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I love fried shrimp.
 Good point
 Agree.  I'll be up at 3:01 local.  Hoping that I can order online and pick up in store the same day...probably a long shot.
I can hardly wait to get this. Come on Friday, 3:01 am! ;-)
So Apple knew more about their business than the analysts?? Yeah right. /s
Wait, they are saying a company with a proven track record has a better idea about their business than an analyst? I don't believe them. /s
Leaked copy already on my iPad. I was wrong about iOS 7 being ugly, it's actually beautiful in real life. New features are brilliant and intuitive.
The really sad part is that the profile looked more like Jobs than it did Cook. wtf?
What did I just watch? Seriously, I don't even get the message of the 'ad.'
 Fair enough.
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