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All of you are free to switch platforms any time you choose.
My my, aren’t you full of yourself.
http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/stupid/smartphone-debate-ends-with-stabbings-908541   Nothing to do with this article but I just had post it somewhere. It doesn’t say who was the fAndroid and who was the Fanboy. Any guesses?
 Hence the /s in my post. But it’s a good example of the alternate universe in which the typical iHater lives, totally disconnected from rational thinking.
 Some jackwad at Business Insider has already pointed out that the Dutch East India Company in 1637 would have a market cap of $7.4 Trillion adjusted for 2012 dollars. So Apple is still an epic fail. Sorry fanboys, or so they say. /s http://www.businessinsider.com/apples-market-cap-in-fx-inflation-adjusted-context-2015-2
Well it’s the world we live in now. Because of the Internet all the naysayers, critics, tech luddites, and such can create the impression of failure even in the face of success. The Macalope over at MacWorld is famous for outing these types and deconstructing their assertions to the point of ridicule and laughter.
 Suffice it to say I do not agree with your world view. Interesting that all your talk about ratios, reasonability, equity, fairness, etc. are completely subjective opinions begging again the question of who makes the decisions. Who decides when an individual’s “wants” exceed reason? Is it some universal constant that is obvious? Something we just know when we see it? Great that some CEO lowered his salary and raised his employees salaries to identical levels. What about...
All well and good but is Apple getting any kind of recognition for their efforts? Greenpeace has been pretty quiet about Apple lately. They scream, holler, and string up huge banners when they have a beef with Apple but refuse to say anything nice for stuff like this. Not a word on the story about Apple partnering to buy 36,000 acres of threatened forest land for sustainable packaging materials.   And are Dell, HP, Microsoft, Google being taken to task for their...
Oh put a sock in it, please. 
So that logic allows the government to confiscate by force from me what I “want” or “desire” and give it to someone else it has determined needs it. Nice. By the way, am I supposed to be on some kind of guilt trip because I live a more comfortable life than some others do? Have I won “life’s lottery” as some politicians like to term it? Instead of buying a new fishing boat should I just give the money to the boat factory workers so they don’t have to perform any physical...
New Posts  All Forums: