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Stupid argument. Mac sales are down because all PC sales are down. This is the post-PC era. People buy iPads now instead.
Yay, more jokes from Siri. Why did they waste time on this. How about making Siri more useful?
It's the end of an "error"
I honestly don't care who "wins" this between Intel, Sony, Google or Apple, etc.  It doesn't matter, once there is a tiny crack in the dam, it's over for the monopoly the cable companies have become.   As for me, I'm going Aereo, Hulu + and Netflix this fall, goodby DirecTV.  But I'll keep my Apple TV handy, ready for iTV or whatever it'll be called.
Isn't our education system bad enough already?
This will swiftly become the most stolen iPhone. Looks like Lil' Wayne's mouth. ;-)
Champagne Supernova.
9 to 5 Mac says the 4s will continue "until the end of 2013 per Kuo." That's a pretty big difference but not sure what it means...
Doubtful of this. Even the iPod touch 5 has a larger screen and lightning connector. Maybe the 4s will be retooled like the iPad 4 was, including the plastic casing, as a low end option?
Cease talking and seize my funds!
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