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 Interesting.  It could be possible, certainly would be easier to keep a lid on leaks in the USA vs China.
 We agree completely on that.  I was pretty disappointed with the SC ruling.
Apple won't be Russian to comply with this demand.   Yes, I know, that was bad.  
 Not exactly, right?  Aereo was ruled against because it was, effectively, rebroadcasting the signal from it's magic warehouse & antenna.   If my device, in my home, records to my personal cloud, then it should be legal.  Otherwise, I'd argue that Slingbox, Hopper, etc are illegal.  Dropbox as well.
 You make good points, but I can't fully agree.  I tested the Tablo DVR/PVR for a week*, with only a 500 GB hard drive attached and could have easily recorded 75-100 hours of HD.  That's plenty of space.  Granted it's a leap from 8GB to 500GB, but it is certainly possible.And the Tablo I tested has 2 tuners, which again - it's plenty enough for OTA broadcasts, at least for my viewing.  * Returned the Tablo for a refund.  Great concept but with Hulu, decided I don't really...
Perhaps i'm not the right demographic (married male, mid 30s) but I just can't see the point of these types of apps.
 Would love this.  Or even just build a DVR and OTA tuner card right into ATV.  One menu to rule them all.
 I'm not a "stick it to the man" kind of guy, actually.  I also love how you say "if/when you actually decide to contribute something to society." Quite a presumption on your part, but I won't take it personally since you don't know me nor what I contribute :-)  And on that note, I am finished with this thread.  I do appreciate the feedback and your (and others') position on the subject.   I just disagree and I'm enjoying saving $.  Peace.
 I don't agree.  If your neighbor has wifi and offers you to use his/her network, is it stealing from the ISP?  Not at all.
 His example did not fit.  My friend and I didn't decide to go to the local cable company and steal a box, then splitting access.  My example was better; Bonnie has a bank account and chooses to share her money or safety deposit box with me.  See? And yeah, I COULD torrent some of the shows.  I choose not to.  The simple concept to grasp is that my friend shares her programming with me.
New Posts  All Forums: