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 No, I don't.  But Amazon's hardware products aren't even in the same league as Apple, so there are no worries there.  I just don't see this as Apple vs Amazon, sorry.  I won't be buying their stock but they're still a great company in my opinion.
 Doesn't Walmart do the same thing?  It's just capitalism.
I really don't understand the gloating of Amazon taking a hit?  Is it because they're a "competitor" of Apple?  (I don't even see them as a competitor, personally).   I enjoy the hell out of my Amazon Prime membership.  I am not interested in owning any of their hardware, but Amazon is a great retailer & they'll be around a long time to come.  
The final paragraph of the Business Insider article: "All of that said... You don't really need a chart or a peek at off-balance sheet commitments to figure revenue is ready to spike. All reports point to a big iPhone release this fall, an iWatch, maybe a new Mac, and possibly something in the payments space. Those things are naturally going to generate record levels of revenue for Apple." This. I completely believe that Apple will roll out something in the payments...
Amazon is a genius at what they do: Keeping people in their ecosystem/sales channel.  But personally, I think the only way this phone would be competitive is if Amazon were to offer free data/service.     That would be a game changer, at least in the lower end of the market.
Still tempted to return my iPad Air for this...but I'm not sure why, as I use my iPad primarily at home and enjoy the screen size. Maybe I'll tell the missus I need both :-)
The only reason so many people here are anti-Google is due to Android. If Apple and Google were all chummy, almost all of the haters would love Google services. I have Google apps, gmail, Google Now, etc on my iPhone 5s and iPad Air. And I love it! Best of both worlds.
Nope.You can tell Siri "Google (whatever)" but as default , if you don't tell it to use google, you get...bing...shudder.
Been looking forward to this! Now I want an iOS 7 jailbreak and Nownow or Activator from Cydia, good times ;-)
Just picked up my Space Gray Air. It's beautiful. You have to hold it to believe it, Air is fitting. I'm coming from an iPad 3.
New Posts  All Forums: