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I hope it is true. I'm jonesing for a retina mini. But if not, I will get a new iPad 4/5 and give my iPad 3 to my wife or kids. Hard to go back to non retina...
  I just wish Apple would update Safari for Windoze.  I have to use Windoze at work and my options are Chrome or IE.  Let's be honest, IE doesn't work half the time so my options are Chrome.   Less than thrilled but I can't get any others.
Google scanning my hard drive? Seems innocent and safe enough. /s
  Didn't see your comment before posting the exact same thing.  Agree.
I'm sure some folks are glad to see this.  For me, I prefer mobile safari, because many times I'll put my phone down and pick up the article on the Mac or iPad.  And vice versa.   To each his or her own, though :-)
  Like Amazon?   It still astounds me that they release no sales figures on their products and the market loves them - Apple does and gets hammered.  
  Maybe.  But if you're a publicly traded company, you owe it to your shareholders to do this, especially when the stock has slide like Apple's has.  I'm not saying Apple is doomed (TM), as I personally think the stock is undervalued as well.  But facts are facts.
I am one of the 10 M.  Tried it on a quick trip this weekend.  The mapping itself is fine but it sucked at finding a specific location. For example, looking for a place to eat, typed in the name and it sucked at trying to figure out how to get there.  Closed it, opened Siri and she found what I wanted and took me there easily vua stock maps.   Not saying Google's maps suck, it's a fine looking app and I'll keep it.  But the integration wasn't really great to me.
They ALREADY make a cheaper iPhone.  The 4s is $99.  The 4 is .99 or free.  How can you get cheaper than that?  Most people are fine with last year's phone, especially if they're new to iOS anyway.    This guy is a fool.
$899 for the 64 GB version?  With Windows 8?   Obviously a typo in the article, since this should really say "$899 for the 30-ish GB version after installing Windows 8"  If MS can cut the past loose, they have a chance. But either Ballmer is too afraid or Gates won't let him.  Sad.
New Posts  All Forums: