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You are missing the point. CurrentC does NOT ALLOW credit or debit cards to be used. It’s not about convenience, security or anything else. It’s ALL about avoiding card transaction fees. Do you want your checking account number and bank routing code stored in this app? 
They don’t. The object here is to bypass bank card transaction fees. It has nothing to do with customer service or security or anything else.
 This is precisely why one should not pay attention to Internet anecdotes. 90% of Google hits and Apple Discussion Forum views include nonsense like this guy’s post. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say, like the video making the rounds showing an iPhone 6 bent at a 90% angle after allegedly being in some guy’s front pocket when he ‘bumped into’ a metal post... and then it caught fire. But hey, it’s on the Internet and there’s video so it must be true, right?
Andy is a regular on Leo Laporte’s video podcast ‘MacBreak Weekly’ that airs live on Twit every Tuesday at 11:00AM PDT. It is also available the next day on AppleTV or iTunes. Rene Ritchie, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay are regulars with Leo. The four of them discuss the week’s news and happenings about Apple. Andy lives in Boston and is the tech writer for the Chicago Sun Times.
Nope. Why do guys like you assume your personal experience is universal? Are you that self-centered?
According to people I respect (Rene Ritchie, Andy Ihnatko) it was indeed a delivery issue. People who updated OTA were affected. For people who updated via USB/iTunes the update was fine. The issue affected about 46,000 customers before action was taken. Anecdotal nonsense from anonymous posters, Google hits, Apple Discussion forum “views and replies” are totally useless in determining the cause and extent of any issues. I’ll take the word of Apple any day over the...
Right, the lawyers will get millions and your wife will get a $50 iTunes coupon for her trouble. 
a) I’ll believe it when I see it.   b) It will probably be Office 365 subscription only.   c) But there’s always hope I guess.   d) Office for Mac is not nearly as important to Apple as it was even a few years ago.   e) Microsoft is not the enemy it once was, more like a frenemy these days.
Well troll, you picked the wrong article to mention. Business Insider has no credibility whatsoever. Do you know who the CEO and Chief Editor of Business Insider is? It’s none other than Henry Blodget, a convicted felon who is banned for life from the stock exchnage. Blodget is serial scam artists who constantly plants negative Apple articles to manipulate for his cronies (he himself is banned from trading stocks). So your dumb ass attempt to spread FUD about Pay fails on...
Well, Pay was a good idea but good old American capitalism is at work. Follow the money. Why do you think the rest of the world is already using more secure methods of payment but it’s taking a government mandate for EMV in the U.S. That’s not until October 2015 and the politicians have plenty of time to futz with it or delay it.
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