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That is true, didn't consider the iPods.
I'm all for the iPhone lite, but I don't believe this one. Plastic packaging? No. One thing I like about Apple is their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. This doesn't do that. Have they ever packaged using plastic?
2 people living in my home are hoping this is legit. I like it, myself. I don't understand all the hatred toward a mid-market iPhone.
Well yeah, but not with an Apple logo. So it doesn't count./s
That is what I was saying.
Imagine windows 8 on a dash installed screen.*shudder*
Haha!It's non-existent here. One bus line that doesn't reach the suburbs. Our governor shot down a rail line. Subways in this area might as well be submarines.I'd love the option of public transportation. Or a self driving vehicle.
Never heard of this site, sounds speculative.
Hey as long as folks form their own opinion by THINKING, I don't care. Perhaps you have. Some here don't.For me, multi platforms is brilliant. I am not interested in being locked in to either, I want the best tools where and when needed.Just my .02
I'm on mobile, can't see sigs.
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