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  If the seat belts were hidden under the seat or you needed a specific, non-obvious setting to get them to work, they wouldn't get used as much would they?  If such a requirement existed, car manufacturers would be partly responsible I think. 
  Bingo. This happened to my family a few months back. My wife bought a few books for my 5 year old and handed the iPad back to her, a few days later we get an iTunes receipt for $250.  Kiddo clicked on an ad in a game and wound up purchasing another app.   Apple refunded the money and we learned a lesson, but the default should be to the most secure option. Kids are kids. 
Question is, will Apple appeal, push for a new trial, or try to settle?  Cook never wanted to sue; they did win an important victory, though, money aside.  Might deter future manufacturers from copying.   Having said that, looking at Samsung's passbook "competitor" they haven't really learned much of anything.
I read it as top execs only. But to your point, it's still ridiculous to me as well.
I thought he literally meant emasculating, as in, radiation frying the family jewels since my iphone is in my pocket most of the time. ;-)
I do care about the building, it's beautiful. And he was asked about the building, that is why he talked about it. Chill, man. These are first world "problems"
As long as it doesn't look like this.
It looks so zen. Steve really knew his stuff. Wonder if Jonny Ive had any hand in this?
Or, sad.
Wow. That's all I can say...wow.
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