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When the device is released it will be analyzed to death, dissected, inspected, torn apart, and finally declared ho-hum by the tech illuminati. The usual suspects will declare it insufficient, disappointing, falling behind, not innovative. Apple will be doomed once again.   Then, miraculously, Apple will actually sell those 75 millions units they ordered manufactured and the illuminati will be left scratching their heads in befuddlement once again, followed by the now...
 Just block the idiot. That’s what al lot of us have done.
Damn! Just when I thought Apple wasn’t doomed... it’s doomed again. Also strange is how this stuff only dooms Apple all the time. Everybody else appears to be immune. Or at least that’s how this and other articles seem to spin it.
 In our current me-myself-and-I culture it’s all about getting whatever you can get by any means. This includes corporations, CEOs, shareholders, customers, users, all of us. Don’t forget that lawyers conjure up these scenarios and then advertise for plaintiffs to “come forward.” Bottom line? “Show me the money!”
 I’m waiting for the video of Ballmer giving a pep talk in the Clippers’ locker room.
 The most famous patient was and is Lou Gehrig, the baseball player. That’s why ALS is commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 
Nope. That would already have happened by now if the lawyers smelled a real problem. As this article points out a couple of times, nobody knows how many MacBooks have failed, third party ‘estimates’ are useless, ‘views’ on the discussion forums are meaningless (just like ‘hits’ on a Google search are meaningless). Only Apple knows the true extent of the issue and they are not talking.
 Because there usually is.
The whole problem here to me is that the USPTO grants patents, then invalidates them later after challenges. We need a better patent system that gets it right the first time. But since this is a government beauracracy that obviously can never happen, not in a million years.
 Ballmer retired you know.
New Posts  All Forums: