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I do care about the building, it's beautiful. And he was asked about the building, that is why he talked about it. Chill, man. These are first world "problems"
As long as it doesn't look like this.
It looks so zen. Steve really knew his stuff. Wonder if Jonny Ive had any hand in this?
Or, sad.
Wow. That's all I can say...wow.
I could see the "I'm with stupid" shirts going over pretty well in there...
The rumor of a Google store never made sense to me anyway.  Google doesn't really make a profit on handsets that they build (Nexus, etc).  Physical stores require a LOT of overhead.  Why would they have a store to peddle the Nexus lines and lose even more money?   Granted, there are many other Android/Chrome products, but the carriers do a great job pushing those.  I'm not a retail expert and I can't say what Google SHOULD do, but they'd be smarter to maybe open...
It's so early for this...unless they're pretty sure of a release in spring/summer. Guess we'll see soon. Bring on the retina Mini!
  Yeah, I'm with you. It's very neat - but if you saw someone on the street constantly rolling their eyes up and right, nodding, seemingly talking aloud to themselves and tilting their head at odd moments and angles...would you think they're crazy, or playing with GG?   I rest my case.
[quote name="Tallest Skil" Sorry, eight second battery life. Oh, if this sucker ain't at least 5.3", I'll be sorely disappointed. [/quote] Like this? Yeah, that is the Samsung Note 8 or whatever. Sheesh.
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