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I don't even wear a watch. So no, my opinion won't change, it's stupid. I am sure Sammy and Apple will sell plenty - look at Pebble.It's still stupid.
It's $299
How is it copying if Apple hasn't made one? It's a dumb idea, yes. But copying? No.
In my opinion, a smart watch is a stupid idea, by Samsung, Apple or other.
Who cares. This doesn't spell the end of anything. The guy was a horrible presenter and from interviews I've seen, a jerk. I work for one if the largest insurers in the world...we've had our share of this at every level of management. Doesn't mean anything outside of the players involved. Of course, a few mouth breathers on AI will find this significant.
Stupid argument. Mac sales are down because all PC sales are down. This is the post-PC era. People buy iPads now instead.
Yay, more jokes from Siri. Why did they waste time on this. How about making Siri more useful?
It's the end of an "error"
I honestly don't care who "wins" this between Intel, Sony, Google or Apple, etc.  It doesn't matter, once there is a tiny crack in the dam, it's over for the monopoly the cable companies have become.   As for me, I'm going Aereo, Hulu + and Netflix this fall, goodby DirecTV.  But I'll keep my Apple TV handy, ready for iTV or whatever it'll be called.
Isn't our education system bad enough already?
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