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It was higher so Apple is a failure, right?
Yep, Apple is such an Epic Fail. Unbelievable, right? Windows FTW!
Bottom line, it means that Apple’s investors have been richly rewarded for their faith in the company. That’s all anybody cares about anyway other than bragging rights. My IRA thinks so and so do I.
“Apple stock is currently trading at its all-time highest levels, putting the company very close to reaching its highest-ever market capitalization level of nearly $658 billion."   I prefer to think of it as $.658 Trillion. Sounds better.
How does one push back the release an unannounced product that doesn’t exist yet? Only Apple can do this. They are geniuses. And doomed.
Also announced today by Samesung...   “Flow” and “Proximity” the Samesung versions of Continuity and iBeacon... only better of course. What? Us copy Apple? No way.
 $750 for an iPhone. Insane.
Okay, I’ve had enough. Blocked
In my opinion Yosemite has been the most stable .0 releases to come along in a long time. Since day one I can’t think of a single show stopper bug that has reared its ugly head. All of the new features work pretty well. Continuity, handoff, iOS phone calls, air drop all work just fine with my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1).    Bug fixes are always good.
I think the class action lawsuit may have had something to do with nudging Apple forward.
New Posts  All Forums: