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Cool, but I'd love to see them open it to devs. Use would skyrocket.
Perhaps, but they're very good at what they do, you have to admit that.
Agree on LTE. If this is geared for emerging markets, no need for LTE, really.Some of those colors are fugly. But so is a gold 5s.
Because I prefer the MBA look and footprint over the rMBP?
I will stick with my Tesla (to be).
This wouldn't sway my decision on buying a particular brand of car, how silly. You just heard about it a few days ago...
Old school thinking. Streaming is better, thus Apple's (and everyone else) jump to streaming.Spotify is great. I assume Google Play Music is as well, as it is very much like Spotify.
What are the chances of retina on the MBA this fall? Probably more like 2014, I'm thinking.
Fair point. I don't use iTunes Match so for me, still not worth it. Having said that, my oldest daughter was really excited when I told her about it. It definitely has a market, never doubted that.
Yep. Think about the old podcast app with the tape and revolving heads, there is your example. That look needed to go.
New Posts  All Forums: