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  That would have been just like Steve, eh?  May he RIP.   And I agree.  The "future" of the Apple TV won't be interface or console.  It's breaking the stranglehold that cable providers have over content, just like iTunes did to the major music labels.  Can you imagine being able to just select the channels you want to subscribe to w/o the 100 others you never watch?  Game changer.
It's certainly possible that Apple could release the new iPads this spring, but not probable at this point (my opinon). I just think we'd be seeing more leaks of the redesigned iPad 5 by now if a spring release was on tap, not to mention the very short life of the iPad 4 if true.   Cook did say (in regards to the iPad) they're not not slowing down, pedal to the metal - surely he didn't just mean a 128 GB iPad?  That is hardly "pedal to the metal."  A redesigned iPad...
Actually, wouldn't they need a "Plan C?" Because "Plan A" was to laugh at the iPhone when it was announced and ignore the market's direction toward mobile devices...the Surface IS Plan B.   "Plan C" should be to fire Ballmer, rewrite Windows from the ground up and develop iOS/Android apps for MS Office. 
Looks like they scroogled up by not having a plan B...
MSFT needs to wake up before it's too late if they want to maintain the dominance of MS Office. Many companies (especially smaller ones) are discovering that Google Docs supports their needs, and it's platform agnostic. Ballmer & Gates are so tied to the legacy of Windows and Windows programs that they can't see the forest for the trees.
If Sammy has to use Tizen at some point and quit Android due to Goog/Moto...well, I'd be nervous if I were an investor. This will put Sammy virtually in a future tie with MSFT, BB and other bottom feeders. Because if I'm looking at this from just an average consumer's POV, if I'm pretty used to Android, I'm not likely to go to a Tizen phone, I'll just find another Android handset maker.   To put it bluntly, I can buy another cheap plastic phone from any handset...
  Why are you on a rumors site if you're not interested in reading...well, rumors?
The only reason it took this long was because people were holding out for a JB.  
Dalrymple is pretty well connected I guess, he has been reliable in the past. First example that comes to mind is his "nope" on NFC last year when everyone was sure the iPhone 5 had it, and even leaked pics seemed to indicate so as well.
Damn, you're right. Not my first error today!
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