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What idiotic nonsense. What complete bovine excrement. What unbelievably convoluted stupidity. 
Keep rubbing their noses in it, Mr. Dilger. If I had a nickel for every time an iHater fAndroid called me (us) stupid for our loyalty to Apple I’d be a rich man. They need this tattooed on their foreheads, hung around their necks, and stuffed down their throats. Any of the myriad of trolls who slither and lurk around AppleInsider need to be called out and pilloried for their bullshit.
You have no clue what Internet access costs to provide and what would be a “fair” price for it. I’m tired of listening to the freetards who think unlimited gigabit access should cost $.25/yr. It ain’t gonna happen. And if Internet access is reclassified as a Title II public utility you’ll see an exodus by the big providers like never before. Add to that all the taxes that will come with Title II moniker (federal, state, local, universal service, etc.) and your price will...
It means nothing in terms of pricing. The providers will simply stop calling it “broadband.” For example AT&T calls it “high speed Internet” right now, not “broadband.” DSL has pretty much reached its technological limit using twisted copper wires at 18mbps. This decision simply means the carrier cannot call it broadband anymore below 25mbps. There is no requirement to force carriers to offer faster speeds. It is only hoped that this change will prod carriers to build...
Some still consider Samsung to be the boogeyman but even the iHater crowd has moved away from them. They are trying to find their new Knight in Shining Armor that will slay the Apple dragon. Right now they appear to be looking at Xiaomi for salvation.
The big difference is that iOS is part of the Walled Garden. iOS users cannot get software from any source other than the App Store (jailbreaking doesn’t count because it’s stupid). So malware would have to get through the testing and validation gauntlet of the App Store’s curators. I am unaware of any malware that has accomplished this. All the reports of malware for iOS so far indicate they only infect jailbroken iOS devices. The iOS jailbreakers are a tiny minority and...
Absolutely. Apple is doomed.
I think they’re living by the rule “If it looks to good to be true...” It would appear that they simply cannot wrap their tiny idiot savant heads around the fact that Apple thinks different and works different than the rest. They can’t pigeonhole Apple and that’s screws with their heads. By the way, can we start calling Microsoft “beleaguered” now?
This appears to be just an extension of the market share argument made by fAndroids. They can claim the numbers but Apple makes all the profit. I still don’t fully understand the surveys that show Android users are basically cheapskates that don’t spend money on apps, don’t browse the web, and just don’t seem to use their devices for anything other than making phone calls.
People called Tim Cook a supply line genius. Apparently they were right.
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