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Doomed. Samsung is out-innovating Apple now. Apple is losing market share. Tim Cook should be fired. Did I leave out anything?
  Actually, there are employees standing at the turnstiles anyway (practically 1 person per turnstile), scanning the tickets will not slow the process at all.  It may even increase the speed a bit, because what inevitably happens is John Doe can't get his card to feed into the machine correctly, slowing the line.   I'm not interested in the wrist thing at all.  What I'd prefer is for my ticket to be Passbook compatible and also for it to function as my Fast Pass, discount...
  Yep, me too.  I have my VZ plan situated so that every year I have an upgrade available in August.  I used my daughter's upgrade last year and got the 5, giving her my 4s.  This year my and my wife's upgrade is available Aug 16, so we'll upgrade and I'll give my 5 to my daughter, sell off the 2 iPhone 4s' and use that $$ to cover the upgrades.   Hasn't failed me yet.
  The producers of iCarly have already patented that shape, so that can't happen ;-)
Pretty neat.  My family visited MGM/Hollywood Studios last weekend.  One of the kid's passes didn't "read" so they scanned it with an iPod Touch.  It's amazing to see how Apple's retail experience is influencing other companies in so many market sectors.
  He has credibility.    http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/08/31/iphone_5_ipad_mini_among_8_new_apple_products_coming_before_end_of_2012.html
  Not everyone is given the same opportunities in life. Congrats on being able to afford nice things, I can as well...I just choose to remain humble and grounded. Besides, things aren't what matters most in life, I'm sure we agree on that.    But just because someone makes less doesn't MAKE them less of a person. 
  He laid out Apple's timeline of releases last year and was spot on from the ipad to ipad mini to iPhone, iMacs and iPods.  He's very credible. Much more so than almost any other.    I am due an upgrade on my daughter's and wife's iPhones in August...so close but so far from July ;-)
  I'm surprised Google hasn't worked this into Google OS/Android already to be honest.    A way to really track ad impressions.
  This was exactly what I was trying to say earlier.  I know these people well, I grew up in a home like this.  Both of my parents worked hard but good paying jobs were hard to come by in that area (I'm grateful I was able to move away for this reason) and $200 was/is a lot of money to these people.  $200 can buy a nice bit of groceries, pay an electric bill or with the recent increase in gas prices, be enough to get you to work.   Just because some of these folks don't...
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