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So I don’t have to associate with black people either or allow them into my restaurant? I mean if I can refuse service to a gay couple why can’t I refuse service to a black couple? 
This is what happens when you go to where the puck is instead of where it will be. Apple is always looking ahead and the others are always looking where Apple is and trying to follow. 
I don’t understand the point of any of this. You have to have a cable or satellite subscription in order to activate. I am a Charter Cable subscriber and Charter doesn’t support ANY of these channels, not a one. They have their own “mobile” scheme that is very limited in scope and support. They don’t seem to get it. They are DOOMED when Internet subscriptions take off. Trying to bury their heads in the sand won’t save them.   These new channels are useless to me because...
Gotta go where the talent is and it ain’t in the U.S.
Of course not. The entire market is on a tumble to day. No relationship what-so-ever. In fact GOOG is down just about as much as AAPL. Why would you even think that?
To someone who doesn’t understand business maybe but just snappong one’s finger and a new format takes over is not how it works.
To the audiophiles B&O is no different than Beats. To audiophiles B&O is no different from Beats. To say that B&O is better than Beats is cognitive dissonance pure and simple.
AAPL > GOOG + MSFT combined. My IRA is very happy about this.
Funny how the traditional watch makers ignored or mocked the smart watch category...until Apple jumped in. Then a bead of sweat appeared on their foreheads. When that bead of sweat dripped down into their eyes their hands started to shake a little.   We’ve had all the usual suspects pontificating and bloviating right here in the AI forums about the uselessness of wearable tech. These are also the same ones who assured us that real work can only be done on a desktop PC...
I’m guessing this is what got him put in timeout, no? To tell you the truth I’m about ready to join him. Civilized, logical arguments? Are you kidding? Are you saying that Benjamin Frost presented civilized, logical arguments? Or any troll for that matter? No, they blow their crap straight out of their asses and present it as unassailable fact. The slurpster blew a gasket. Now he’s paying for it. That management allows these trolls a voice when they know what the motive...
New Posts  All Forums: