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I am a bit surprised on the pricing but I am sure they will sell millions. it is worth it to see Gene eat crow. Having said that, I want everyone who doubted Ming to apologize. The guy is well connected and proved 100% accurate. I'm waiting... and I told you so.
I have the Moto X. It's a very nice phone. Moto has always made quality phones, they just lost track and made ugly ones...until this one. Build quality is solid, I love that it is almost stock Android, and the touch less controls have my iPhone friends a bit jealous even though they think I'm crazy for leaving the iPhone.And so for now, I have an Android phone with iPads and iMacs in the house :-). Living in harmony.
It's interesting.  I wonder if Apple will change/offer the iPads in these colors?  Well, specifically, the Space Gray.  I could see a retina Space Gray mini in my hands...
Stop. Hammertime.
Subjective opinion. As I mentioned above, this Moto X is 4.7 but due to the bezel size, it's barely larger than the iPhone 5. One handed use is easy. Add gesture typing and it'even easier.
I have to say, picked up the moto x yesterday and the 4.7 screen is perfect, at least on this phone. It's my new driver as they say :-) Fwiw, battery life is stellar!
Pebble. Nobody seems to remember Pebble.
Haha! I knew I recognized him from somewhere. Well played
I can't agree with your conclusion.Samsung makes some ugly products in my opinion. The only Samsung product I have enjoyed are their TVs. But I digressThere are smart people working at all of these companies. More likely that they ALL see the future as some form of wearable computing. Just as we saw rumors and patents regarding Apples version of Google Glass. It isn't copying...they are all thinking ahead.Back on topic, a smart watch just ain't doing it for me.
Then Apple is copying Pebble? Pebble was first, or one of the first, to market. There were NO iWatch rumors prior to Pebble.
New Posts  All Forums: