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Damn, Tampa hasn't been shown the love yet. Hopefully next month! That Microsoft ad is horrible. Even if I didn't prefer iPad, that ad would turn me off to Msoft.
I probably speak for many when I say:"Huh?"
Oh no! i hope my wife doesnt find the password for our joint checking account! More click bait for the frothing google haters.
It would be silly of me to buy the current ipad mini right now, wouldn't it? I can get it for 20% off, but I am thinking I should wait to see if retina is available.
I hated iOS 7 when it was unveiled...but this...this looks great!
I bought a Nexus 7 this weekend. I returned it today for a refund.   Truth be told, it's a fine tablet, I just despise the aspect ratio. I'll see if the iPad mini has retina this fall, if not I'll just buy the latest iteration of the iPad mini. Screen size is perfect for my needs and I love the build and portability.   Having said all this, I will admit that Android 4.3 is pretty nice, operates smoothly. I'm still considering the Moto X, depending on reviews and...
You forgot to add "in my opinion."Because in my home we have a Mac, an old PC, 3 iPhones, 2 iPod touch, 2 iPads and an Android device. Also an Apple TV. I will be buying 3 more Chromecast(s) to go along with the one I have now. My point? Money isn't an issue for me, and I have iOS devices, still buying Chromecast.It's simple to use, serves all of our needs. And as we are cutting the cord shortly, this is an inexpensive way to make every TV in my home a smart TV. It isn't...
Yeah for some reason when I post from my work laptop, the font comes out weird, no matter how many times I change it. Sorry about that
  How dare you, using common sense in this place.  Begone, evildoer!
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