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Is Taylor Swift onboard? /s
It’s all true, every word of it. This is not an editorial. This is a history lesson. I vividly remember the drumbeat that iOS and Apple would be dead and buried within months, not years. And before that the iPod would be crushed by cheaper music players. And before that the  Bondi Blue iMac was a joke and would be a failure. And before that...
How much additional revenue will Apple rake in if organized crime, child molesters, pedophiles, Mexican drug cartels, Russian and Chinese spies, white collar corporate VIP criminals all switch to iOS to protect their ‘privacy’ rights? Could be billions. Is Hillary’s iPhone on iOS 8 yet? How about Jeb’s? 
Yeah, Andy Ihnatko was trashing the Apple TV on this week’s MacBreak Weekly podcast. Everybody singing the praises of Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire stick, et al, over the ATV and this report comes out. Of course the backpedaling and explaining and revisionism has already started on c|net for example. How could this report be valid when everybody knows the ATV sucks and Roku rules.
The problem with crap like this is context. iPad sales are stagnant but does that imply other tablets are selling like hotcakes? Without that context stupid people jump to stupid conclusions. I can’t believe AI published this nonsense.
Those VRADs are already fed by  fiber. I think a single VRAD (video ready access device) can support 192 subscribers. They are fed by a gigabit fiber line from the hub in the central office. When at&t was building out U-verse in my town we were turning up two or three VRADs a day for a several months. So if you consider fiber to be a landline then yes. The important thing to know is that that last mile to the subscriber’s house is THE most expensive part of the deal in...
This is one problem I have with Apple’s stealth marketing. It lets the hype get way out of hand. By staying quiet and not responding to most rumors, by letting analysts and talking heads say wild things, by ignoring all the jerkpunditry out there, some people DO get over  inflated ideas as to what the Apple Watch is. The real thing then disappoints them and they whine, cry, and rant about it on forums. The disappointment factor then proliferates. Andy Ihnatko said on...
When I was still working for Ma Bell the talk was exactly that. The ‘last mile’ would eventually be LTE. Simply stick a short range antenna on all those U-Verse VRADs and get rid of the copper all together. Eliminate maintenance costs and the employee labor associated with them.  Short range LTE, no copper or fiber to the home. If the technology reduces costs then you can count on it happening eventually. LTE speeds will increase as time passes. 
AT&T buying Direct TV. T-Mobile buying Dish Network. Charter buying Time Warner. Does Apple need to be in the pipe business?
 How could a survey like this come to such a conclusion? I would question this even if Apple were on top. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Then there’s the question of why Samsung sales flagging and Apple sales soaring.  Who uses these surveys and for what purpose? Is it just to stir the pot? Do Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc. use information like this to make marketing decisions? Design decisions? Any marketing types in these forums that can answer?
New Posts  All Forums: