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There are more people with serious OCD issues than you might think and they all post. The entire process went flawlessly for me. iPhone 6 updated to iOS 8.4 in under 30 minutes, signed up for Apple Music without issue, iMac updated to Yosemite 10.10.4 in under 45 minutes, updated to iTunes 12.2 without issue. Apple Music works fine on both the iPhone 6 and the iMac. It has been an almost perfect launch of a HUGE project, probably the best I’ve experienced. Predictions...
So far nothing but complaints from the AI regular crowd, no positive responses. I guess that means Apple Music is DOA and an Epic Fail juts like the critics predicted. So sad.
For all the talk about Apple’s servers being unable to handle the onslaught I found the update to iOS 8.4 and the signup for Apple Music went quickly and without a hitch. It all took less than 30 minutes. Good job Apple!
The bigger question is whether DisplayMate’s opinions and tests matter to anyone other than nerds. Does anyone make decisions based on their studies? Or is it, as I suspect, just another tech site that attempts to be relevant. Compare them to iFixit for example, who always rags on Apple products for their repairability, or lack thereof. Nobody cares except nerds who like to tinker. Consumer Reports is another one. They refused to recommend the purchase of the iPhone 4...
Synthetic sapphire has been used on watch crystals since the 1970s. But this is Apple so a huge debate has to ensue. Apparently only Apple sapphire shatters. Only Apple’s Ion-X glass scratches easily. Only Apple’s watch isn’t totally, completely waterproof, not water resistant. This whole subject is being driven by people with OCD issues. If they were buying a Rolex or Tag Heuer would they be waffling over what the crystal was made of? Again, because this is Apple a...
Is Dre limiting this to Apple Music? If so, is that collusion since he’s an Apple employee? The DOJ will probably jump on this quickly.   And no I’m not being sarcastic. This could actually happen since it’s Apple you know and there’s a big bullseye painted on their back.
I wish we could gather all the analysts who predicted China would be Apple’s EPIC FAIL and Waterloo in one place and then perform exploratory surgery on their brains to see what makes them tick, what went wrong in their craniums.
Understand that they do this out of fear, not moral concern. Look what happened to Brendan Eich. Look what happens to any individual or company that speaks out for traditional morality or social norm. They are immediately pounced upon and vilified.  Corporations are like grass in a field. They bend which ever way the wind blows. If the culture were to suddenly take a turn to the right they would change their positions instantly, again out of fear. What’s right has nothing...
I’m sure Tim Cook will agree with you. Write him an open letter demanding he remove any app that displays a likeness of the Stars and Stripes.
As sure as death and taxes, especially if the ‘competition’ begins to suffer.
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