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 Perhaps, but from a selfish point of view, I use no case and my phone frequently sits flat on my desk.  Typing on an iPhone w/ a protruding lens (on my desk) will be irritating...guess I'll be using a case.
 Proves nothing.  Also, it isn't a protruding FLASH, it's a camera LENS.    Now where is my bottle of "Troll-away...?"
Call me skeptical as well. I really don't think the thick antenna bands will find their way into production, either. As for the round flash component, I saw a leak yesterday on another site, looks as if Apple may be putting the True Tone into a round shape instead of pill shaped. Can hardly wait until Sept 9!
 Agree.  Have we seen any credible leaks of a 5.5" iPhone?  None that I can recall. 
  Why not?  The iPads have this insert...why would it affect the phone any differently?
I think it's pretty obvious - MS killed the iPad, now they're moving on to kill the MBA next. /s
 Yep, that's what he claimed in the video.
 Hey, here's a thought.  You buy what you like and I'll buy what I like.  That ok?  I'm pretty sure the point of my post was my own reasoning, no reason for snarky comments.
I upgraded from the iPad 3 to the iPad Air last year, so I probably won't upgrade again...but I'd love to get my hands on the iPad Mini w/ Touch ID. Surely I could justify owning both? :-D
Ugh. They should just put them all in the Refurbished section of the site.
New Posts  All Forums: