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 You don't get it.  Never mind.
 You actually don't need a cable subscription to watch that particular channel.  
 Oh. My. God. I'm SAYING that the AVERAGE USER isn't going to run tests such as this.  They're simply going to compare with friends or with other phones they themselves have owned.  How are you not comprehending this? Again - for ME, I'm happy but wouldn't mind a bit better battery life for the days I'm out and about all day.
 Because the average user runs countless tests in real life?  No, sorry.  Again, you fail. The average user uses their own real world experience or compares their usage to a friend who owns another phone/brand.
 I had it for 3 weeks.  I'm comparing real world usage between the Moto X and my iPhone.  Your comprehension skills are lacking, my friend.
 As stated earlier, I sit at a desk, so I charge my phone throughout the day if needed.  But I can see how other users would want longer battery life, without having to buy special cases.  If you can't see that, then you're arguing for the sake of argument.  
 Yes.  For example, Moto X has a stellar battery life, especially when you consider it's "always on" listening.  I played with one for a few weeks, wasn't for me. But the battery life is terrific.
 Asking for all day battery life is considered a special 'need?' 
Isn't our education system in the US bad enough as it is?
 This is the only thing that "concerns" me about the iP6.  I just don't like the lens protruding on the iPod, really hoping it doesn't on the new iPhone.  Since I don't use a case at all and my phone lies on the desk all day beside me, typing would be annoying as it wouldn't sit flat on the desk.
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