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 Not exactly, right?  Aereo was ruled against because it was, effectively, rebroadcasting the signal from it's magic warehouse & antenna.   If my device, in my home, records to my personal cloud, then it should be legal.  Otherwise, I'd argue that Slingbox, Hopper, etc are illegal.  Dropbox as well.
 You make good points, but I can't fully agree.  I tested the Tablo DVR/PVR for a week*, with only a 500 GB hard drive attached and could have easily recorded 75-100 hours of HD.  That's plenty of space.  Granted it's a leap from 8GB to 500GB, but it is certainly possible.And the Tablo I tested has 2 tuners, which again - it's plenty enough for OTA broadcasts, at least for my viewing.  * Returned the Tablo for a refund.  Great concept but with Hulu, decided I don't really...
Perhaps i'm not the right demographic (married male, mid 30s) but I just can't see the point of these types of apps.
 Would love this.  Or even just build a DVR and OTA tuner card right into ATV.  One menu to rule them all.
 I'm not a "stick it to the man" kind of guy, actually.  I also love how you say "if/when you actually decide to contribute something to society." Quite a presumption on your part, but I won't take it personally since you don't know me nor what I contribute :-)  And on that note, I am finished with this thread.  I do appreciate the feedback and your (and others') position on the subject.   I just disagree and I'm enjoying saving $.  Peace.
 I don't agree.  If your neighbor has wifi and offers you to use his/her network, is it stealing from the ISP?  Not at all.
 His example did not fit.  My friend and I didn't decide to go to the local cable company and steal a box, then splitting access.  My example was better; Bonnie has a bank account and chooses to share her money or safety deposit box with me.  See? And yeah, I COULD torrent some of the shows.  I choose not to.  The simple concept to grasp is that my friend shares her programming with me.
 Of course I know who Bonnie and Clyde are.  Your example just isn't applicable.  And it seems that you 'do care' about my arrangement.  My point here wasn't to argue, my point was that Apple TV is awesome and continues to get better, and it has helped me cut the cord and save about $120 per month, overall. I'm not hard up for money.  I'm just not going to pay $120 per month for the few things I watch. Anyway, this is my last comment on the subject :-)  To each his/her...
 You're welcome to define it any way you choose, I've nothing to admit.  I watch 50% of my TV on the local channels/affiliates.  The other 40% on Hulu/Netflix.  The remaining 10%, a friend shares her access with me.  I'm satisfied with the results. Your example of Bonnie and Clyde doesn't make sense.  If Bonnie had a bank account and shared her money with Clyde, that would be more applicable.  But then it isn't stealing, either.
 How is it stealing her identity if she gives me her password?  Some of you folks are silly.  It's an arrangement between friends.
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