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What’s good fopr the goose is good for the gander.
I get it alright. What I don’t get is how some people continue to do business with company’s they despise. If I had experienced the issues this individual says they did with every Apple product they ever owned I would be running away from Apple as fast as I could. In the over thirty years I’ve been using Apple products I’ve had only one bad experience and that was with the water-cooled G5 Power Mac and they fixed it out-of-warranty no charge.
Your machine is not included in this program. Furthermore the fact that it started after an update should be telling you something.
You’re not answering the question. Why are you still using Apple products? The diatribe you scribbled above indicates you are dissatisfied with every Apple product you own. You made a snide comment about the iPhone 6+. You made a negative comment about everything. You’re a real piece of work. You should not be using Apple products.
So do you still have a Mac or any other Apple products? If so, why? Why would you continue to do business with the company if you feel that way? I really don’t understand you people sometimes. Do you like being Apple’s victim?
And Greenpeace will be all over them like stink on shit.
I think the class action lawsuit had something to do with it. This a tantamount to an admission of guilt and the lawyers will profit handsomely. Nipping it in the bud could have saved them $millions. Sometimes I wonder. The Yosemite WiFi issues aren’t going away either according to some. Some lawyer must be looking into this too.
I’m sorry but I have no clue how this lawsuit has any merit at all. So Apple started to hire away employees of a bankrupt company and that company sues. Can someone with knowledge of the law please comment on what laws Apple may have broken doing this? Non-compete clauses I understand but that would be between the employee and the company they signed the contract with. Furthermore what does it say about the competency of the engineers being hired away if they couldn’t...
A certain segment of the population have been voluntarily brainwashed by this notion of “fair share” and that corporations are evil and a detriment to society. The rich have what they have because they are evil and exploitative. Ironically many of these people are of Judeo-Christian background and are always squawking about social and economic justice. But one of the Ten Commandments says Thou Shalt Not Covet They Neighbors Goods. Apparently that doesn’t apply to the 1%...
Apple gets singled out for the bad stuff like labor issues in China and whenever Greenpeace farts but you’ll never see this story in the mainstream media. No big deal was made about the $850 million solar energy plant except for the objections of some activists to its location. Negativity sells in the U.S. The country is perpetually doomed just like Apple is and that sells ads and newspapers.   As for Benjamin Frost just block him and/or stop replying. These types thrive...
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