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If Sammy has to use Tizen at some point and quit Android due to Goog/Moto...well, I'd be nervous if I were an investor. This will put Sammy virtually in a future tie with MSFT, BB and other bottom feeders. Because if I'm looking at this from just an average consumer's POV, if I'm pretty used to Android, I'm not likely to go to a Tizen phone, I'll just find another Android handset maker.   To put it bluntly, I can buy another cheap plastic phone from any handset...
  Why are you on a rumors site if you're not interested in reading...well, rumors?
The only reason it took this long was because people were holding out for a JB.  
Dalrymple is pretty well connected I guess, he has been reliable in the past. First example that comes to mind is his "nope" on NFC last year when everyone was sure the iPhone 5 had it, and even leaked pics seemed to indicate so as well.
Damn, you're right. Not my first error today!
  I've always thought "apps" as "channels" basically.  Like an HBO GO app in the menu...or if CBS has an app for apple TV...etc, etc.  But I agree with you, I have no use for twitter or facebook on my TV.  I tried it only once with a Samsung Smart TV, what a waste of time.
  You're scaling it wrong. Try scaling it the other way, from 9.7 down to 4.8.  Actually, 4.85   I'm being sarcastic but actually, the math is correct.
Wasn't the OS X event in March last year?  So maybe, just maybe, this is an all Apple software event: OS X, iOS (if a summer release of the next iPhone is true) and Apple TV being opened up to 3rd party apps.  That would be sweeeeeeet.   I only wonder if Ive has had enough time since Forstall's departure to revamp iOS (for TV or iDevice)?
Pretty exciting if true. What else might be announced at the event? iPad mini with retina? iPad 5? Or maybe just OS X related?
  I have one Windows PC left, my oldest daughter uses it for homework.  But this year, it's getting the boot.  Or is it reboot?  My plan is to pass my iMac to her and go with the 13" rMBP with a Thunderbolt display.  We'll see if my wife vetoes it in the budget, but I usually tell her it's about 1k more than actual cost, so I come in under budget.  ;-)
New Posts  All Forums: