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  What?   Have you even looked at it?  All Chromecast needs is an HDMI port. Same as Apple TV.
Yes, through the Chrome browser
I will just jailbreak
Some won't, because it doesn't have an Apple logo. I'm practical. I can outfit all 4 tvs in my home for a little more than the cost of one Apple TV.I am ditching my cable this fall, planned on 3 more apple tvs or maybe some roku. This changes everything.
I ordered one. After Netflix credit, it's $20. This will fit nicely with Aereo and cutting the cord.
I find iOS 7 hideous. I doubt I'll upgrade my iPads or iPhones to it.
Not yet. But I don't think it will be far off, Android 4.3 is really optimized, that is why Moto X and the recently released Droids have such great battery life. I look forward to watching the reviews.Personally I want a retina mini. But I could consider one of these for my kids. Reasonably priced.Edit to add: the hours I quoted are from googles presentation.
9 hours playback, 10 hours web.Some turd, huh?/s
That's what she said.
They said it gained an hour battery life in the presentation. I think Android 4.3 has something to do with that.
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