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I think we are seeing class envy rearing its ugly head. To be expected I guess. Just another anti-Apple talking point.
What do you expect from someone who thinks Chili’s is a fancy restaurant?
I read an article this morning about the pick-pocket potential of the Apple Watch. Apparently the professional pick-pockets are poised to pounce on Apple Watch wearers to steal their prized possession without them noticing. 
  The basement dwelling neckbeards over on c|net are running around flailing their hands in the air. They simply cannot grok the fashion element of the Apple Watch. It’s going to a fun time on the comments section this afternoon.
 This section for me is the most important. The spec and feature trolls roll out this argument every time Apple releases a new product. But as DED points out what good are specs and features if they don’t deliver a pleasant experience. Every time I use Apple Pay people ask me about it. They’ve never seen something like it. What does this say about Android having this “feature” for four years before iOS? Really, what does it imply?
You know, now that you bring this up...
Battery technology and the lack thereof is the Achilles Heel of all mobile tech. With current technology you can get only so small before the battery life becomes a major issue and I believe we have reached that impasse with wearable tech. So you can demand all the battery life you want but the technology isn’t available yet to fulfill those demands. 
Freetards are the Internet’s homeless population. Very little incentive for Apple to have an ad-supported free tier as these cheapskates won’t spend money on anything they don’t absolutely have to. I will willingly pay for a WELL-curated streaming service that produces the music I like to listen to.
 Amen. And just like the Chinese labor issue, the Greenpeace tantrums, etc., Apple solely gets the blame. Trouble caused by third parties is blamed completely on Apple and no one else. This is the downside of being the world’s most valuable company.
Apple’s influence on the U.S. economy has been ignored for years. Apparently no more.
New Posts  All Forums: