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Thanks for speaking on behalf of all devs. I've had a couple tell me they love developing on Android. Clearly, they were wrong.
They should be. It is literally a zero sum game. We can argue about experience and we'd agree on most of those points. But don't think for a second that investors (and thus, Apple) aren't concerned.
While common sense says that it is due to product cycles, this does affect perception. A co-worker (not a tech person at all) recently commented to me that Apple is losing market share because they aren't innovating as quickly as other companies. This person doesn't even own a smartphone yet and doesn't keep up with tech. He just saw some news in passing, he said Not saying any of this is accurate, just that perception dictates an individuals reality.
Bingo. Let the backtracking begin.
I may be alone, but I don't give a flying %#*¥ about this unless it gives me an iWallet. My phone is constantly in my pocket unless I'm home. I don't lock my phone with a pin now, because of this. So I can't get excited about a secure way to do something I don't do as it is. Obvs, other folks could use this, but for me it's just an extra step with no reward.
I'm not buying the story.  That woman in the picture doesn't look like she's just had a baby.  I don't see a baby on the screen.  And the fella in the corner window isn't the same as the guy in the jersey.  I'm calling FUD.   /s
Don't show Tony Romo this.  He has enough trouble with interceptions.
Um, I'm pretty sure the ads have always been there, just as an overlay.  Now they're on the bottom. Who at AI (didn't) research this for the article?   Yep, I'm right, it's an update to their old way of displaying: http://adwords.blogspot.ca/2013/08/attract-new-customers-with-local-ads-on.html   Edit to add: http://9to5google.com/2013/08/08/google-introduces-new-local-ads-experience-in-google-maps-on-ios-android/
I could be wrong but I read recently that Aereo is uncompressed. Plus, with Aereo you can record a show while watching another, plus 60 hours of DVR in the cloud. Not to mention the ability to watch it on the go via iPhone and ipad. All for $12 per month.It's a cord cutters dream.
Same here. They say Tampa will be this fall, I have already calculated my contract break costs with Directv + an extra Apple TV, etc. Add Hulu and Netflix and I still save $600 over the next 15 months. Can't wait.
New Posts  All Forums: