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Apple wasn't the first company to "go green." And on this, I salute any company with the foresight to care about the environment while building a beautiful world class campus.Good on all of them. Love Apple's proposed campus, very zen.
  Actually, the sentence makes zero sense. "Switching to iOS from Android" is the exact same thing as "leaving Android for iOS." I got the meaning but the sentence doesn't make sense.
I like the fact that Apple is speaking out, but ignoring the competition is usually a better way to go, media-wise. Why give them any attention? He is correct, though. And Samsung's UI on top of Android is so damn ugly.
Unfortunately in our society, glitter and gloss wins over common sense and better products. Many times.Still, I prefer Apple's advertising. Simple, product based, gets the message across with class.
  Glad to see they're consistent across the organization, then.  My last trip to Staples...was my last trip to Staples.
I'm willing to try Google Now. No issues with spam in my Gmail account so far. So what if I see an occasional ad? I don't avoid television because of commercials. At least the ads are something i am interested in. Google is smart to bring their best to iOS.
Pretty cool and useful.  I can see parents of driving teens using this, I certainly would/will (I don't have to worry about that for at least another 5 years, just enough time to re-mortgage the house in order to afford the car insurance).   Now, where's the guy who usually chimes in about the government tracking our every move.  He'll love this one.
Question, who's going to make these Android tablets?  I thought many or most of the Android tablet makers were doing pretty poorly with regards to tablet sales, with the exception of Amazon, maybe.  Who knows because they don't report numbers.   Are they relying on Samsung for this?  HTC?  Asus?  Another savior?  Who? Or are they counting phablets in those numbers?   MSFT at 7.4%.  Not likely with the reports we've seen out of W8. 
  AAPL still takes the lion's share of profits.  Please define "shrinking" without using stock price as an indicator.
    Yep, and Apple, too.  According to W. Buffett, he and Jobs spoke years ago and he advised Jobs to buy back some company stock.  Now's the time, I'd think.       This guy isn't credible based on his past predictions, why pay attention to him?  But I suppose the speculators will see this and the stock will drop further.    Also, I'd like to see his evidence of slowing sales, please.  Where's his evidence to make such a claim?
New Posts  All Forums: