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It's click bait for the insecure, immature folks on both sides.Personally I like both platforms and soon will use a Moto X and iMac, plus iPad and perhaps a N7.
To be honest, I may buy one since they are inexpensive, just to play with. I just really hate the aspect ratio, it's fine for a phone but a tablet needs to be 4:3 in my opinion. As to this report, who cares. I hate fanboys on either side, they all sound like 9 year old boys arguing who has more chest hair or something.
On the contrary: I see Google reining Android in, making it a more "closed platform." My evidence? Purchasing Motorola, beginning to offer "pure" experiences on Samsung, HTC, etc phones. Dream on, author. Android isn't going away. But it is evolving. My prediction, within 3 years Android phones be sold by only Motorola. Samsung will go with Tizen and the others will either develop their own OS or fade away. Just my .02
I guess these would be for the black iPhone 5(c) then?I just hate to see all the waste, would rather see biodegradable packaging. I'm sort of an environmental geek. But I'd forgotten about the iPod packaging earlier
That is true, didn't consider the iPods.
I'm all for the iPhone lite, but I don't believe this one. Plastic packaging? No. One thing I like about Apple is their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. This doesn't do that. Have they ever packaged using plastic?
2 people living in my home are hoping this is legit. I like it, myself. I don't understand all the hatred toward a mid-market iPhone.
Well yeah, but not with an Apple logo. So it doesn't count./s
That is what I was saying.
Imagine windows 8 on a dash installed screen.*shudder*
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