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We're on this one again?  Poor dead horse, can't catch a break.  
I don't like shouting at the TV. ;-)
  One of my best friends is from Canada and he sounded just like a MInnesotan when he first came to the States.  Now that he's been in the south for awhile, he sounds like a hillbilly.
  You're not asking for too much.  I think that's how Google's "Google Now" does it, right?  Decides if it's server side or local before executing?  I think I read that.   I don't need 3 points of a Siri "wish list."  Only 1: I want Siri to be like Nina:   http://www.youtube.com/embed/561SVPrf1YI?rel=0&autoplay=1&autohide=1
    I'm getting depressed.  I wore glasses/contacts since age 12 (21 years) until getting Lasik last year.  I want to at least enjoy it a few years before having to put on reading glasses LOL.  Nah, I knew in advance that was going to happen.  But for now I'm grateful, 20/15 vision.   On topic - it doesn't bother me a bit if Apple makes a larger phone, honestly.  I'm quite happy with my iPhone 5 screen size for now, but to each his or her own.  Variety is the spice of...
  I tend to agree if the device is being used in public...I tend not to use Siri in public - but I'd love to use Siri with the Apple Remote app, on the rumored Applevision.    "Siri...find episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" from 2009"   Siri is great when she doesn't time out on me.  I'd love to see them fix that first.
  Thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately I'm going to have to buy an Airport Express soon to extend my network anyway, probably just plug the usb printer into it.  If it weren't for me needing the extender, though...
  Agree, but if this is aluminum, I'll take a very close look at it.  My daughter has been wanting a notebook for school just for the keyboard....we have an extra iPad so I don't want to spend on a notebook.  But $79, with aluminum casing?  And it matches the white 32 GB white iPad at home?   I think my problem has been solved ;-)
  I thought the same thing until the iPad mini...   Don't get me wrong.  I like it and I plan on buying one in Retina, when available.  But I think if Apple announces an iPhone + or even the cheaper iPhone, it's a pretty clear sign they're listening to the investors/analysts.
    Easy man.  40 isn't old...I'm still mid 30s, I don't want to think of 40 as "old" just yet.
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