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When my contract with VZ expires in August, I planned to go to straight talk...hadn't considered Virgin Mobile. But now I might!
I hate cable/satellite companies. Aereo will be in my area this fall. As soon as they arrive, I am signing up and canceling Direct TV. Netflix, Hulu and Aereo: that is all my family needs. Well those and 3 more Apple TVs! We will save almost $90 per month.
While cool and interesting, it's only useful TO ME if I can use it as a digital wallet. Otherwise, I can use my pin just fine. Wonder if this will eventually extend to iPod touch as well. Assuming it isn't vapor ware.
I'd be pretty disappointed as I'm holding out for the retina mini. I dont know this analyst's track record but other credible analysts have said we will see a retina display mini this year. I want 2 of them. Otherwise I will just settle for one iPad 5 I guess. But I plan to have Aereo this fall (per Aereo, not rumor) and I am buying 3 more Apple TV boxes, and canceling my Direct TV. But I need 2 iPads to make it all perfect. ;-)
I can hardly wait until Aereo comes to my area (this fall!). I don't watch sports much so with Aereo and its DVR service, Netflix and Hulu...not to mention using my friends HBO GO...this guy is canceling DirectTV and cutting the cord!
I do this on my iPhone 5 all the time with iOS 6. So...no.
Thank you, my point exactly.
That isn't new...
But assembled in the US. So that negates any savings in your examples.Amazing machine from the look/sound of it. I have no need for it but it makes me drool.
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