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Well that’s the rub Wall Street is obsessed over. Wall Street wants turnover, churn, new stuff being sold, growth, incessant growth. The very strengths you point out are considered weaknesses by analysts. Android devices have very little resale value, don’t last as long as iOS devices so there’s constant chucking of the old and buying the new. Not so with Apple as you point out.
All the outrage here. All the spittle being flung in support of ‘freedom.’ The hilarious part is nothing, absolutely nothing will come of it. Life will go on, there will be no surge in voting for ‘freedom’ candidates, no protests in the streets. It doesn’t matter anyway. You’ve demonized the police too and they are staying in their cars letting the bad guys have their way with you. Crime is up. Recruitment is down 43% in one large city. Nobody wants to be a cop anymore,...
For years Apple fans have been crying in the wilderness about TCO and how Macs are NOT overpriced when you factor in reliability, support costs, hardware longevity. Nobody listened and we all sat there at our desks with cheap plastic or metal gray boxes with Dell or HP stickers on them, boxes we were constantly calling tech support about because they crapped out when our reports were due. I remember watching some tech support dude work for hours on my desktop PC because...
All of this flies in the face of analyst’s predictions about China. Cook took some heat when he called in to say China sales were just fine. I’m just reveling in today’s financial reports by Apple. The schadenfreude I feel towards analysts and trolls is all warm and fuzzy. I may just have an extra glass of Pinot Noir tonight. 
 But we are reminded by the naysayers that the Mac is stale, OS X is stale, no slots, no ports, no headless Mac, blah blah blah blah blah. Yet we have to treat these types with respect or risk infractions or banning. Go figure.
 Dem’s fight’in words. Expect to hear from the AI troll army about this atrocity. 
Apple has never operated according to Wall Street’s rules. Wall Street has no clue why Apple is so successful and sells so many products. By their rules Apple should be getting creamed by cheaper competitors. The walled garden ecosystem should be driving sales down instead of up. The overwhelming market share of Android should be causing developers to flee for their lives instead of developing first for iOS. This was supposed to be a repeat of the Windows/Mac Armageddon ,...
Is this sarcasm or trolling?
Just added our Kohl’s card to the Wallet app without issue. Then I was asked if I wanted it on my watch too, said yes, done. No luck with the Kohl’s rewards card though.
Well this update better fix... oh wait, iOS 9.1 is running flawlessly on my iPhone 6 64GB. Never mind.
New Posts  All Forums: