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I have been looking at all of the major plans as I may leave VZ this fall. I haven't seen any iPhone 5's for $0 down. Cheapest has been $20.And on that subject, Vz's "edge" plan is a joke.
Yes. The Canary project is flex funding.
I love this idea and will back it. I love the Nest as well and have no regrets of buying it.
Not how indigogo works. They have flexible funding so they may be able to use the $$ even if they don't reach $100k
No they don't. Source?The poster is correct. A salesperson is paid more for selling an Android phone than they're paid for selling an iPhone. That has more to do with Apple than it does VZ. There is only so much $$ there to split...
Try uninstalling? I know others had a similar issue, I didn't.Google Maps is beautiful on the iPad, wow. Loads quickly, runs smoothly, the "explore" option is a nice touch.
Eh, like I said before - I don't get worked up over this stuff. It's just STUFF. Having said that, some people are silly. It isn't like I posted the article. Apple insider posted it, I merely commented that I like the concept of the Moto X and will consider it (and the iPhone 5s) this fall. That doesn't make me a troll or whatever...it makes me a consumer, a reasonable one at that.
Nice. I am cutting mine this fall. Aereo launches in Tampa and we rarely view other channels aside from local networks. I tried an indoor antenna but never got a DVR and we never watch live tv. So....come on Aereo!!!
To each his or her own. I look forward to considering this phone in August.
  Not at all friend :-)  I don't get anything in a twist over this kind of stuff, much bigger problems in the world.  At the end of the day, these are just phones after all.   Maybe I can answer this way: I know the specs don't blow other phones out of the water.  However, for ME, I like the idea of an "always on" Google Now experience.  The wrist flick thing for camera, ok, not too impressive.  The background updates, nice touch.  But as long as battery life is ok, I...
New Posts  All Forums: