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Round two. Cue Mike Daisey. I really don’t think people are so stupid as to believe Apple is the only one with this problem (well, the retarded troll army does but that’s to be expected). You don’t have to be very smart to know that EVERYTHING is made in China these days.
You and I don’t get to decide or declare whether a law is ‘illegal’ or not. The Constitution gives that power expressly to the Supreme Court. It also gives the Supreme Court the power to interpret what the 4th amendment, or any other amendment, means. You and SpamSandwich sound like Posse Comitatas or Sovereign Citizen supporters in that you apparently think your interpretation is the last word. It isn’t according to the Constitution.
And what is unreasonable about the cops searching your phone if they have probable cause and a warrant? 
Because the Constitution does NOT protect you from all searches and seizures. If there is probable cause to suspect you of wrong doing the 4th amendment allows the government to force you to comply and to seize evidence. And the Supreme Court, the arbiter and interpreter of the Constitution, has ruled that a warrant is not always necessary to search and seize. What part of the 4th amendment do YOU not understand?
The key words here are ‘unreasonable’ and ‘probable cause.’ Why is it the paranoid nut jobs and the tin foil hatters think the 4th amendment protects them from ALL searches and seizures? 
Counseling is available to deal with irrational paranoia. It’s a mental illness.
And what, exactly, would cause the police to force you to unlock your phone? The evil, deranged pigs would randomly pick you out, for no reason?
  I am more than tired of his kind of post. He makes a statement of fact as if everybody knows what he is talking about. What is he expecting as a response? It’s utter nonsense to make this post. If you search the Safari forums in the Apple discussion forums with “Safari back button” you get a few results from 2006 - 2010. If you Google the term you get basically nothing within the last few years. So what ever he’s talking about it AIN’T an issue for Safari or Apple to...
Everybody else’s works fine. Why not fix your screwed up installation instead of making stupid claims.
Just another industry (luxury watches) Apple is poised to disrupt. Once these bozos saw what Apple intends to do they started crapping in their pants. People who called the Apple Watch ‘just’ another smartwatch had no clue what Apple was really up to. The Apple Watch will be sold in upscale, luxury item stores, not just the Apple Store and Best Buy. We’ll see the Apple Watch in the display cases right next to the Rolexes, the Tag Heurers and such. And yes, a substantial...
New Posts  All Forums: