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 Of course I know who Bonnie and Clyde are.  Your example just isn't applicable.  And it seems that you 'do care' about my arrangement.  My point here wasn't to argue, my point was that Apple TV is awesome and continues to get better, and it has helped me cut the cord and save about $120 per month, overall. I'm not hard up for money.  I'm just not going to pay $120 per month for the few things I watch. Anyway, this is my last comment on the subject :-)  To each his/her...
 You're welcome to define it any way you choose, I've nothing to admit.  I watch 50% of my TV on the local channels/affiliates.  The other 40% on Hulu/Netflix.  The remaining 10%, a friend shares her access with me.  I'm satisfied with the results. Your example of Bonnie and Clyde doesn't make sense.  If Bonnie had a bank account and shared her money with Clyde, that would be more applicable.  But then it isn't stealing, either.
 How is it stealing her identity if she gives me her password?  Some of you folks are silly.  It's an arrangement between friends.
 No problem.  I certainly hope you don't use any friends' wifi, do you?
 Cutting the cord certainly changes one's viewing habits, you're right.   For myself, I realized some months ago that we were only watching shows that we could catch on prime time channels or Hulu Plus anyway. My kids never watch TV - they'll use Netflix or Hulu Plus.  So the decision was easy.  It was actually an afterthought about borrowing my friends' login info for a handful of 'channels' i can't get otherwise.  And if I can't find a channel (Discovery, looking at you)...
 I cannot confirm or deny.  ;-)
  If I'm paying my friend or buying gifts here and there, I could argue that I'm not stealing.  But it isn't the point, it works for both of us.
 I have an awesome remote for ATV.  It's called my iPad or iPhone.  But I do agree the ATV remote could be better, and DVR would make it a killer device.  Especially if I could record my local programming through antenna. Ah, that's just my poor typing skills.  I meant that I have the TVs connected to antenna, and also connected to an ATV.  Apologies.And yeah, I know what you mean on the credentials, too.  But she's a good friend and I buy her coffee & such here and there,...
Excited to see this.  My DirecTV contract expired recently and as I was moving, I didn't renew.  I have 2 tvs connected to antenna for local channels.  I also have them connected to Apple TVs and as I use a friends FIOS credentials, i'm able to watch everything I did before (except for Discovery).   Thank goodness for Apple TV and good friends.   Side note, the more I use Apple TV the more I love it.
 No, I don't.  But Amazon's hardware products aren't even in the same league as Apple, so there are no worries there.  I just don't see this as Apple vs Amazon, sorry.  I won't be buying their stock but they're still a great company in my opinion.
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