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 All previous updates have been 2nd AND 3rd gen. There is no reason to believe this won’t be the same.
 Watch it, buddy. You are teetering on the brink of being labeled a racist xenophobe. Gotta keep it politically correct these days.
 As the iHaters will allege, Apple is NOT an American company. They repeat the FUD that Apple manufactures nothing and that all their products are made in China. They point to the “Designed by Apple in California” label as proof. Forty years ago people were asking Americans the same question regarding automobiles. How could an American buy a “Jap” car? How could Americans buy foreign goods when they know it will cause job losses locally? Well, they can and they do.
 I don’t know what kind of site you think AppleInsider is but it’s not a professional tech news outlet. It’s an Apple fan site. This sort of thing goes on daily at Android fan sites. They are always predicting the demise of Apple and gloating about the ‘overwhelming dominance’ of Android. Dan Dilger is a pro-Apple blogger who has a talent for writing. He’s a spinmeister of the highest order and I put him in the same category as the Macalope over at MacWorld. What’s wrong...
Security researchers said the world was ending with the Heartbleed bug. Didn't’t happen. Security researchers have said the apocalypse was nigh with any number of exploits and bugs. We’re still here. Now they want us to throw away USB devices we don’t ‘trust.’    If this so-called un-patchable flaw is so dangerous why would the so-called good guys release a proof of concept exploit to the world? I think most so-called security researchers are paranoid schizophrenics with...
The five adults in my immediate family that have iPhones are all business types. None of them appears to have any trouble using the touch screen keyboard. Some people refuse to change just because. They don’t even want to try. A minority of squawkers is making a bunch of noise about physical keyboards as the world moves on. Where have we heard that mantra before? Why the “matte screen” MacBook squawkers who, to this very day, rage on about their glossy screens and how they...
But market share is everything!
 No, I don’t suppose you would.
Do I hear crickets chirping from the Android bleacher seats here on AI?
The fact that Samsung and Microsoft feel they have to attack Apple shows how dominant and powerful Apple really is. Way back in dinosaur days I was in sales (big tickets items involving dealing with large committees). My boss sent me to a number of professional sales seminars and Dale Carnegie courses. In every case it was made perfectly clear that the minute you mention your competitor you have lost. To mention your competitor gives them legitimacy, makes the customer...
New Posts  All Forums: