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 Doesn't Walmart do the same thing?  It's just capitalism.
I really don't understand the gloating of Amazon taking a hit?  Is it because they're a "competitor" of Apple?  (I don't even see them as a competitor, personally).   I enjoy the hell out of my Amazon Prime membership.  I am not interested in owning any of their hardware, but Amazon is a great retailer & they'll be around a long time to come.  
The final paragraph of the Business Insider article: "All of that said... You don't really need a chart or a peek at off-balance sheet commitments to figure revenue is ready to spike. All reports point to a big iPhone release this fall, an iWatch, maybe a new Mac, and possibly something in the payments space. Those things are naturally going to generate record levels of revenue for Apple." This. I completely believe that Apple will roll out something in the payments...
Amazon is a genius at what they do: Keeping people in their ecosystem/sales channel.  But personally, I think the only way this phone would be competitive is if Amazon were to offer free data/service.     That would be a game changer, at least in the lower end of the market.
Still tempted to return my iPad Air for this...but I'm not sure why, as I use my iPad primarily at home and enjoy the screen size. Maybe I'll tell the missus I need both :-)
The only reason so many people here are anti-Google is due to Android. If Apple and Google were all chummy, almost all of the haters would love Google services. I have Google apps, gmail, Google Now, etc on my iPhone 5s and iPad Air. And I love it! Best of both worlds.
Nope.You can tell Siri "Google (whatever)" but as default , if you don't tell it to use google, you get...bing...shudder.
Been looking forward to this! Now I want an iOS 7 jailbreak and Nownow or Activator from Cydia, good times ;-)
Just picked up my Space Gray Air. It's beautiful. You have to hold it to believe it, Air is fitting. I'm coming from an iPad 3.
I'm coming from an iPad 3, planned on the iPad mini w/ retina but now leaning toward the Air. I can't wait. 5x the speed of my iPad 3 sounds great - iOS 7 has not treated my iPad 3 very well!
New Posts  All Forums: