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 I think this is the first time I'm able to agree with you.  I had hoped that the bands were 'placeholders' for the glass windows like the 5s.  It isn't a dealbreaker, though.
 You're so right. Incidentally, I believe the mark of the beast is to be on the hand and the forehead.  So I'm pretty sure the bible/book of revelations was referring to an Android phone (hand) and Google Glass (forehead).  Toxic hellstew, indeed.
 Makes sense.  iWork was recently updated, time to unveil iTwerk.
 They couldn't have a concert on the same stage as the product announcement?  2400 seats vs the usual 300 seats?  I think it's more than a concert.
Isn't it obvious?  Dr. Dre is holding an after party in there.
This may have been said already, but it's interesting that the position of the light source (on the invitation) would be 10 on a clock, and coincides with the shadow of the leaf.  Not saying it means anything, just attention to detail if nothing else.
 And they'll fill every seat, easily.  Quite amazing.  And I saw the pics of the structure they're building for the event...one thing for sure, the magic of Apple's marketing did not die with Steve.
 I'll keep this in mind, thanks! 
 iPhone, iWatch, iPayments.  
Work got in the way of me seeing this earlier - but you can certainly tell when Apple is about to announce something big.  All the trolls come out in force.
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