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 It’s getting a little tiring reading the stupid responses to my original post. The sarcasm and the name calling is about as offensive as it gets. So let me try to rephrase myself. In the future my purchases of external devices will be restricted to the prevailing format or connection protocol of the day. I will no longer sink money into the connection technology du jour that Apple happens to be promoting at the time only to have it disappear a generation or two later,...
Funny, that’s exactly what was said about Firewire too in the beginning. And ‘professionals’ were quite aware of Firewire’s performance advantages then also. Now it’s gone from Apple’s desktop lineup. 
Utilized or not utilized equates to win/lose. What part of that don’t you get? Firewire ‘lost’ and is no longer ‘utilized’ en masse. There I fixed it for you.
No way did Apple’s MacBook adoption of USB c-type influence or accelerate its adoption by other OEMs. That’s just nonsense hype from an AI writer. Look, I’m as big a fanboy as any but come on now, USB has won hands down. NuBus, SCSI, ADB, Firewire, Thunderbolt have all LOST! It would not surprise me to see Apple drop Thunderbolt in the next few future Mac iterations. Heaps of praise to Apple for trying to promote new technologies but they all lost. I’m sitting here right...
Let’s see, the Wild Wild West vs the Walled Garden, what to do, what to do.
And this means what exactly?
Well at least you admit Apple is dominant which interesting coming from someone such as yourself.
Delusional nonsense from a resident troll.
Not relevant to the point of the blog. The patching/updating process for Android is woefully inadequate and leaves the majority of users vulnerable to any discovered exploit with little or no hope of a timely fix. Even the original report states that right now it is being used against high value targets by hackers. It’s the process here that’s under fire, not the exploit or the victim count.
http://motherboard.vice.com/read/goodbye-android   Found this link on Jason Snell’s Six Colors blog. What a condemning read regarding the security hellhole that is Android. And the guy is a certified Apple Hater. Read it and weep for those running Android.   One of the many money shots...   "As security researcher Nicholas Weaver put it in a (now deleted) tweet, ”Imagine if Windows patches had to pass through Dell and your ISP before they came to you? And neither...
New Posts  All Forums: