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More likely is that Samsung and Windows phones are doomed.   http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-down-but-not-out-as-mobile-shake-up-leaves-it-in-limbo/   http://www.cnet.com/news/smartphones-arent-selling-like-they-used-to-its-an-android-thing/
So Apple is doomed™
But Rene Ritchie and DED are then dismissed as fanboy shills, even by some so-called Apple fans. It never ends.
It doesn’t embarrass them because they suffer no consequences for being wrong. That’s how it is with the analysis business. For every ‘doom and gloom’ prediction there’s a ‘rainbows and unicorns’ counter prediction. You get to choose which one you believe based on your built-in biases.  Bottom line though is that we in the Apple camp should have gotten used to this stuff years ago. I think we pay too much attention to the ‘doomed’ predictions even if we ridicule them. It’s...
Hand swringers and predictors of doom, that’s who. Oh, and the crowd that firmly believes that if you read it on the Internet it has to be true. There are millions of those types. And then there’s that ‘other’ segment. See the above post from @agramonte.
And what’s to stop them once you’re online? What legal recourse would you have?
Apple stopped signing 8.3 and you can no longer downgrade. What do YOU plan to do about it?
Nonsense. No such thing as bug free software but 8.4 is about as stable as it gets.
AAPL slip sliding away with the rest of the market this past week. Chinese markets in retreat today. Greece fails, if the EU collapses you can kiss $170 goodby. You might even kiss $100 goodby. And of course your IRA is toast, no more $500 to spend on a watch.
I would bet some serious money this had to do with the streaming licensing agreements. The record labels have kinda regressed back towards DRM. In the case of streaming they do have a point. You certainly don’t want people downloading millions of tracks during the trial period and be able to keep them and not continue the subscription without paying.
New Posts  All Forums: