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Going back and forth between the 6 and 6+, which surprises me - I had already said a 5.5 inch phone is too much.  Now I'm wavering.  
Called it.  Although I figured it'd be "iWallet."   Paypal just **** their pants, btw.
 And if this is true (it's how i understand it as well) then prepare for the entire payments industry to be turned on it's head.  This would be huge. 
This is fine with me, hopefully it means I'll be able to pre-order the 4.7". 
I've had doubts here and there, but I'm 99% convinced that this is the real deal. My only question: You see an updated Passbook icon, but you don't open it?? Seriously?
 http://www.cardfellow.com/blog/square-review-rates-fees/#RatesFees What I meant (perhaps not clearly) is that Square charges 2.75%, of which something like 70-80% funnels back to the CC companies.  Apple could essentially be the same.  There isn't an additional fee from the consumer standpoint.  For the convenience/security of a TouchID payment, Apple would retain x amount and funnel the rest back to the CC companies.    How is it more secure than a PIN?  Simple.  The...
 CC companies share fees with Square, why? Because Square offers a great service to business owners.  Why is Apple any different if they provide a service that users prefer?  Besides, Apple can offer what others can't; safer transactions due to TouchID.
 The only thing missing in that picture is a snap-on keyboard!  Click in, FTW. /s, etc.
 You have a lot of CDs lying around, do ya?  
 Wooden it be nice?
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