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 I don't consider myself an expert on iBeacon but I'm really referring to Bluetooth LE.  iBeacon would be a part of that; I think I remember an Apple patent application using iBeacon as part of a wallet solution.  I could be wrong, again - I'm certainly not a BLE expert.
 He/I am not in NY.  I'm in NC.  I have been only around NYC, never into the heart of the city.  I'd love to visit around the holidays but just not sure I can handle the crowds, that's what I meant earlier :-) Side note, spent the last winter holidays in DC.  Terrific city, and practically abandoned during the week of xmas.  
I've long thought (and said here) that I expect a wallet solution on Sept 9.  However, I'm just not convinced that NFC is the answer.  I believe iBeacons is the way forward.
 Considering a trip up during winter school break, but I'm already asking myself if that's wise?
Would love to see this in person, haven't made it quite that far up yet. Soon.
 Oh, it wasn't over my head.  I have kids who use similar terms. 
 That literally makes no sense.  But ok. As you were.
 I think you meant to log into SamsungInsider.
Made in the USA?  Has to be, otherwise we'd have seen leak after leak. Can't wait!
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