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Another positive article about Apple by Mr. Dilger? Yet another puff piece? Let the sniping begin. The iPad is actually an epic fail by Apple since its sales are slipping, right? The fact that, as this article points out, the iPad sells more than Macs, sells more than any other tablet (because Google and Samsung refuse to report sales for obvious reasons) is irrelevant. It’s the epic fail that isn’t being reported here. Therefore Dilger is to be denigrated and made fun of.
That’s the 64K question. What consumers think is a reasonable price is almost always completely out of line with actual costs to provide the service. It’s the same argument some make about the price of songs on iTunes, that once its on iTunes it costs nothing to keep it there and therefore should cost almost nothing to buy. They ignore royalties, production costs, profit margins, basic business. So I’m guessing @cspro thinks $0.05/mo is about right for every channel so he...
Yep, traditional cable and satellite are not going anywhere for a long time. Internet TV is in its infancy. Then there’s the matter of local programming. A lot of people live in urban areas where OTA reception is iffy at best no matter how big your antenna is.
Half the commenters on AI are closet Apple haters and pounce on any article with a positive slant toward the company. They’re just not as in-your-face as the haters on MacRumors which has long since been completely taken over by this ilk. The commenters that rail against Mr. Dilger are the same ones who will argue to the death the veracity and relevance of an Apple hit piece. An Apple hit piece is lauded as insightful journalism while Dilger’s work is merely fanboyism. 
Good to see all the professional analysts here on AI chiming in on what Apple must do to survive this latest prediction of doom. How many of you have your SEC licenses? I’m content in knowing that the people who run Apple are not idiots so I will sit back and watch what happens.
OMG! Everybody RUN and hide under your beds. The Boogeyman is gonna get you.
The problem, though, is the suspicion that Samsung Semiconductor is sliding Samsung Mobile proprietary data about Apple’s plans under the table. Samsung denies this but can they be trusted?
I’m getting kinda tired of these “my penis is bigger than your’s” articles. We harp about how Apple takes the majority of profits and how market share is meaningless, then turn around and obsess over market share. Isn’t it enough that Apple is the most important tech company of our era?
And I should care about Android’s fragmentation because...? Like can I use this piece of information to taunt fAndroids or something? They don’t seem to care so why should I?
Sure, LPs sound great on a $2,000.00 turntable, $3000.00 vacuum tube power amplifier, $500.00 preamp, and the $3500.00/each Klipsch La Scala speakers to go with it. Just ask any audiophile. 
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