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In the Charlie Rose interview, Tim alluded to the idea of "areas of interest" that haven't even been rumored, yet.  The Apple Watch was sort of expected...but Tim (and Eddie) has also mentioned "products" in the pipeline for this year.  I'd love to see something new, whether that be Apple TV, a new service, or something I can't even imagine.
Where are all those calling for Tim Cook's head?  Yeah, that's what I thought.   The more I see of Tim Cook the better I like him and the direction he's taking Apple.  Again - Steve was right.
 I watched it on my iPad @ the iDownloadblog site.  Link to part 2 (Part 1 is on there somewhere) http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/09/15/cook-charlie-rose-interview-2/
I would love to see a breakdown of Android switchers to the iPhone 6/6+.     I'd also love to see my order status updated to "shipped." ;-)
 I have heard this, but have no experience seeing it for myself.  I do think that Apple could be the one to raise awareness for NFC payments in the US, at least. Having said that, I do wonder about widespread adoption a small bit.  The MCX group (with CurrentC) apparently forbids it's members from accepting any other form of "mobile payments" and there are some pretty big hitters, in the US at least: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, 7-11, etc etc.  But if anyone can do it, it...
 We are busy trying to keep gays from marrying, can't get to currency yet.  Priorities, man.  Priorities. edit: And in case you missed it, this is sarcasm.
 Well, that just sucks then.  My bank is local credit union, they'll probably add this in 2018.  Time to shop for a new bank* *in truth, though, my bank is actually a local credit union in Florida.  I recently moved out of state and really should find a local option anyway.
 I remember reading something about authenticating when you put it on via phone, somehow, and then if you take the watch off it'll require re-authentication. Don't quote me, I can't find the link.  But I didn't dream that.
Perhaps I've missed it, but can anyone confirm if any bank card will work if it's a Visa credit/debit card, for example?  I have to assume it will, but then I look at the banks that have signed up and I'm unsure.   Seems to reason that my personal bank card, with the Visa logo, would be able to be added to Apple Pay/Passbook.
 But to be fair, it's a mobile phone that can purchase medicine or your next meal...via Apple Pay.  ;-)
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