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"I'm so 2008, BB is 2000 and late"
And not a moment too soon /s
Ok, I really did lol here. Well played...
Facebook doesn't have accounts linked to credit cards and they specifically mention FB.Think about how staggering that number is...500 MILLION, linked to credit cards. Wow
But Newstand isn't changed? I call BS.
Sir, if i may venture an opinion...it's the 3-CPO model.
Gahhh...it basically floats if you let go of it.
Agree. An iPhone (cheaper version or not) without a camera would be DOA. Apple isn't stupid.
...I don't follow...
Because Google is a search/ads company, they own Android but they are fairly platform agnostic. They just want eyeballs, they don't care what platform those eyeballs are on.Pretty simple, really.
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