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Brown and gold? So it's basically a gilded turd?
Kind of an odd choice, to me. I love my Nest, but I'd love to see the company branch into switches, lights and connected outlets first. Just my .02, they know their business better than I.
Apple is damned if they do, damned if they don't. Apparently.
Hey thanks for the tip! Will try that this evening.
I'm using a 4s right now on iOS 7 too. It doesn't handle as well as iOS 6. But this 4s also has a cracked screen so it's the least of my annoyances ha! 5s is supposed to arrive tomorrow!
I gave my iPhone 5 to my daughter since my 5s will arrive this week, and you're correct: iOS 7 is smooth on the phone.
Agree. My iPad 3 is a bit sluggish with ios7. Not awful, but it really does stutter on some apps.
Wait, wait: Apple says Thursday in my email, but UPS site showing Wednesday. Ya hoooo
If you mean me, silver and a gray, both 16gb.
Ordered 2 at 3:01 eastern on the 20th. Email today says both have been shipped and will deliver Thursday. Wish I could have picked up but ah well. Few days won't kill me.
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