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I find the chart “What prevents you from purchasing an Apple iPhone” odd. 35% list app selection as a negative when the app store has more high quality, exclusive apps, when surveys constantly show Android users not spending money on apps. 
 To be honest, one of the memes constantly trotted out by the iHater crowd is the alleged non-philanthropy of Steve Jobs and Apple. If you repeat a lie often enough people DO start to believe it. Yes, people are that stupid.
 Time for another Mike Daisey one man show I guess.
 Never thought of that. With the right court order (or not) the DOJ could just turn on your Dropcam and watch you.
 Are people ever going to understand that Google is an advertising company, not a technology company? Apple makes products that help us. Google just wants to shove ads in our faces 24/7/365. Nest is conscious about privacy with a frick’in VIDEO CAMERA in your home? What are they going to do? Send you advertising based upon what you do in your bedroom at night?
 You will never be able to have a rational discussion with an iHater. Why even try?
 Oh but you should see the outrage and indignation at Apple’s discussions forums. Mavericks is declared to be the absolute worst, most unstable, bug ridden, feature deficient piece of crap Apple has ever released. It is unusable, unstable, unfriendly, and every other un- you can imagine.  And if you dare to say otherwise, well, your days will be numbered. You’re just one of the ‘lucky’ ones for whom it runs well. EVERYONE else is dissatisfied, disenchanted, dismayed,...
 Who says? Prove it.
  Also, the hard drive is 5400rpm apparently. Slower CPU, smaller AND slower HD. Only $100 less expensive?
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