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Back on topic, I hope Apple approves the app. Predictions, anyone?
Easy there, Soli. Wasn't referring to you, and I don't own a Pebble, either.I was mostly referring to how people just comment on any article, just to let us know they don't approve the item in question. As if they are the total market.You contribute to conversations, wasnt meaning you.
Why do people waste time typing out what they hate about it and why it isn't for them? Who cares? Plenty of people like it and a product doesn't have to be for everyone.
So Gene is saying that sales are higher if there is an adequate supply. Shocker. In other news, water feels wet if you touch it. Give this man an honorary doctorate in Econ.
I will wait for the retina iPad mini, and compare to the redesigned iPad 5 (assuming it is). I think what I love about the mini is the weight, the fact that it is more portable, and the look (black and slate is so damn sexy). Time will tell. I thought about buying the mini now, then passing on to my daughter when I am able to upgrade to retina mini. But the iPad 3 serves me well enough and I love retina.
  It was a free app. 
Mailbox is a great app. I hope Dropbox keeps their word on maintaining it!
Hey, good on him for not blaming Apple. He's taking the humble approach and for that I respect him. He just wasn't a good fit. Happens all the time. Re: Tim Cook, he's a great CEO. Give the man space to work, I like what he's done so far. For those of you who think the stock price is solely his responsibility, I suggest you take a few college level courses on markets, economics and business. Calm down.
  Thus the real reason Google bought Motorola.  They saw it coming and hedged their bets, I'm guessing.
  The article compares the S4 to Apple's iphone in the sense "it's not going to affect iPhone sales" so in that sense, it is a review, or comparison, and it's favorable to Apple if you read the article.   Besides, isn't this AppleInsider?  Not SamsungInsider.  So I don't think he's trolling an S4 article at all.  We're all free to have opinions but there are a lot of trolls in here lately.
New Posts  All Forums: