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 No problem.  I certainly hope you don't use any friends' wifi, do you?
 Cutting the cord certainly changes one's viewing habits, you're right.   For myself, I realized some months ago that we were only watching shows that we could catch on prime time channels or Hulu Plus anyway. My kids never watch TV - they'll use Netflix or Hulu Plus.  So the decision was easy.  It was actually an afterthought about borrowing my friends' login info for a handful of 'channels' i can't get otherwise.  And if I can't find a channel (Discovery, looking at you)...
 I cannot confirm or deny.  ;-)
  If I'm paying my friend or buying gifts here and there, I could argue that I'm not stealing.  But it isn't the point, it works for both of us.
 I have an awesome remote for ATV.  It's called my iPad or iPhone.  But I do agree the ATV remote could be better, and DVR would make it a killer device.  Especially if I could record my local programming through antenna. Ah, that's just my poor typing skills.  I meant that I have the TVs connected to antenna, and also connected to an ATV.  Apologies.And yeah, I know what you mean on the credentials, too.  But she's a good friend and I buy her coffee & such here and there,...
Excited to see this.  My DirecTV contract expired recently and as I was moving, I didn't renew.  I have 2 tvs connected to antenna for local channels.  I also have them connected to Apple TVs and as I use a friends FIOS credentials, i'm able to watch everything I did before (except for Discovery).   Thank goodness for Apple TV and good friends.   Side note, the more I use Apple TV the more I love it.
 No, I don't.  But Amazon's hardware products aren't even in the same league as Apple, so there are no worries there.  I just don't see this as Apple vs Amazon, sorry.  I won't be buying their stock but they're still a great company in my opinion.
 Doesn't Walmart do the same thing?  It's just capitalism.
I really don't understand the gloating of Amazon taking a hit?  Is it because they're a "competitor" of Apple?  (I don't even see them as a competitor, personally).   I enjoy the hell out of my Amazon Prime membership.  I am not interested in owning any of their hardware, but Amazon is a great retailer & they'll be around a long time to come.  
The final paragraph of the Business Insider article: "All of that said... You don't really need a chart or a peek at off-balance sheet commitments to figure revenue is ready to spike. All reports point to a big iPhone release this fall, an iWatch, maybe a new Mac, and possibly something in the payments space. Those things are naturally going to generate record levels of revenue for Apple." This. I completely believe that Apple will roll out something in the payments...
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