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The original ‘story’ that Apple nixed the movie on iTunes was a FUCKING RUMOR. It was NEVER confirmed. Neither Sony, nor Apple, nor the White House offered confirmation. It was a RUMOR ginned up by click-baiters. Read the story right here on AI. Nowhere does it say anything about the ‘story’ being confirmed. It was all innuendo, speculation, and ‘sources.’ It was total BULLSHIT.   From the AI article: “Citing people familiar with the matter, it was said...” Wow, that’s...
They found out the hard way that their customers HATE free stuff.
Apple’s iTunes servers would have been crushed by the traffic. They probably need more time to beef up the bandwidth. Beside that, NOBODY watches movies on iTunes and NOBODY listens to/buys music on iTunes. It’s dead. Ask any Pandora/Amazon/Google/analyst freak and they’ll tell you. It’s all over but the crying for Apple. Why Obama picked iTunes instead of Amazon Prime will be the subject of much trolling.
Blah, blah, blah, blah... Apple is still doomed. What happens when everybody has an iPhone 6? See what I mean? It’s simple reasoning¡
Fandroids are the village idiots of the digital era, running around with their hair on fire spouting nonsense and tech specs.
Then why is Elizabeth II still Queen of Canada?
Then you should stop using any technology device made in China. We shouldn’t see you anymore on this forum if you live up to your liberal ideals. What did you use to post your screed? Do you feel better about buying products from China because you deplore the working conditions? Or are you a hypocrite who says “Do as I say, not as I do”? 
Round two. Cue Mike Daisey. I really don’t think people are so stupid as to believe Apple is the only one with this problem (well, the retarded troll army does but that’s to be expected). You don’t have to be very smart to know that EVERYTHING is made in China these days.
You and I don’t get to decide or declare whether a law is ‘illegal’ or not. The Constitution gives that power expressly to the Supreme Court. It also gives the Supreme Court the power to interpret what the 4th amendment, or any other amendment, means. You and SpamSandwich sound like Posse Comitatas or Sovereign Citizen supporters in that you apparently think your interpretation is the last word. It isn’t according to the Constitution.
And what is unreasonable about the cops searching your phone if they have probable cause and a warrant? 
New Posts  All Forums: