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  At some point (soon) I really think Apple has to have a solution for mobile payments.  The entire market seems to be waiting to see what Apple will do.  I'm not saying it's NFC, but SOMETHING.  I think being able to use Passbook in the Apple store is indicative of Apple moving to a mobile wallet sooner rather than later.  My guess is the 5s will be the time.    I hope, anyway.  Really hope.
Noticed that too
Sure am hoping for some form of iWallet in the 5s. NFC or otherwise, I don't care HOW they do it, I just want the capability.
I agree. I own 3 watches, one of which is very nice...rarely ever wear them. For the same reason I hope an Apple wallet comes very soon; the less I have to carry or have on me, the happier I am.I was briefly interested in the Pebble but I just couldn't pull the trigger. No need when I have an iPhone 5 in my pocket.
Nah...those folks just don't want to work. Period. :P
Try "orchestra mail" that is how I found it.
I'm willing to try it out. I'm still about 47,000 back. Not sure how long I'll keep it anyway...
My quotes are there because of my belief that analysts and othe big players are manipulating the stock to a pretty large degree. Speculating stock isn't illegal but manipulation is.
Quick sell off on manufactured "bad news," now everything is rosy and the analysts are trying to bump the stock price. I'm sorry, but these people need investigating. The SEC needs to do its job here...
Would we be having this same discussion if the headline read: "Apple & Samsung capture 103% of market share as rivals lose ground"   Well, maybe - but it's still incorrect.  100% is 100%.  If Apple and Samsung hold 7 of 10 oranges and BB/Msoft hold 3, but lose 3...we don't have 13 oranges.  We have 10 oranges, all held by Apple and Samsung.   I kept the numbers simple for those not willing to take off their shoes to count that high...  ;-)
New Posts  All Forums: