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Perhaps you fail to understand the difference between “waterproof” and “water resistant.” From a legal and warranty perspective the difference is night and day. And Apple IS advertising the watch as IPX7 compliant which is a set of specific standards for water resistance. So your assertion that Apple “probably noticed that the waterproofing isn’t perfect” is complete nonsense bull excrement. Think before you put fingers to keyboard.
Can you block a Global Moderator? Apparently not.
Well, just like other Apple new product launches we will have to endure the initial barrage of negativism, the jokes, the nastiness, the declarations of Epic Fail, the Apple death spiral clock, etc. After it becomes clear that the watch will be yet another Apple hit and a paradigm changing, disruptive device all that will subside and be replaced by the now standardized “Only stupid people buy Apple stuff” meme.
Actually there are Samsung unbxoing videos now too. Apparently a large number of tech fans are also quite OCD.
Trouble comes when some anonymous poster claims they are an expert, sort of like the types that start by posting, “I own Apple products” and then go on to trash the company irrationally. Some posts lack credibility by their very content and tone. That original post is definitely one of those.
I have a late 2013 iMac 27” 14,2 and I haven’t noticed the problem. I applied the iMac Graphics Update mentioned without incident. This sounds like one of those bugs that is kinda rare.
For those of you who think Apple actually IS a religion or cult the hits just keep coming. You refuse to believe the desktop PC is dead, you refuse to believe Apple is morphing into a consumer electronics behemoth, you cling to the old Apple in desperation. Some of you are still waiting for that mid-priced headless Mac tower with expansion slots. Hell, some of you are still running System 7.5.5 on your Mac SE or Classic. Welcome to Apple in the 21st century. I’m having fun...
There simply is no MP3 player market other than the iPod. The fact that other MP3 players even exist is anathema to many. They certainly don’t sell in any significant enough numbers to be relevant to anything. So anything Apple does to improve or innovate the iPod is good for them.
Yep, it’s amazing how many marketing geniuses take the time to post on AppleInsider. I wonder if they are charter members of the instant gratification genre? 
Ah, this brings back memories of the old days when the iPod was declared an EPIC FAIL because it didn’t have an FM tuner. Nobody in their right mind would buy an iPod because it lacked an FM tuner so the diatribe went. Even the cheapest no-name MP3 player had an FM tuner in it. What was Apple thinking they screamed! 
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