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 What’s most disturbing is that individuals and managed funds actually make investment decisions based upon the nonsense that these bozos publish.
 And two hours after your post AAPL is up $1.00
 Yep, AAPL tanked over the weekend. Now it’s under $100 just like the iHaters predicted last year. They were right all along. They have been vindicated; just ask them. So long Apple. It was nice while it lasted. We should be hearing from Constable Odo any minute now to confirm and explain this disaster of EPIC FAIL proportions.  Oh, and c|net has an entire article dedicated to explaining why this happened and why AAPL is now $93 instead of $645. I guess people are really...
 But would it be enough for you to quit the platform? That’s all that matters. Lots of money to be made selling an adapter for $19. If the European Union gets its way with standardizing on Micro (or is it Mini) USB for charging mobile devices then there’ll have to be an adapter for that too.  What in the hell do you mean by saying Lightening has no traction in the marketplace? All iOS devices use it now. It’s an Apple proprietary connector. If you have an iOS device you...
 Much like the nattering nabobs of negativism who infest threads like this one. When it comes to personal opinion being expressed as undeniable fact this place has no equal. “My” opinion is indisputable. Yours is shit. All on the same level with the bozos who published the original screed.
Hypochondriacs everywhere will be ecstatic, no, orgasmic when this is released. “Doctor, my iWatch says I’m sick.”
 Does this mean the telecoms are prohibited from advertising that they sell the iPhone? If so I wouldn’t say that Apple came out of this unscathed.
 That’s one of the perks of being a multinational tech giant and the most valuable company in the world. Nobody would ever confuse Apple’s healthkit with this Australian outfit’s product. So just wave some cash in front of their noses and make them go away.
 That might be true but they would also lose a bunch of users too. I for one like the current size screen. Being able to hold and use the phone with one hand is very important to me. If the only iPhones available with smaller screens are last years models then I won’t be buying any iPhone. My wife and I have held off moving to smartphones. This is supposed to be the year we make the jump. Maybe not. I don’t want to be holding some big brick to my ear.
Listened to Andy Ihnatko today on MacBreak Weekly. The subject of Apple being declared ‘doomed’ by various analysts and commentators came up. The entire panel, including Leo LaPort, agreed that these people are laughable and to be made fun of. Both Ihnatko and LaPort said if the promises of iOS 8 and a larger screen iPhone are realized they would no longer have any reason to continue using Android devices. From LaPort that’s saying something.
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