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 Cheers, we're the lucky ones.  Enjoy the new phone! 
Hey - in the past, I don't believe Apple charged me until the phone was shipped.  I just looked and my card has been charged.  Normal?   I guess it certainly means I'm getting mine 9/19, though.
 Good point.  
 The Force is weak with that one...
 I am curious what Samsung will try to poke fun of now, though.  Apple just sucked the wind out of their sales. Yes, I know it's "sails" but I like this spelling better in context.
 AT&T CEO already announced this morning that it's much higher than the 5s demand.  I can't wait to see the results after next weekend!
 It could also mean a lower availability, although I do agree it'll sell as well as the 4.7 inch.
 I'd argue there is a huge change from the 5s to the 6, but coming from the 5 to the 6 will be a nice jump for you.  imo, of course.
 Pre-order simply means you can order it on the 12th for delivery on the 19th, the day of release.  
 Yep, this.  Same exact thing happened to me.
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