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Wow...it reminds me of the story told to James Bond by Silva in Skyfall...you put all the rats in a barrel and starve them...soon they begin each other until there are only 2 left. You turn those 2 loose but now, they only eat other rats...
  To be fair, many marriages are shorter than a 2 year contract .
I watched a hands on vid last night of it, over on The Verge. It stuttered and lagged when dragging down the notification tray and again while taking pics. This analyst is also silly: 441 ppi vs 326 ppi. Seriously? Retina is retina, although that is Apple's term...a few more ppi does not really matter for most things. Same with the camera, larger MP doesn't mean better photos... I guess people that are ignorant would see this as spec'd higher than the iPhone 5, but its...
I'm beginning to believe the rumors. Especially this analyst, he's pretty credible based on past claims. I think I'll stick with the aluminum myself ;-)
Apple wasn't the first company to "go green." And on this, I salute any company with the foresight to care about the environment while building a beautiful world class campus.Good on all of them. Love Apple's proposed campus, very zen.
  Actually, the sentence makes zero sense. "Switching to iOS from Android" is the exact same thing as "leaving Android for iOS." I got the meaning but the sentence doesn't make sense.
I like the fact that Apple is speaking out, but ignoring the competition is usually a better way to go, media-wise. Why give them any attention? He is correct, though. And Samsung's UI on top of Android is so damn ugly.
Unfortunately in our society, glitter and gloss wins over common sense and better products. Many times.Still, I prefer Apple's advertising. Simple, product based, gets the message across with class.
  Glad to see they're consistent across the organization, then.  My last trip to Staples...was my last trip to Staples.
I'm willing to try Google Now. No issues with spam in my Gmail account so far. So what if I see an occasional ad? I don't avoid television because of commercials. At least the ads are something i am interested in. Google is smart to bring their best to iOS.
New Posts  All Forums: