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 Which the government could interpret as anti-competitive behavior? Not that it actually would be but the government seems to have put a bullseye target on Apple’s back recently. They are currently investigating the new music service before it even goes live. I personally think the government has decided that Apple has gotten too big for them to tolerate.
I have a third generation iPod 10GB (Dock connector) from 2003. It still holds a charge and still works fine after 12 years.
It’s too bad employers cannot trust their employees, and with good reason. American culture has degenerated into an entitlement hellhole. The culture teaches you that all employers are evil and exploit their workers and therefore you entitle yourself to steal what you think should be yours anyway. I mean just look at the culture that says it’s okay to steal music and software because the RIAA and MPAA are labeled as evil. We see that attitude in AI every time there’s an...
So it’s all over for Apple Music, right? According to this thread it’s unanimous, Apple Music is D.O.A. Glad that’s been decided. Let’s move on to the next Apple failure.
Then they would be accused of predatory pricing to stifle competition. 
Fodder for the tech spec monkeys, that’s all.
Google Maps didn’t appear by magic over night. It took years to build it into what it is today. Apple Maps is still building, still improving and coming along nicely. I personally no longer have any incentive to use Google’s product. Apple Maps has been ‘good enough’ for me for the last year or so. I’m not an urban anthill dweller so transit data wasn’t that important to me. To others this addition will be the incentive to switch.   If Apple can become a serious...
This is what has always made me shake my head when some people complain about the 25,000 song limit in iTunes Match. The same people complain that iTunes gets sluggish when their music library has 250,000 songs in it. Who in their right mind could keep track of and listen to even a fraction of such a library. In my opinion it’s some kind of mental illness like hoarding. My youngest son had a roommate that kept their DSL line saturated 24/7 downloading pirated software....
Is Taylor Swift onboard? /s
New Posts  All Forums: