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Quit flogging your pud so much. Have you EVER taken the time research previous software launches? Mavericks, for example, has been one of the best OS X releases in history. Very few issues that were anywhere close to widespread. You have absolutely NO evidence that Apple’s QA has been “getting slowly buggier” other than your own faulty memory. You do a disservice to fellow users by touting this utter nonsense.
That is not what the original poster said. What you are describing does NOT happen with a standard restore. .IPSW files are often deleted when an upgrade is completed. You may or may not have the required file available. Then you need to obtain it from a third party hacker site. So making the claim “Just restore it from your back up backup” is not what it seems.
No, it won’t. You are wrong. Backups DO NOT include iOS itself.
I honestly think Samsung has jumped the shark. They are out of ideas. Apple has been described many times as having jumped the shark but it never worked out for those critics. Will Samsung become “beleaguered?” I seriously doubt it but I think its run to the top has been thwarted, that and Samsung’s propensity to throw stuff on the wall and hope something sticks. What’s next for them now that screen size has been dealt with by the iPhone 6+ ( but mind you I still think...
Well, considering you said the same thing about all the other “gates” over the years, I think I’ll just ignore your prognostication. Poor Apple, so sad.
 I love you, Phil. You tell it like it is¡ I can side load all the warez I want on my Android (FTW) phone. Why can’t I do that on my now bent 6+?
You just have to be getting paid to post something as stupid as this. Talk about an alternate reality.
 India is the next China. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. iPhones will eventually be made in some Indian factory because the labor will be cheaper than in China. As India industrializes their carbon footprint will inflate just like China now. So I don’t think I’m conflating India and China, just time shifting them if you will. And I don’t trust China to follow through on their promises either. I’m certainly not against moving away from fossil fuels but it will...
Then why was Beats Music just added to the Apple TV menu?
Interesting that you bring up that Chinese video. China has absolutely no intention of following any Western initiatives for cleaner energy. Along with China, India will become one the world's most polluting economies. You think pressure from the West will influence the totalitarian government of China to "think green?" Also funny is how organizations like Greenpeace seem to ignore China, Russia, Iran, and all the other totalitarian governments who would execute or...
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