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My understanding is that their antenna and service is patented, so it doesn't have to fit anyone's idea of what a typical antennas is sized. It also doesn't matter if you have doubts, apparently multiple judges have reviewed the evidence and determined that Aereo isn't rebroadcasting.Since Aereo is making that claim, I'm pretty sure the judges would review that claim before issuing a judgement.
 They don't mind the expanded viewership.  Where it pinches the broadcasters is the redistribution deals (future negotiations) with cable companies who are bundling local channels.    Cable companies are paying through the nose for the rights to rebroadcast the local channels, while Aereo is doing what anyone can do - grabbing the signal through the air.  Only they're doing it smarter and getting paid to do so. 
 Not sure if serious.  Have you seen the antennae?  They're the size of a dime, all built into a single array.
Correct on the last point.The CEO has stated many times that the antennae are never shared. It's the only thing that keeps Aereo in the clear. Like I said, it's a loophole for sure. But at least for now, a legal one. I hope it remains so.
I've had one random reboot on my 5s, but no blue screen. Happened just today, while exiting Settings.
 Agree, doubt they'll review the case at all. Personally, Aereo is slated to arrive in my area this fall.  Nearly everything my wife and I watch are broadcast channels, I'll be supplementing Aereo with Netflix, iTunes and maybe Hulu Plus.  Direct TV can go to... 
 You may want to read it a little more closely.  I've been following Aereo for well over a year and it isn't rebroadcasting, which is why the courts have ruled in their (Aereo's) favor.  It makes perfect sense if you think about it.  Aereo is essentially renting out antennas and storage (DVR) to individuals.  Each person has their own antenna, 2 actually.  Instead of having my antenna on my TV or roof, they house it for me and just feed me the signal.  Is it a loophole?...
Careful. You and Gatorguy are treading on dangerous ground here ;-)Fwiw, I agree. Chrome OS is pretty cool and for people who don't need processing power (programs), it serves quite well. It's no wonder the education market loves it. I may buy one for my daughter for school.
Sounds more like consolidation to me. And the reason Google TV didn't succeed has nothing to do with its service or features, it failed because of cable companies and content creators blocking or crippling most of its features. I hope Google, Apple and any others are successful - it will take an army to break the stranglehold that the cable companies have.
 yep. (sorry, i had to)  :-)  
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