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Who cares? It’s the merchants that need to get onboard. And they need to educate their people. Tried to use Apple Pay at Walgreens yesterday. I’ve used it at the same store a number of times without issue. Yesterday, however, the terminal decided to decline the transaction twice and I had whip out my card and swipe it. That kind of nonsense is what will turn people off to electronic payment systems. There’s a preciously small window of tolerance for that kind of stuff...
Don’t ever kid yourselves. All market “segments” keep a keen eye on Apple at all times to see what the tech giant is up to. If they see the slightest hint that Apple is eyeballing their turf they go into instant panic mode. Hence the blathering from Elon Musk, Swatch, Fitbit, the entire Swiss watch industry. It gets comical at times. “No, no, no, we’re not worried about Apple, hah, ha, hah. Then the CEO goes into their private bathroom and shits their pants.
Right! It’s not a “force quit.” In case anyone hasn’t noticed tvOS is very much like iOS in the way you rearrange and quit apps. It appears to multitask just like iOS. Apps stay open in the background just like iOS. Double punch the Home button and you get all the apps you have opened just like iOS. 
9to5 Mac now reporting the Plex app has officially been released. Some have been clamoring for it.
I set my TV (Samsung Smart TV)  to not respond to an HDMI-CEC “off" signal. I believe it will be a function of the TV, not the ATV4. Samsung calls CEC “Anynet+” and other TV makers might have different names for the protocol. 
Think iOS because that’s what it is.
The phone hardware might be okay. It’s Android that’s crap. Any phone running Android is therefore crap too. Is that hard to comprehend?
Blathering nonsense.
Why? U.S. labor costs are too high, benefits out of control,  a legislative hellhole for workman’s comp and disability. Why would any company want to manufacture in the United States under those conditions? Apple’s profit margins would shrink to near zero if they made iPhones in U.S. factories... unless they were fully automated and required only skilled maintenance workers.  Electronics aren’t manufactured in Western Europe either for the same reasons. After China there’s...
The world loves a winner. But once you win and are on the top the world looks for ways to take you down. The world hates the one on top.
New Posts  All Forums: