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Who is this new Apple that comments on products before they're officially unveiled?!
Nice looking phone. I really don't see how they'll dent the duopoly that is Apple/Android, not in the consumer space that is. But maybe they can stem the losses in the business sector? Yes, I use the term "duopoly" loosely, I'm just saying it is pretty much a 2 horse race in the future. My opinion, I'm frequently wrong.
    You have to remember, the same thing happened with Exxon (and other gas stocks) when gas prices skyrocketed a few years ago.  Now it's AAPL.  Anytime you have a stock on top, it's a prime target for speculators.  Pair that with zealous analysts and the results you get are fairly wide swings in stock that don't follow your typical stock patterns.   Amazon isn't on top, so it won't be treated as a speculative stock like AAPL is.    Bottom line, it's criminal and stock...
Maybe they're "ramping up" production because they're almost ready to produce the iPad mini 2.
  Like OMG!  I thought the same thing, fo' reelz.  Word?   Ugh.   On a serious note, I can't decide if I want to see this movie or not.  It lost a bit for me when Woz said it's nothing like what really happened.  Guess we'll see.  And I can guarantee you it's going to be hard for me to see Kutcher as Jobs, I still see him as Kelso when I'm watching 2 1/2 men.
Just updated my iPhone 5 here from work. Zero issues, I was a bit concerned at first when I had to log back into iCloud, feared the worst - but all is well. Granted, I don't have an iPod Touch 5 to try it out on...
You won't regret it, I love my aTV 3.
I prefer my aluminum iphone 5 but I would consider this for my kids. And I am not saying this is a great idea by Apple but they will sell millions and it will cannibalize the iPhone 5s/whatever sales to some degree.
Siri is ok for creating reminders, but I always get errors when trying to use her for search.  Being honest - Google's search app with voice is much faster and returns better results.  And it probably always will, because after all, Google is a data company, Apple is not.  I hope Apple continues to develop Siri and work on any server issues.
  Wow.   Guess I won't be needing my reservation, after all.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I was pretty excited about this at first, very nice interface.  But I'll passsss.
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