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Would love this.  Walk into the room & have Siri listening for commands.  Less creepy than Google Chrome's 'always on' feature.
No more kids for me. But if it senses moods and such, could I get one for my wife?
I appreciate the minimalistic nature of the patent.  It's one reason I only buy the iPhones with the black face, I don't like seeing the proximity sensor & camera on those with the white face.
 Which device announcements?
 I really do.  I don't think it'll be the "full scale" rollout, but I am expecting to see some sort of announcement in the payment arena.
Who cares.  Because as of the 9th, it'll all be about Apple and the iPhone 6.  And iPayments.  and iOS 8.  I'm so stoked.
 3 weeks.  You fail at comprehension.
 You don't get it.  Never mind.
 You actually don't need a cable subscription to watch that particular channel.  
New Posts  All Forums: