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 I meant "wade in" as in "wade into the BS that is now waist deep."  But, yeah - i see your point.
 This guy? ;-) http://youtu.be/Rciy9Xav29Y
 Playing the race card again, I see.  Do you have any other cards to play, or is that it?
I was wondering how long it would take Jackson to wade in.
But does it sound like Scarlett Johansson? Siri works great for me. I've played with the iOS 8 beta, it keeps getting better and better.
I still think that the back cutouts are going to be glass, just like the 5/5s.  IMO.
 Ha!  I'd forgotten this is what the haters were saying.  Too funny
 Perhaps, but from a selfish point of view, I use no case and my phone frequently sits flat on my desk.  Typing on an iPhone w/ a protruding lens (on my desk) will be irritating...guess I'll be using a case.
 Proves nothing.  Also, it isn't a protruding FLASH, it's a camera LENS.    Now where is my bottle of "Troll-away...?"
Call me skeptical as well. I really don't think the thick antenna bands will find their way into production, either. As for the round flash component, I saw a leak yesterday on another site, looks as if Apple may be putting the True Tone into a round shape instead of pill shaped. Can hardly wait until Sept 9!
New Posts  All Forums: