your neighbor. That’s the difference. The antenna rental argument is a straw man and the SCOTUS confirmed that. This has nothing to do with innovation and everything to do with profiting from someone else’s copyrighted content. 
I find the chart “What prevents you from purchasing an Apple iPhone” odd. 35% list app selection as a negative when the app store has more high quality, exclusive apps, when surveys constantly show Android users not spending money on apps. 
 To be honest, one of the memes constantly trotted out by the iHater crowd is the alleged non-philanthropy of Steve Jobs and Apple. If you repeat a lie often enough people DO start to believe it. Yes, people are that stupid.
 Time for another Mike Daisey one man show I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: