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I found Munster's low cost iPhone    
Seriously - how can you predict revenue on something that doesn't (and may never) exist??     Guess what?  I'm predicting that Tesla's hover car will generate 6 billion.  Now pay me.
  Jim Cramer...so difficult for me to take stock advice from a guy who uses fart noises while "educating." .
AI just HAS to ruin a decent article by mentioning Gene Munster.
I like my iphone 5 plug, takes 5 seconds. Now, the Isis Incipio case revealed at CES, on the other hand... :-) Be interesting to see that for the iPhone 5. Especially if the next iphone doesn't have some method of mobile payments.
  It's funny that the Asian markets supposedly like the iPad mini because of the smaller size (compared to the iPad) but they also like the Note because it's larger than the iPhone.  
  I spoke at length with 2 different reps at ST.  They both told me that VZ isn't supported, only ATT phones.  I understand that the iPhone 5 is unlocked due to their agreement with the FCC, but I can't confirm that the VZ iPhone 5 will work on ST.
Will only work on an unlocked AT&T phone, but yes. Personal experience.
I set up my mother in laws iphone 4 with ST. Getting MMS to work was a 3 hour trial and error, but was able using the unlocker.co.nz. Believe me, I wanted to throw the phone out the window several times.
What are the chances that if true, this cheaper iPhone will never see the States or Europe?  Only sold in developing countries that need a cheaper iPhone?
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