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  That isn't Tim's fault, it's the fault of speculators and irrational analysts.
Can't say I'd want an iWatch.  At first I thought the Pebble was cool and then I realized, it's just not for me.  But to some of the points above, my company doesn't care if my iPhone sits on my desk all day or even how much I use it, for that matter.   I already have an Apple TV.  Give me unbundled channels, I don't need an Apple screen necessarily.
"That girl, is so firrreeeeddd"   Bad pun, sorry. 
  Agree. But more importantly...I am in Tampa, was my invitation to the beach BBQ lost or what?  :-)
$329 says that part of Obama's speech will talk about companies bringing some manufacturing jobs back to the US, and use Apple/Cook as an example. Any takers??   Come on, I could use the $329 for...something.
  It was a joke, a bit of sarcasm about the size of some phones...
Makes complete sense from a business perspective. With iOS, Nike has millions upon millions of iPod/iPhone users who have shown they're willing to pay a premium for apps and hardware and would potentially purchase the Fuelband. On the other hand, most of the Android phones out there are low end - you have exceptions like the Nexus 4, but the vast majority aren't quality phones. If you were Nike, who would you focus on? Potential purchasers who have a track record of...
Thank goodness you didn't write "Android Genius." ;-)
    What price gap? Between the Mini - iPad2 - New iPad?   They can handle that any number of ways. iPad Mini with Retina display with a small bump in price. Or, leave it the same price, just like when the iPad2 became the iPad3 with Retina. I personally believe the iPad mini as priced already factors a retina display into the margins - they just couldn't get the yields right, at the time.   My opinion: It's a done deal, retina on every iDevice. (Eventually spreading to...
I think the iPhone 4/4s will stick around for awhile, but not the iPad 2. If retina is indeed coming to the Mini this year as rumored, it's over for any non-retina iDevice.
New Posts  All Forums: