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You're right, sorry. I'm a little behind.
Pull up the past articles. In particular, look at his predictions from January 2012 and his timeline. Not being snarky but I'm not going to read for you.I didn't say he's the next Jesus. I said he's more accurate than most and I trust his predictions for the most part.That ok or am I not allowed to post my opinion?
What a sh***y thing to say.
Agree on both. But we will see if his accuracy continues.
...more accurately than any other.I agree most of them spout BS. This guy I trust more than others. Either way, looks like my family will be purchasing 2 of the "lite" phones if true. My wife & daughter don't care about fingerprint anything.
I suggest you review his history. He has been very accurate in the past, he called every single product and launch timeframe last year. He is the only analyst I find worth readingThe question then becomes, if true, does Apple announce both at the same time? Or 2 events?
I have been looking at all of the major plans as I may leave VZ this fall. I haven't seen any iPhone 5's for $0 down. Cheapest has been $20.And on that subject, Vz's "edge" plan is a joke.
Yes. The Canary project is flex funding.
I love this idea and will back it. I love the Nest as well and have no regrets of buying it.
Not how indigogo works. They have flexible funding so they may be able to use the $$ even if they don't reach $100k
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