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Oh no! Apple has more demand than they can keep up with! Doomed. I think these idiots will be proven wrong tomorrow.
This guy has a horrible track record, so who cares iPad mini with retina, get in my hands!
I think this same guy posts on AI from time to time... ;-)
 *cue weird dancing*
I like iOS 7. But as someone who uses Find My Friends often (my kids), Apple really needs to do something with it. That app is easily the ugliest, always has been.
Unless you subscribe to the higher plan at $12, right? Then you have 2 tuners.
I love my Smart Case on my iPad 3, hoping they make a Smart Case for the mini. Not interested in the Smart Cover at all...
Sheesh, forget iPad 6...I just want to see an iPad mini w/ retina display on the 22nd.  2014 can take care of itself :-/
I don't. My point is simply that this is Aereo's claim; a claim that has obviously been reviewed by multiple judges. It isn't my claim, it's Aereo's claim.
My understanding is that their antenna and service is patented, so it doesn't have to fit anyone's idea of what a typical antennas is sized. It also doesn't matter if you have doubts, apparently multiple judges have reviewed the evidence and determined that Aereo isn't rebroadcasting.Since Aereo is making that claim, I'm pretty sure the judges would review that claim before issuing a judgement.
New Posts  All Forums: