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Exactly, was about to say the same thing.My home has 7 smoke detectors...i can't imagine sinking $1000 into smoke detectors. Would have loved to see Nest go after home security or something, like Canary.
With all the hot air in the studio, it goes unnoticed.
It's Florida. Nothing here surprises me.Re: the giant slab...no. I'd tell my employer to F off if they sat a 55 inch screen 20 inches from my nose.And finally...it's Fox News, what do you expect? They still won't be able to see the truth that is now, literally, larger than life and right under their nose.
I can see why his predictions stink. He pulls ideas out of his arse. If/when Apple releases an iWatch, I'm sure it'll sell well. But how do you predict sales for a rumored product, one with ZERO product leaks at this time??
And dancing. Need weird dancing on the commercials.
Not to mention, fragmentation would be a b*tch.
See this is how I understood it to work as well. Similar to Chromecast.
Personally I will stick with Spotify. I like the ability to play specific songs, which Apple doesn't allow. Google does allow this but I'm already across all my devices with Spotify. $120 per year for all the music i could ever want, offline or on.
Missed my point. Yes Airplay existed first. My point was now you don't have to mirror.No troll here, but nice try. Pleased with my Apple TV and buying 3 more as soon as Aereo arrives and I cut my cable.
Airplay is a brilliant answer to Google's Chromecast. Period. I'm pretty sure that is all this is about.
New Posts  All Forums: