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 Yep, that's what he claimed in the video.
 Hey, here's a thought.  You buy what you like and I'll buy what I like.  That ok?  I'm pretty sure the point of my post was my own reasoning, no reason for snarky comments.
I upgraded from the iPad 3 to the iPad Air last year, so I probably won't upgrade again...but I'd love to get my hands on the iPad Mini w/ Touch ID. Surely I could justify owning both? :-D
Ugh. They should just put them all in the Refurbished section of the site.
 I know this wasn't directed at me, but he's pretty spot on.  Citations shouldn't be needed for personal experience.  I have never "tiptoed" around my kids and as a result, they're pretty well rounded and easy going.  On the other hand, I've seen how my sister is raising her kid, catering to her every whim and the kid is a brat.  And then my sister wonders why? In other words, don't let your kids run the house, they're kids.  Treat them with love and respect but be the...
 I like that, well said.  I'll add this - if you get lucky on the first kid and he/she sleeps through the night right away - just know that the 2nd kid won't be as easy.  I speak from personal experience :-) Congrats, btw.
Would love this.  Walk into the room & have Siri listening for commands.  Less creepy than Google Chrome's 'always on' feature.
No more kids for me. But if it senses moods and such, could I get one for my wife?
I appreciate the minimalistic nature of the patent.  It's one reason I only buy the iPhones with the black face, I don't like seeing the proximity sensor & camera on those with the white face.
 Which device announcements?
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