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If they didn't ban the large sodas, the thugs would be too hefty to run.  See?  Bureaucracy at it's finest.  Hurts only the innocent.   /s
I like to imagine it's like Build a Bear workshop, since they're building for the local market.  You get to walk in, select the specs, build it yourself, name it...   Happy times.
  That's what I was afraid of.
  Or perhaps MacRumors has the limited edition "Digitimes BS decoder ring."
Over on MacRumors the same article says MBA will get retina in June.  I want a MBA and I want retina - just not sure if Apple can do this just yet.  Maybe 2014?
I don't find Apple's site all that confusing, it's certainly more simple than Amazon or eBay - and I don't find those confusing, either.  Just a bit...chaotic, sometimes.   This must have more to do with frustration over delayed shipping, etc.
  I'm still stuck at work, so...yeah, might as well be.
I see both sides on this one.  But at the end of the day, Apple knows the laws of the EU, and you have to pay to play.  If they're going to sell products in EU countries, they have to abide by EU laws.   Is the law ridiculous?  Possibly.  Probably.  I see the benefit as a consumer but it only raises prices, which the consumer then must absorb whether he uses the warranty or not.  
Here come the "Apple is doomed" comments  
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