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So tell me how you would put this on my machine sitting here in St. Louis without me doing anything. Be specific, no generalizations. I’m waiting.
I don’t know any nefarious hackers, only normal hackers, so I’m safe. No need to hide under my bed and bite my nails in fear. 
But the financial websites are running with the “Apple sales collapse in China” headlines. AAPL closed at about $118 today. The manipulating is in full swing. I can’t believe this but apparently it is legal to manipulate stock prices with FUD and spinning. Spin it down, then spin it up, then down again. No wonder the common man doesn’t trust the stock market and its smarmy analysts to have their best interests in mind. Especially those half-bald guys in white shirts with...
Paranoid nonsense. Vulnerable to what exactly? The neighbor kid hacking the fridge and ordering more pizza? Ha,ha, ha!
Practically speaking we should not be concerned at all. For years we’ve been treated to these doomsday scenarios by security ‘researchers’ and there is not one scintilla of evidence to suggest that any of this stuff has gained wide spread traction. It comes, people get nervous and wring their hands in anxiety, the security paranoids bloviate that we are all doomed, then it all goes way and nothing comes of it EVER! Look at the recent explosion of paranoia over the Android...
The average retail investor buys high and sells low and that’s why so many think the stock market is a casino where the house always wins. But you can’t make any money these days without being in the stock market. You actually lose money to inflation with CDs that pay little to no interest over long periods of time. You might as well just put your money in a tin can and bury it in the back yard. Bonds? Meh. Precious metals? Gimme a break! The tip your dentist gave you will...
Meaningless without context. Were the gains made by Xiaomi and Huawei in the high end flagship market or the low end crap phone market? I’m sure Apple is happy to concede the low end to these two companies just like it does Samsung. Since Apple’s Chinese revenues were up 112% I’m guessing they are not all that concerned about this ‘report’ that implies impending failure and collapse by Apple. Of course these kinds of reports are what generate ad clicks so I’m not surprised...
Apple claims its “Retina” displays have the same resolution as the human eye. If that’s really true how could a human eye detect the difference between ‘Retina’ and ‘8K’? I’m not buying this one little bit.
To be truthful Google IS making and releasing patches but they are not getting to Android owners in any kind of timely manner because of how Google allowed the OEMs and carriers to control updates in the name of ‘open.’ I think only Nexus owners can get patches quickly and directly from Google.
Good read. It reminds me of the fAndroid crowd’s tired meme that only stupid people buy Apple products.
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