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 And because of all these rumors whatever is announced will be declared a letdown and boring. Apple is becoming victimized by its own hype machine. It can’t possibly live up to the speculation raging out of control. 
 AI is a rumor site, thats all. When all you have are rumors you have to come up with something to justify your existence.
Would such a machine be compatible with existing OS X software? Would a Rosetta like emulator be required for the transition? Would developers jump on board? 
 Why does it matter? It seems to me the only reason it matters is to confirm or refute one’s personal bias for or against the new Mac Pro. Those who criticize the new design and ports would feel vindicated if demand is lower then expected while those who like the new machine would sense confirmation of their opinion if demand is outstripping supply. So it is just about whether you are a glass half-empty or a glass half-full person regarding the new Mac Pro. 
 What’s already on the market is junk and is not selling well at all. A recent report state that Samsung had shipped (not sold) a total of only 500K of their Gear products. Not exactly a runaway hit. So I don’t consider Apple to be late to a market that doesn’t yet exist.
 I’m thinking Apple is sitting back watching Samsung flail away at the wearable market and wondering if it’s really worth it. Unless the rumored iWatch is really something revolutionary I don’t see this category taking off.
This reminds me of the TouchID feature Apple introduced. Samsung was forced to follow but even went so far as to admit their solution wasn’t as sophisticated as Apple’s. Also made perfectly clear is that Apple’s competitors pay close attention to what the company is up to. So much for the iHater’s memes about lack of innovation and decent into irrelevancy. Competitors don’t think Apple is irrelevant, not by a long shot.
 I wonder if Microsoft fans miss the other Steve as well.
 No one is irreplaceable, not even Steve Jobs. This “Tim Cook is dropping the ball” nonsense is complete bullshit. Repeating it ad nauseam does not make it true.
This is just nonsense. There is no Beats deal. There was no Beats deal. There will not be a Beats deal. This was just some loser’s hoax.
New Posts  All Forums: