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I wish, but not likely. There is a certain segment of humanity that cannot accept the opinions of others as worthwhile or valid, if not on computers then automobiles, fishing gear, stereo equipment, et al. They will find a way to ‘prove’ they are right and you are wrong. That’s where benchmarks come in. They can be presented as objective evidence while the ‘total experience’ is anathema.
Trouble is we will not see this analysis anywhere else on any tech website. And because it’s on an Apple centric website it will be completely dismissed as biased and lacking credibility. Facts may be facts but it depends on who is presenting the facts. Sad but true.
You know, I first thought that here we go with another overblown, irrational, fanatical Apple bashing pogrom. Then it dawned on me that this is how our current culture works in the U.S. Think about the Ebola crap now being debated to insanity 24/7/365 on every medium you can think of with talking heads dispensing punditry till your head explodes. Same goes for the ISIL coverage. Turns out the tech universe is a microcosm of the overall culture of our time, just shit storm...
I’m impressed that Apple has become so large, so dominant, that the entire stock market swoons or sways to Apple’s heartbeat. That’s one hell of a big company.
I am just like you, punch drunk from all the constant iHater and Punditry attacks proclaiming Apple dead and buried. It’s almost a Pavlovian response now when we read their nonsense. I am trying to wean myself away from paying any attention but it is very hard not to.
Cognitive dissonance disorder?
FanDroid’s brains are exploding over all this fashion stuff. Even Apple techies are experiencing high anxiety. Tech types don’t give a crap how something looks, only the spec sheet matters. It could be a cardboard box painted baby-shit yellow but as long as it had enough mHz, pixels, the right GPU, and an SD slot they couldn’t care less. This has got  to be a big strain on their psyches. That’s why they drive Hyundai cars and use $7 toasters from the Dollar General Store....
Because you are a low end type you have no idea what the fashion watch industry is like. The Watch is not about being an iPhone accessory, it’s going to be part of the high end fashion industry. While you might not spend more than $10 for a cheap Timex (if at all) this product will be for the people who buy TAG Heuer, Movado, Burberry, Victorinox, etc., watches that are in the $1000 price range and higher. Apple made the right decision here not to wallow in the shallow...
Trying to be cute and not being able to spell makes for a bad post. And it makes you look stupid.
All this means is that you are one of the gullible ones. Apple says only 9 complaints but YOU decide to believe some unknown bozo on the Internet and will now probably claim Apple is lying.
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