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I'm on mobile, can't see sigs.
As I already commented in another post; if Goog and Apple were still cozy (assuming they aren't, we don't know) none of you would worry a bit. But since they compete in some devices, you bash Goog for doing the same thing that ALL companies are doing. It's so silly. So Google throws an ad my way in exchange for great services. I'll take that trade, I'm going to see an ad anyway...at least this one is something I'm probably interested in. I love both companies, best of...
Why is this an issue? Google isn't the only company that knows xyz about you. The only reason people bash Google for it is because Google competes with Apple on some devices.I guarantee that if Apple and Google were still on great terms (and they may be, we don't actually know) none of you would worry a bit.It's so silly. So you get a great service in exchange for seeing an ad about an aquarium? Seriously, who give a F.
So when Apple releases their "always on" feature at some point, will you be ok with it?
Kind of misleading, and wrong post. For example, my TV has HDMI and USB (as do most). So it will have one small cable from the Chromecast to the USB. On the BACK of the TV.Nice try, though.
2 decades? No way. I have witnessed a couple of them here in Florida, where they're legal (pretty much the only bill our governor signed that I can get behind).I think probably 5-7 years max before they're commonplace. 10-12 years before a majority on the road are driven by sensors, not human.Either way, it will be awesome.
Like the iPad 3, you mean?
Agree with Ming. HD screen is nice and they will sell a lot, but I'm more interested to see Moto X. I don't think it will really be an iPhone competitor, but I think it has the potential to gut Samsung. I like what I see so far and for ME, after seeing iOS 7, stock Android is looking nice. Looks like I'm about to become a multi-platform user. Moto X, iPad mini (hopefully retina), Macs and Apple TV, supplemented with Chromecast here and there. Beautiful world.
  There is no battery drain on Chromecast, either.  Once it starts playing, you can power off your phone, put it to sleep, do something else with it, etc.   Did anybody actually watch the presentation?  I watched it live instead of seeing this headline and making up my mind based on other things than it not saying "Apple."
  You clearly haven't seen the presentation.   In their example, they were streaming from an iPhone to Chromecast.  Then they switched it over to the Nexus 7.  They even scrubbed the vid and it synced to the iphone.   Read before commenting.  Simple.
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