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Interesting to see (in the first example) that Facebook is a worse offender than the home screen.  I don't regret deleting the app from my phone awhile back, I saw instant improvement in battery life.   My largest usage is the home screen and Safari.
 I don't think so, but this is a great idea.  
  I used to be of the opposite opinion but a series of personal events have led me to begin dismantling (as much as possible) my digital footprint.  And of course, that starts with Google.
  This is helpful, thanks!  I'm in the process of moving from gmail to icloud and didn't realize this one.  Cheers.
 I discovered this by accident on my iPhone 5s and iPad Air right after the iOS 8 update rolled out.  My phone was downstairs and my wife dialed, my iPad started ringing away.  Pretty cool. I did notice today (iOS 8.0.2) that I get the Safari icon on my Air if it's nearby while using my iPhone 6.  It works smoothly, not sure if it was there before and I just didn't notice, but it's working now. Side note - bums me out a little that my iMac doesn't have the bluetooth to...
 Index on my right hand if I'm using the phone with both hands, left thumb if one-handed.  It's pretty fast.  I've tried the others as well, Fleksy, Swiftkey, etc, but Swype is my pick due to speed, accuracy, and privacy. (at least for now, Swype doesn't store user data).
 You'll need that paper to start a fire, so don't write anything too important on it. ;-)
 Agree with you on the predictive text.  I find myself typing a couple of letters and then looking up to see if my word is there.  I actually type faster without it. On Swype, however, I can't agree.  While the whole 3rd party keyboard thing concerns me a bit (I understand that Swype doesn't store my data unlike others), Swype works like a dream.  I can literally "type" an entire paragraph within a few seconds.  My only complaint (aside from privacy) is that it's still a...
 I just hope they haven't 'forgot about Dre.' 
Whoa. That would be an interesting development if true. Then again, weren't there only something like 250k subscribers when Apple purchased Beats?
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