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I hear that Msoft is calling theirs the "Monkey See (Monkey Do)"
  Data, data, and more data. & ads.   Essentially they're eating right off of Google's plate.
  Agreed, that arguement is pointless.  The only way to produce a cheaper iPhone would be to use less expensive materials.  It's the only option that I see, anyway.
  I don't think Virgin Moble USA's cellular footprint reaches France, which is the topic at hand.     We should post a sticky or a footnote in every article like this.  It should say "While you may think the iPhone 4 and 4s are inexpensive, please note that it's heavily subsidized by US carriers.  Not every telecom in the world operates the same way."  Just because you can get the iPhone 4 for free in the US doesn't mean you can elsewhere, and most people don't want a 2...
Some of you are a little too quick (or maybe just blind) to write off the CEO's comments as "negotiation gimmicks" or with comments like "Good, let the French people save up" and other such nonsense. It's obvious that you are either just intentionally ignorant or have zero knowledge (maybe both) of how sales and to a larger degree, economics, work. Thankfully, Apple does.   It's literally a zero sum game. Apple knows this. And Samsung & other Android phones are a...
This must be why the end users (addicts in the street) get caught instead of the kingpins. The street peeps are using Android.
  I'll accept that answer, it makes more sense than anything else.
  I don't follow Digitimes, but others have made the same claims.  KGI Securities, for example.  As pictured above.  It's still a re-hash.
  Bingo.  And even with HIMYM, the show is in it's 9th and final season...no reason to retool the show for what, 16 episodes?
Well if the WSJ is in the rumor business, they're only what, 3 months late on this one?  It's just a total repeat of what we've already heard, not sure why it's noteworthy. 
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