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Auto update sounds good to me. I no longer have to worry about whether I’m running the latest version of apps on my iPad. Having this on OS X makes my life easier.
Android dominates the world with 80% market share. iOS is all but irrelevant. Why would any business release a product that only works on iOS? United Airlines did the same thing with in-flight video services. What’s up with that? Don’t these people understand that Apple is doomed and their efforts are in vain? AndroidFTW!   I would mark this as sarcasm but, incredibly, there are people actually asking these...
The fact that people notice this sort of stuff and discuss its political implications is astounding to me. Personally I want to see some tranny emoji though with huge racks and giant johnsons.
 Well at least you get some idea of how Apple supporters feel when your side continually predicts the company’s demise, irrelevancy, etc.
Think of all those poor slobs out there with their newly acquired MCSE certificates from the local Sanford Brown vocational college. Oh the humanity!
 You think you wouldn’t have experienced the EXACT same thing with “switch to windows, go android, etc?” Why is it that you think the other side would be better in matters like this? Or was it just uncontrollable, primal rage governing your tantrum? The unevolved beast striking out from the id?
 Positive news about Apple always gripes your hind end doesn’t it.
Bwuh? The 5c is an epic fail, right? I mean all that stuff about how the 5c outsold all the flagship phones of competitors was made-up nonsense, right?
“by 2020?” Well, at least they are admitting that Apple will still be around by then and that’s an improvement from the doom and gloom stuff we always read.
The answer is quite simple of you think about it. Apple plays by their own rules, not the rules set forth by the so-called experts. And that annoys the experts to no end so they retaliate. Simple “I’ll show YOU since you ignored my demands.” That and the old meme “Success breeds contempt.”
New Posts  All Forums: