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I wish we'd see credible leaks of the 5.5.  Otherwise I can't help but feel it's a way for analysts to later be "disappointed" that Apple is "sticking to the same old upgrade pattern."   Oh and great for Pegatron, if true.  But it is being reported by Digitimes, sooooo....
 I ordered one a few weeks ago, but at the time there was a code that knocked $20 off.  I couldn't resist for $20.  I'm happy to see it'll now charge the 5s completely, at least.  
 I love me some Amazon, but you're completely correct.  Ordered a new crock pot last night from Target.  Basically the same sales price as Amazon, but with the RedCard we got free shipping + 5% off.  Not to mention an extra 30 days to return if needed.  
 This is exactly what I was going to say.  Someone with depression isn't thinking clearly so you can't argue that they're taking a 'coward's way out.'  
 I like Ron Paul, too.  At the time I thought some of his foreign policies were...odd...but now look at where we are.  He isn't as nuts as a few people in the media like to portray him to be.
 I meant "wade in" as in "wade into the BS that is now waist deep."  But, yeah - i see your point.
 This guy? ;-) http://youtu.be/Rciy9Xav29Y
 Playing the race card again, I see.  Do you have any other cards to play, or is that it?
I was wondering how long it would take Jackson to wade in.
But does it sound like Scarlett Johansson? Siri works great for me. I've played with the iOS 8 beta, it keeps getting better and better.
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