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 Why should Apple change things for some random, slightly eccentric user who chooses to reboot his device very day because he thinks it does something.
AAPL tanks on the news.
 I’m totally old school. NOTHING is going on when I update (except the App Store software updater.) All running apps closed. All updates preceded by current Time Machine backup as well as freshly cloned (and tested) boot drive, boot to recovery partition and Disk Utility verification. 
 Well maybe not manipulated but I do think the reduction in institutional investors relieves a lot of pressure on Apple do to something they do not want to do (sell cheap, no profit phones to increase market share for example). If the stock settles in a certain range then so be it. The price of a stock does not indicate the success of a company, only the ability of investors to cash in. What’s good for investors and what’s good for a company are often at odds. By any...
 So are you going to get rid of all your Apple gear and go with a truly secure operating system? I mean who would want to stick with a company as ‘non-professional’ as Apple. All this indignation but are you going to DO something about it? Just pontificating, blathering, whining, what?
No question at all. Don’t update in the middle of the work day, period. Don’t temp fate or the binary demons.
 I am sitting here laughing at comments like this. I thought we just got finished lamenting that NOTHING is secure, that the NSA is spying on all of us, that there is no such thing as safety on the Internet. Now we castigate Apple for a security flaw? What, are we to hide under a rock and know that there’s a hacker hiding in every bush waiting to pounce on our privacy. This nerd paranoia is ridiculous.  So to all of you hand wringing paranoids, please remind us once more...
Thank God Almighty! Now I can watch REAL sports events.
I guess we will see if this story makes it to the tech media sites like Cnet, Gizmodo, and all the other sites that like to print this same stuff about Apple. Any guesses?
New Posts  All Forums: