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Once again it looks like we have a flaw that requires the bad guy to be sitting in front of your computer and logged in as an admin to accomplish the hack. So I’m pretty sure the average user doesn’t really have to worry much about with this. Business or educational settings maybe but not individual home users. Should it be patched? Yes. Is it a BIG DEAL? Nope.
Wow, just a couple of months ago you were predicting Apple’s ultimate doom. And you’ve been suicidal since the stock split. Now, all of a sudden, you are on the bandwagon again. What happened Odo? Did somebody piss in your bucket while you were regenerating in it.
I’ve been doing this with my Android phone for years! Welcome to the future, Apple! LOL, ROFLMAO, Torrents RULE!   Or so it is said.
What pisses me off is that official government agencies take this crap seriously, as if people would actually be confused or something.
Ah, the new troll meme is coming forward. Xiaomi is the new Apple killer. I knew the iHater crowd would find a substitute for Samsung. So with Xiaomi Apple is even MORE doomed than before because Xiaomi is not concerned with profit. And of course the old “Android has the largest market share” argument rears its head in other posts here. Interesting how that ilk lumps all OEMs into one single “Android” device entity.  Expect to hear more about the rise of Xiaomi and the...
I’m not experiencing any WiFi issues and I currently have 7 devices logged into my networkOf course you are the norm, not the exception. I’m not having any WiFi problems either. In fact things seem better than they ever have been. But you won’t convince the “Google Search Hits” or the “Apple Forum Views” crowd. As they resolve their issues over time they never come back and say, “Oh, it was my neighbor’s network that was causing the issue.” 
BendGate is over and done with. I have been specifically monitoring the Apple Discussion forums and user reports are few and far between. BendGate is the last ditch fantasy scenario of the iHater crowd, YouTube videos not withstanding. I don’t understand why you keep harping about it. No one else is.
 Well, they denounced Mozilla didn’t they. Political correctness is a one-way street in the U.S. or didn’t you know that? 
Correct, because even though a third party app would be the culprit Apple would still get blamed for a sluggish system or reduced battery life. 
I’m thinking of all those Samsung ads making fun of iPhone users, millions and millions of dollars spent skewering Apple, its products, its customers. And it was all for naught.  I’m thinking of all those iHaters for whom Samsung was ‘The One’ who would finally kill Apple. Now they have to find another savior.  So it turns out that all this Samsung smack was an illusion the whole time. 
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