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Made in the USA?  Has to be, otherwise we'd have seen leak after leak. Can't wait!
 Ok, fair enough.  
Glad to see this, when I first saw the circular flash leaked, I had some concernthat the True Tone flash was going away. True Tone flash is outstanding, took a few pics of my kids the other day in not so great lighting and the results were terrific.
I just can't see this happening.  If you need larger than the iPad Air, why not just buy a MBA?
They actually did donate to the UK version of the ALS org. But it doesn't matter. They are trying to market off a terrible disease.
Keeping it classy, Samsung
Congrats on twisting what I said. Feel better?I said as long as it has the quality optics that the iPhone always does, I'll get used to it. You didn't quote that part because you needed to feel better about yourself. Glad I could help.
 You speak like someone who has experience with how small .77 mm is. ;-)
  I didn't notice that about the power button.  I'm not sure why there would be a power button on the top, the actual casing leaks have show the power/sleep/wake to be on the camera lens side of the phone.  Nice catch.  
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