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 Agree.  Checked the stock earlier & told my wife 'we're taking a beating today.'  I find the timing suspect.
It's stupid.  
 Apple purchased Cue earlier this year.  Cue was an app that worked much like Google Now.  And I'm saying I'd like for Siri to alert me if traffic is heavier than normal and suggest alternate routes, for example.  If you've used Cue or Google Now, you'll may understand what I'm saying.  Both worked to 'push' personalize information to the user, vs  the user needing to 'pull' info from an app/OS.
I do hope that Apple improves Siri & integrates the Cue purchase soon.  To have Siri alert me of traffic, driving times, plus using my email to personalize alerts/improve my daily life - would love this.  Google does a good job of this (and I assume Cortana) but I prefer it in a much, much less creepy way (no ads, please).
 It makes sense if you don't think about it.  ;-)
 This makes more sense than anything else I've read, here or otherwise.
 That's a deep (and true) thought for a Friday ;-)
 I think this is the first time I'm able to agree with you.  I had hoped that the bands were 'placeholders' for the glass windows like the 5s.  It isn't a dealbreaker, though.
 You're so right. Incidentally, I believe the mark of the beast is to be on the hand and the forehead.  So I'm pretty sure the bible/book of revelations was referring to an Android phone (hand) and Google Glass (forehead).  Toxic hellstew, indeed.
 Makes sense.  iWork was recently updated, time to unveil iTwerk.
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