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Wish I could agree with the article but I can't. I never underestimate the ridiculousness of the average consumer.
Can only speak for myself here, but if it is more like Pandora and less like Spotify, no thanks. Spotify is awesome. Can't see me changing really.
Who cares. They won't report how many they sell but Wall Street will reward the stock price anyway.
  Spot on, Nor Craig Federighi, for that matther.  Neither are great presenters.  People can say what they want about Forstall but he wasn't horrible at presenting, at least.
I just want a retina iPad mini and some form of tech to use my iphone 5s? as a wallet. Aside from Passbook or in conjunction with it.
  True; but maps (apple,google or otherwise) aren't very useful unless you have a 3G version of the ipad/mini. So many ppl, including me, have no use for it. (Wifi ipad only) Plus, Google is probably better served to invest in creating better experiences with their iOS apps than to waste resources on a map app for the ipad. Just my .02.    I certainly understand why some prefer not to have google apps on their iDevices, and that's fine. I used to think the same, but now I...
Based on his comments and leaked videos, it appears an app is being developed; Google would be nuts NOT to develop it for iOS. So my question was if folks here thought Apple would approve the app if submitted.Obviously now we know it hasn't been submitted yet, but it appears that Google will at some point. Then it will be up to Apple. I hope they allow it, myself. If others don't want it, fine. Plenty of others do. I do.
Agree but Google is in the search business, they don't care if its from Android or iOS. Guess we will see soon. Probably why they leaked the video, easy way to put Apple on the hot seat.I want the app, myself.
Back on topic, I hope Apple approves the app. Predictions, anyone?
Easy there, Soli. Wasn't referring to you, and I don't own a Pebble, either.I was mostly referring to how people just comment on any article, just to let us know they don't approve the item in question. As if they are the total market.You contribute to conversations, wasnt meaning you.
New Posts  All Forums: