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Just picked up my Space Gray Air. It's beautiful. You have to hold it to believe it, Air is fitting. I'm coming from an iPad 3.
I'm coming from an iPad 3, planned on the iPad mini w/ retina but now leaning toward the Air. I can't wait. 5x the speed of my iPad 3 sounds great - iOS 7 has not treated my iPad 3 very well!
Not to be outdone, today Samsung unveiled their own building to be declared a landmark.  Notice the false front of the building…’nuff said.   ;-)
I love mine on my iPad 3.
The App Store is much lighter than Apple's, too. Still, it's a fairly clever ad even if comparing apples and oranges.
Exactly, same here. I've wanted a mini with retina for a year now. But for $100 more I can get the Air. And it's lighter and thinner so portability becomes less of a factor.Apple is crafty, methinks the $399 price tag is simply to up sell people. It may work on me...
I'm not complaining but at 399 and the smaller form factor and weight, I will probably opt for the iPad Air.
Did he just say 64 bit on "ipad or iphone?"
Mac Pro is just sick.  $3k at least
Free! Nice!
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