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Let’s be honest. If we trash analysts when they predict doom then we shouldn’t pay any attention when they predict unicorns and ponies either. The only thing of interest to me is how they can turn on a dime from negative to positive in their analysis. I mean literally over night.
 Give analysts a little credit. They know Samsung doesn’t innovate, they wait for innovation then ‘borrow’ it. They didn’t develop Android, they use it because it’s mostly free. Their hardware always reflects what others have done that was successful. 
 I see your point of course. I was just being my usual dick-headed self.
 So are you saying that negative reviews tend to be authentic while positive reviews tend to be fake? So Beats and Apple products really are the crappy junk the negative reviewers claim them to be?
 I stopped using ‘customer’ reviews of anything some years ago. It had become apparent that customer reviews are useless, rigged, and paid for. Samsung got caught red handed paying people to trash HTC. I vividly remember the day the iPhone was announced in 2007. C|net had a review section that was full of hundreds of negative comments from so-called users. Strange that the product wasn’t even available for sale yet.  These days I completely ignore the review sections....
I’ve seen absolutely NO problems with iTunes or any Apple services in the U.S. Midwest (near St. Louis.) Everything has been working all day long.
 Exactly. So why keep bitching about something you know won’t happen?
 Yet they’re just now catching up with demand. At least we have exposed your true nature and motives. Now you can be blocked with confidence since your own comments have sealed your fate here. 
 Then LEAVE the platform. Don’t hang around here lamenting Apple not kowtowing to your extreme minority desires. Take your sour grapes with you and build your little dream machine. You’ll even be able to author Blu-ray discs, another dying technology Apple refused to get onboard with. Just go away and get on with your life in the past tense of technology because the Mac Pro you want isn’t going to happen, just like the headless mini-tower Mac the techie wannabes have been...
 Let’s stick to apple’s-to-apple’s comparisons shall we. Custom building a machine with the same or almost the same specs will cost you more than buying a Mac Pro. So take your what-ifs and shove ‘em sideways. Your ‘Apple is too expensive’ bullshit is annoying nonsense and a tired old meme. 
New Posts  All Forums: