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That’s not how the world works and never will. It’s why we hold onto our religious beliefs and hope for justice in the afterlife cause it ain’t gonna happen on this globe any time soon.
  How much will you be willing to pay to be a member here and have the ability to post comments? $10/mo? I also plan to install ad blockers on my iOS devices and El Capitan when it is released and block the entire AI domain. In fact let’s all do it and see how long it takes before AI starts begging for money. For experimental purposes only of course.
Well, it has begun. Ad blockers Crystal and Peace are out for iOS 9 and Jason Snell is worried. Snell is a well known Mac tech writer who used to be with Macworld. He now has his own ad supported blog Six Colors. Jason writes that he has mixed feelings about ad blocking because he depends on ads to keep going. Ads are on his site are already being blocked apparently and Snell thinks the future of Internet blogging is being threatened.   Can AI survive all of you blocking...
Over 100 posts arguing about a font? I think I’ll stick with professional wrestling.
Wait. The very first post in this thread was YOU bitching about the update consistently failing to download. So how exactly did you manage to get iOS 9 installed? Magic? Now you say Pay doesn’t work? Maybe magic will strike twice.
You know you really need to leave the Walled Garden and live life on the outside. This ecosystem is not for you as you have made perfectly clear in all your posts. Why are you still an Apple product user? You don’t belong here anymore. 
So you’re saying this is happening to everyone? Gets tiring listening to outliers claiming their experience is pandemic. 
Download quickly and without issue. Installed without issue. Running iOS 9 just fine. I’m in the Midwest near St. Louis.
It will eventually show up here. https://support.apple.com/downloads/itunes But as to when it may be weeks from now. Use the damn App Store.
These people are an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny minority of the permanently dissatisfied class. They are to be ignored, laughed at, ridiculed. They are nothing but nattering nabobs of negativism (quote attributed to Spiro Agnew) who post merely for effect.
New Posts  All Forums: