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  Agree.  I'd prefer a higher res camera on the front, none on the back.  There's no way in hell I'd take a picture with an ipad.  Never have
  Probably more than you think. And it doesn't matter how many do, it's still lying. It's like bragging about the engine in your Viper and then raising the hood to find a weedeater engine and an mp3 player playing sounds of a muscle car.
So, Apple puts in a 64 bit chip, building for the future, and it's panned as "gimmicky." Samsung cheats on benchmarking scores and it's a "feature." Yeah, I think I understand.
Using iOS 7 on 3 iPads and 3 iPhones in our home...none of us have had these issues.
Is this another Samsung "feature?" Also, I like this "new" Apple. Cagey. I dig it.
Exactly. I hope Cook tells him to pound sand, and I hate to pull the "wwsd" card, but I can only imagine what Steve would have told him lmao.*wwsd = "what would Steve do?" For those who might not know
I'm in the fortunate situation where I use my upgrade this year, then use my daughters upgrade next year, so on and so forth. She's 13 so it's a great deal for us both :-)
Yes, I understand - but opening weekend saw 9 millllllioonnn sales. :-)
If Apple is already able to meet demand enough to open up Personal Pickup, sales this quarter are going to be huge. Especially heading into the holidays. Side note, visited my local Apple store yesterday for the 5S case and played with the 5C for a few minutes. It feels amazing. I was kinda surprised at how solid it feels.
Just to be clear, it was a joke.
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