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Oh there will still be a few players using it for a while yet. But when Apple, PayPal and others roll out BLE in full, it will be just like Flash.
I also just saw that Capital One has pulled out of Isis, the carrier's NFC platform. PayPal is using BLE beacons instead of NFC. Over.
NFC is dead for sure now. Apple was correct in this just as they were about Flash. Amazing
It's only missing a chain to wear it around the neck.Yeaaahhhh boyyyyyyyy
This. Loving that space gray iPad shell!
Siri is definitely improved, I agree with Mossberg. I have the leaked GM copy on my ipad and Siri has had no delays, and she/it handles tasks and requests with ease. Siri may become my favorite feature of ios 7...and this coming from someone who had given up on Siri!
I love fried shrimp.
 Good point
 Agree.  I'll be up at 3:01 local.  Hoping that I can order online and pick up in store the same day...probably a long shot.
I can hardly wait to get this. Come on Friday, 3:01 am! ;-)
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