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Finally!  ordered through the app!
I can get only so far on the Apple store app and it times out.  Weird.  As in, I can select carrier, size, color.  But it times out before letting me add to cart.
Must be having trouble getting the iPhone 6+ into the store due to size ;-)
iPhone 6 for me, space gray, VZ.  Leaning toward just the 16gb since I don't download music (stream only) and will be upgrading my icloud account anyway.   Good luck, everyone!   Yet, I STILL am a bit torn between the 6 and the 6+
 Don't fall for it, people!  It will be 3:01 AM eastern.  Don't miss out! 
 Yes!  See my comment above, I've been waiting on the updated Mini, but a 5.5 would negate that "need" for me to get the Mini.  Very tempting.
 Not to mention, personally I've wanted an iPad mini for awhile but was waiting to see what the upgraded mini would look like...the iPhone 6+ pretty much negates my need for the Mini.  I used a Nexus 5 for a bit, and that was "only" 5 inches.  But it was also rather bulky/thick, I'm sure the 6+ is going to be easier to use.  Plus the "reachability" aspect changes things, I'm sure.  I'm itching to pre-order, though...
Going back and forth between the 6 and 6+, which surprises me - I had already said a 5.5 inch phone is too much.  Now I'm wavering.  
Called it.  Although I figured it'd be "iWallet."   Paypal just **** their pants, btw.
 And if this is true (it's how i understand it as well) then prepare for the entire payments industry to be turned on it's head.  This would be huge. 
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