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http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/05/27/apples-ios-drives-75-of-googles-mobile-advertising-revenue Right here on AI.
It has been reported that Google makes a very significant portion of its advertising revenue from iOS devices. It’s clear that Google needs Apple much more than Apple needs Google. So of course they are going to support iOS with as many of their services as possible. So one can be a Google fan and still own and use the superior Apple hardware and iOS. Not so much the other way around however. 
He’s not married as far as we know. We don’t know if he has a partner or children. So what else is he going to do with his money?
Yeah, this kinda says something about those “Apple’s QA has gone to Hades” whiners. If the products are bad then no amount of customer service is going to change people’s minds. But the chronically disappointed and malcontented crowd screams the loudest so they get the attention. The truth is quite different.
This is part of the reason I stick with Apple products. While other manufacturers immediately jump on the latest technology bandwagon solely for the purpose of touting specs Apple tends to study the matter for a while before adopting. There’s always a downside to the latest, greatest mentality. For OLED it was/is apparently the color issue. Apple waits for the tech to evolve sufficiently before it puts it in the products. That means the tech usually works as advertised...
Well, it’s Apple you know. The top dog always has the bullseye painted on their back, the crosshairs focused in on them, trigger at the ready. Look, we fans have been seeing this for over a decade and we should be used to it by now. And never fear, when the fix is released we’ll hear from the crowd that always claims it didn’t fix anything for them and it’s still broken. It goes with the territory.
Makes you wonder how Apple got be worth over twice what Google is worth and dwarf them in revenue and profit.
Well, IBM is no longer in the desktop, laptop, tablet business so why not. If anything this validates Apple’s decision not to license OS X. IBM tied its horse to Microsoft licensing and the smaller, quicker clone makers ran them out of the business. The same fate awaited Apple until Steve Jobs returned and shut down the licensing nonsense almost immediately.
Net Neutrality was cute little baby sold to the public. Reclassification was the goal. That’s not a conspiracy theory as we can now see with this proposal to add subsidy fees to everyone’s Internet bill. Broadband will probably wind up like the wireline business, stagnant, burdened with every possible government fee (federal, state, county, municipality, village, town) they can think of. Ever look at a wireline bill lately? 30% of it is now fees and taxes. My wireline...
Net Neutrality was just the smoke screen. This always was and is the real agenda of Title II reclassification. You fell for it. Shame on you.
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