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  Yes, correct.
  Yes, that's exactly what I mean.  Features-wise, I'm quite impressed.  Just the coloring...ugh, that coloring. 
Ok first, I owe the world an apology.  I said Craig was a horrible presenter.  He's actually very good, humorous and funny.   Having said that, I hope the new look of iOS grows on me.  I'm not crazy about it so far.  There is a lot to like w/ multitasking, etc, but the icon colors and such are kinda gimmicky to me.   Probably not a popular opinion here, but it's mine and I'm entitled to it.  I am not hating on what Jonny has done, he's brilliant, but those...
Pretty interesting stuff. I doubt Apple cares, but they really did Goog a favor by booting them out of iOS.
"I'm so 2008, BB is 2000 and late"
And not a moment too soon /s
Ok, I really did lol here. Well played...
Facebook doesn't have accounts linked to credit cards and they specifically mention FB.Think about how staggering that number is...500 MILLION, linked to credit cards. Wow
But Newstand isn't changed? I call BS.
Sir, if i may venture an opinion...it's the 3-CPO model.
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