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As much as the fAndroid Troll Army tries to coverup the issue with obfuscation the fact of the matter is that a very large majority of professionals in the television and movie industries use Apple products exclusively for pre and post production. 
And people here want the government to “own” the Internet so it can be all fair and such. Title II! Title II! Title II! Reasonably priced, fair, regulated to the hilt, innovative, power to the proletariat, soak the bourgeoisie. Mimic the Chinese! Centralized, federal management of the Internet is the only way!
Somebody want to tell me how they know this is Apple? I saw no markings, no signs, no logo. Who says this is Apple?
The biggest problem with an Apple branded automobile as I see it would be the fAndroids going around scratching the paint out of spite.
 I don’t think Apple wants to get into cellphones. The profit margin is low (nobody would spend more than $75 for a cellphone) and you need a network of carriers to provide service. I don’t see Apple wanting to get into that mess of a mature, cutthroat market. There, my time machine fixed it for you. 
As with so much of what Google does they introduced Google Wallet, didn’t promote it, didn’t advertise it, didn’t tie in with banks and retailers. They sort of left it twisting in the wind and went on to the “next big thing” and forgot about it. But they had it first which means nothing these days. 
I’m sitting here with a ATV2 and I really can’t wait that long.
Just another point for the chronically dissatisfied to whine about. There are YouTube videos of iPhone 6s being wobbly when set down on their backs and touched.
Samsung is not the competitor it once was, if it ever was to begin with. So much of their supposed leadership in the market turned out to be smoke and mirrors and verbal hype. I’m wondering who is actually Apple’s competitor is these days other than the collective hive of Android which is  predominantly a conglomerate of cheap plastic and outdated versions of the operating system. 
So sad for you. 
New Posts  All Forums: