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Not to be outdone, today Samsung unveiled their own building to be declared a landmark.  Notice the false front of the building…’nuff said.   ;-)
I love mine on my iPad 3.
The App Store is much lighter than Apple's, too. Still, it's a fairly clever ad even if comparing apples and oranges.
Exactly, same here. I've wanted a mini with retina for a year now. But for $100 more I can get the Air. And it's lighter and thinner so portability becomes less of a factor.Apple is crafty, methinks the $399 price tag is simply to up sell people. It may work on me...
I'm not complaining but at 399 and the smaller form factor and weight, I will probably opt for the iPad Air.
Did he just say 64 bit on "ipad or iphone?"
Mac Pro is just sick.  $3k at least
Free! Nice!
Samsung & others could only dream of such an anticipated phone release.  Video is amazing
Come on retina mini.  Apple, I have $300 + to throw your way
New Posts  All Forums: