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 Considering a trip up during winter school break, but I'm already asking myself if that's wise?
Would love to see this in person, haven't made it quite that far up yet. Soon.
 Oh, it wasn't over my head.  I have kids who use similar terms. 
 That literally makes no sense.  But ok. As you were.
 I think you meant to log into SamsungInsider.
Made in the USA?  Has to be, otherwise we'd have seen leak after leak. Can't wait!
 Ok, fair enough.  
Glad to see this, when I first saw the circular flash leaked, I had some concernthat the True Tone flash was going away. True Tone flash is outstanding, took a few pics of my kids the other day in not so great lighting and the results were terrific.
I just can't see this happening.  If you need larger than the iPad Air, why not just buy a MBA?
New Posts  All Forums: