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Walked into my local Best Buy and bought a 64GB ATV off the shelf. They had plenty in stock. Those who pre-ordered thinking they would be the first kid on the block are steaming mad. Not really anything to get mad about but you know some people.
 No, no there isn’t. You just haven’t taken the time to figure out what YOU did to cause it. As with all complaints like yours the vast majority of users are not having battery issues with iOS 9.1.
 No, no they don’t. And you can wish all you want. If you don’t like it there are other platforms out there.
I’m guessing this means no Amazon Instant Video app for the new Apple TV 4 anytime soon.
Physical CD display? None of Apple’s currently shipping products even have an optical drive anymore. What’s the point?
@Ireland became an iHater a few years ago. I’m not sure what the reason was anymore but it was a sudden change as I recall.
Not dying. Something worse than dying. Becoming an also-ran in the mid-to-low end market.
 Based upon what? Tea leaves? Chicken bones? Wooly worms? Keith Richard’s wrinkles?
I wonder how many of the outraged commenters here complacently take off their shoes and belts in an American airport? How any empty their belongings into the little tray and watch their computers go down the conveyor belt? How many obediently raise their arms and walk through the body scanner? How many silently endure a TSA pat down without verbal protest? 
New Posts  All Forums: