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You're missing my point, but never mind. :-)
That is a given, I was discussing humility and avoiding ego...
  I don't offer this in order to appear an expert, but I'm Buddhist. The reasons for not publicly giving are fairly obvious, it creates a spectacle and promotes ego. Better to give $1 in private than millions publicly.   And to the posters above saying Apple is more important than charity work, that's just sad. Not to judge but your priorities are quite skewed. All the tech innovations in history aren't equal to helping one single person in need. I love tech, wouldn't be...
Nice to see, but giving should be a private matter. Steve knew this. The spectacle takes away the true meaning, or at the very least, it gets in the way in our celeb-obsessed culture.
Which one is more important?
Yep, this. Forstall was a damn good presenter, 2nd only to Steve at Apple. Schiller is a great mind no doubt, but he doesn't use much inflection...all rather monotone and emotionless to me.
True. Schiller is a horrible presenter, fwiw. So is Federighi though. My opinions
Kitty. ;-)
Fair enough. It serves my OCD quite well. Wish my inbox for work would operate similarly
I'm looking forward to seeing this. For kicks, who do you guys think will fill Forstall's shoes during the presentation of iOS 7? Can't see Ive doing it, maybe Federighi? I'm thinking so
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