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  Not at all friend :-)  I don't get anything in a twist over this kind of stuff, much bigger problems in the world.  At the end of the day, these are just phones after all.   Maybe I can answer this way: I know the specs don't blow other phones out of the water.  However, for ME, I like the idea of an "always on" Google Now experience.  The wrist flick thing for camera, ok, not too impressive.  The background updates, nice touch.  But as long as battery life is ok, I...
  Sorry, I hit "enter" too soon.   Neither Google nor Moto ever made claims about this being a superphone.  Those claims were made by the dreamers, the same who make similar claims about the next iPhone, etc.  Specs wise, this is probably a mid-range phone.  But as for utility - this phone is above any other Android phone in my opinion.  Again, battery life is a concern.  If it can do what they claim and last all day, it'll be very interesting.   I want a device that...
I am a big fan of Google Now. I use it on my iPhone 5 daily. This extends the usefulness, or it will for those who use it.My concerns are battery life obviously.
From everything I've read/seen, this is More Google and less Moto. Supposedly it's going to be running pure Android, which is a win for consumers I think
Obviously I'm in the minority here, but I quite like it.
I want an iPad mini with retina. In fact, I want 2. If 2013 doesn't have the mini with retina, I will probably buy the iPad 5 and a Nexus 7 (HD) for my kids/school. Or maybe 3 Nexi 7 (hd). But I prefer iPad.
I agree, especially during the holidays. Nexus 7 HD at the rumored $229 or iPad mini, no retina, at $329? Most people will go for the cheaper but higher spec'd option.
Argh, hope that isn't accurate. I love my iPad 3 but I am waiting for a retina iPad mini before buying another tablet. Was hoping this fall so I can give the iPad 3 to my daughter for school.
Exactly, well said. People are so polarized, it's silly. I have Apple hardware and Google services. It's a beautiful world.
Source for the statement that Android is losing?Some of you folks are silly. Using yahoo instead of Google, as if yahoo doesn't use your info the same ways as Google...and Apple for that matter. Do you seriously think you make a difference? Grow up.I'm an Apple freak as much as anyone, but Apple isn't perfect. Neither are its competitors.Some folks in this site have lost touch with reality. Read an alternate site for some perspective. Neither Android or iOS are going away...
New Posts  All Forums: