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9 hours playback, 10 hours web.Some turd, huh?/s
That's what she said.
They said it gained an hour battery life in the presentation. I think Android 4.3 has something to do with that.
Clickbait! It doesn't look bad. I wonder how many true tablet apps there are, though? HD doesn't matter on an app that is sized up.
My plan is to buy the Air and Thunderbolt Display this fall, put my 2012 iMac in the den for the kids. Still hoping my old Dell will just die so I don't have to hear it from the Missus. :-)
You simply don't get it.Nobody is saying he's perfect. We have only said the guy has proven reliable in the past, based on his record. We aren't saying he's right this time. We are just saying he COULD be right based on his record. He has proven more accurate than the other analysts, like say, Brian White.AI and other sites describe him as 'well connected' and note his better than average accuracy in the past. You're the only one that is right though, yeah?
Don't waste your time, friend. Most of these folks can't see past the end of their nose. Case in point? iPad mini. It'll never happen.Only, it did.We will find out soon.
Your opinion is noted and appreciated. I'm not digging through articles for you, though. Time will tell.
You're right, sorry. I'm a little behind.
Pull up the past articles. In particular, look at his predictions from January 2012 and his timeline. Not being snarky but I'm not going to read for you.I didn't say he's the next Jesus. I said he's more accurate than most and I trust his predictions for the most part.That ok or am I not allowed to post my opinion?
New Posts  All Forums: