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You mean Microsoft’s “adjusted for inflation” peak. Don’t talk theoretical numbers. It’s real peak was $616.3 billion in December of 1999. Just more smoke and mirrors to denigrate Apple’s achievement. We ain’t c|net here.
This just in. Apple buys Stark Industries in mega merger deal. Tony Stark to be joining Tim Cook’s management team as co-ceo. Pepper Potts elevated to VP, Global Operations. Jony Ive stays put. First product to be Iron Man suit controlled by Siri. Jarvis gets golden parachute retirement package. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Elon Musk!
I’m saying that humans driving automobiles intermixed with automatons presents so many variables and that the state of artificial intelligence isn’t quite there yet. Part of driving includes anticipating what other drivers will or will not do. The eighty year old and her Buick is one example. I have followed elderly drivers down the road and they can be quite unpredictable. Not picking on the elderly, just presenting an example. As I understand the technology sensors...
I have said this before and I still believe it. A self-driving car will be no match for an eighty year old “blue hair” in her Buick.
Funny how this rumor suddenly appears right after a report that Tesla is hiring away Apple engineers in droves. I’m not buying it.
As well they should be. Fragmentation is not good for developers or users. In the more than 25 years I’ve been using Macs not once have I had a legitimate reason to downgrade. Of course research about software compatibility and hardware requirements helps a lot. So many just take a flying leap and then are outraged when they get bitten. They don’t have backups so downgrading becomes an impenetrable wall that increases the frustration. Same goes for iOS. 
It’s becoming a real issue with the iHater crowd. Samsung has fallen off its white horse in shining armor, HTC remains a small player, Nexus is almost irrelevant in terms of sales and profits. The fAndroids are searching desperately for that Apple killer but the horizon looks bleak right now.
Well, some of the faithful say that about Apple too, but those 74.5 million iPhones say otherwise. They’re wrong just like the BMW faithful are wrong and I can prove it just as well as those who say otherwise. If you read it on the Internet that doesn’t make it true. Google search “hits” don’t count either. We now live in a virtual universe where rumor, innuendo, and conspiracy can be massaged into reality simply by putting it on the Internet. 
Does sarcasm have to be literally spelled out for you people? Okay, I will. I was attempting (unsuccessfully apparently) to be sarcastic about the slithering nincompoops who always have their knives out for Mr. Dilger whenever he publishes a positive report about Apple. I was mocking them, making fun of them by sarcastically preempting their usual responses. Hence the sarcastic retort that the iPad is an epic fail (in their eyes) when it obviously is no such thing. 
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