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I want an iPad mini with retina. In fact, I want 2. If 2013 doesn't have the mini with retina, I will probably buy the iPad 5 and a Nexus 7 (HD) for my kids/school. Or maybe 3 Nexi 7 (hd). But I prefer iPad.
I agree, especially during the holidays. Nexus 7 HD at the rumored $229 or iPad mini, no retina, at $329? Most people will go for the cheaper but higher spec'd option.
Argh, hope that isn't accurate. I love my iPad 3 but I am waiting for a retina iPad mini before buying another tablet. Was hoping this fall so I can give the iPad 3 to my daughter for school.
Exactly, well said. People are so polarized, it's silly. I have Apple hardware and Google services. It's a beautiful world.
Source for the statement that Android is losing?Some of you folks are silly. Using yahoo instead of Google, as if yahoo doesn't use your info the same ways as Google...and Apple for that matter. Do you seriously think you make a difference? Grow up.I'm an Apple freak as much as anyone, but Apple isn't perfect. Neither are its competitors.Some folks in this site have lost touch with reality. Read an alternate site for some perspective. Neither Android or iOS are going away...
No, I agree with the previous poster. The average person doesn't have to know specifics...all they need to hear is this on top of the other string of "bad news" related to Apple lately, and it does alter perception.
I dig it. http://youtu.be/mfdJQGatcP0
I base my comments on functionality. Siri & Google Now, those are my main concerns.iOS 6 was pre-Google Now. I had hoped Apple would answer Google Now by opening Siri to devs. Instead they decided to slap lipstick on the os and call it a day.Again, I bet iOS 8 will be great, but I have no plans to put iOS 7 on my iPads. I hope it improves by Oct.
I think already some people are realizing that Scott's firing was a mistake.Personally, in my opinion, iOS 6 does look gimmicky in places. But iOS 7...as stated, some new features are nice, but its playing catchup and the coloring is ugly. Nothing innovative here.I bet iOS 8 will be brilliant, though.Also - I hoped to see a broader feature set for Siri. Like, opening it to devs. So part of my disappointment in iOS 7 stems from that.
I can appreciate the changes Apple made to the features of iOS 7. But you're either blind or brainwashed not to see that these are "catch up" features. You aren't leading by implementing catch up features. Airdrop is the only feature worth mentioning. Aside from that, iOS 7 is adding what other os's are already doing. Well that and horribly design icons. And Siri doesn't even appear to be getting smarter. I'm afraid Google Now has won the personal assistant war. Love my...
New Posts  All Forums: