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You just have to be getting paid to post something as stupid as this. Talk about an alternate reality.
 India is the next China. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. iPhones will eventually be made in some Indian factory because the labor will be cheaper than in China. As India industrializes their carbon footprint will inflate just like China now. So I don’t think I’m conflating India and China, just time shifting them if you will. And I don’t trust China to follow through on their promises either. I’m certainly not against moving away from fossil fuels but it will...
Then why was Beats Music just added to the Apple TV menu?
Interesting that you bring up that Chinese video. China has absolutely no intention of following any Western initiatives for cleaner energy. Along with China, India will become one the world's most polluting economies. You think pressure from the West will influence the totalitarian government of China to "think green?" Also funny is how organizations like Greenpeace seem to ignore China, Russia, Iran, and all the other totalitarian governments who would execute or...
That's the kind of attitude that gets you killed when a revolution starts. Right, the people are too stupid to know what to do. Elitists like yourself are the only ones competent to rule the world. How generous of you to help us ignorant fools survive. Actually you sound just like the Android crowd who's mantra is that only stupiud people buy Apple products. But then you know best I guess.
The trouble with the “climate change” movement is that, at its core, it is an anti-capitalist, socialist political movement. The big parade in New York featured giant signs denouncing capitalism and corporations. In Europe it’s the same thing. “Big” oil and “big coal” are easy targets because nobody likes to pay their energy bills every month. Of course nuclear is still a big no-no even though some prominent environmentalists have rethought their opposition in a sort of...
From what I’ve read Google and others are racing to make their services compatible with Pay. They see the handwriting on the wall. Just as in web and data iOS customers actually USE their devices while Android users don’t. 
Their record numbers are not increasing at a fast enough record pace. Apple is doomed.
It’s hard to believe these are the same analysts who were predicting doom just a few short months ago. But they may be right this time around. On tech sites like c|net the Fandroid crowd is particularly worked up and frenetic in their put-downs of Apple. I think they smell something in the air with this launch, something really different. The more shrill the critics get the more frightened they appear to be. They are running around with their hair on fire while their FUD...
I forgot to include the sarcasm tag. My apologies but it seemed obvious to me at least. See, I want nothing to change but I want innovation too. Get it? No?
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