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Looks all space-age...confirms to me that Ive had a hand in the design of Apples new campus, too ;-)
    Yes, he was there.  Sat 2 seats away from the guy who invented the internet.  Gore. 
  It's a beauty, but way more computer than I'll ever need.  Interesting they went with a cylinder shape, though. 
  Be sure to check out the camera when Phil Schiller said "Apple can't innovate, my ass."   Camera pans to Woz a few seconds later LMAO.   Epic
  Yes, correct.
  Yes, that's exactly what I mean.  Features-wise, I'm quite impressed.  Just the coloring...ugh, that coloring. 
Ok first, I owe the world an apology.  I said Craig was a horrible presenter.  He's actually very good, humorous and funny.   Having said that, I hope the new look of iOS grows on me.  I'm not crazy about it so far.  There is a lot to like w/ multitasking, etc, but the icon colors and such are kinda gimmicky to me.   Probably not a popular opinion here, but it's mine and I'm entitled to it.  I am not hating on what Jonny has done, he's brilliant, but those...
Pretty interesting stuff. I doubt Apple cares, but they really did Goog a favor by booting them out of iOS.
"I'm so 2008, BB is 2000 and late"
And not a moment too soon /s
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