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I'm all for the iPhone lite, but I don't believe this one. Plastic packaging? No. One thing I like about Apple is their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. This doesn't do that. Have they ever packaged using plastic?
2 people living in my home are hoping this is legit. I like it, myself. I don't understand all the hatred toward a mid-market iPhone.
Well yeah, but not with an Apple logo. So it doesn't count./s
That is what I was saying.
Imagine windows 8 on a dash installed screen.*shudder*
Haha!It's non-existent here. One bus line that doesn't reach the suburbs. Our governor shot down a rail line. Subways in this area might as well be submarines.I'd love the option of public transportation. Or a self driving vehicle.
Never heard of this site, sounds speculative.
Hey as long as folks form their own opinion by THINKING, I don't care. Perhaps you have. Some here don't.For me, multi platforms is brilliant. I am not interested in being locked in to either, I want the best tools where and when needed.Just my .02
I'm on mobile, can't see sigs.
As I already commented in another post; if Goog and Apple were still cozy (assuming they aren't, we don't know) none of you would worry a bit. But since they compete in some devices, you bash Goog for doing the same thing that ALL companies are doing. It's so silly. So Google throws an ad my way in exchange for great services. I'll take that trade, I'm going to see an ad anyway...at least this one is something I'm probably interested in. I love both companies, best of...
New Posts  All Forums: