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I like it. But the photos make me think it's another knockoff.
 I guess that could be argued about either side.  (Not Apple vs Blackberry, obviously).  I don't have a 'side' on the Ferguson issue.  I'll only say that if it were me, I couldn't stay out all night looting and burning buildings down.  I have a little thing called a job that I go to 5-6 days per week.  Gets in the way of my protesting. 
At $100.39 as I type this.  Let the good times roll, indeed.   Bring on iOS 8 and the iPhone 6!!
 I don't mind watching the female celebs... ;-)
 Well played.   Unfortunately, I'm dating someone in upper management at Apple as well. 
 No, I think he meant "how can they start manufacturing in August, release in Oct, without leaks?"  I ask the same question.  We've seen enough leaks of the 4.7" to build the iPhone at this point.  Not so much on the 5.5.
 Shush.  His magic 8 ball said so.
 I agree.  I have friends doing this on Facebook.  I told them not to bother tagging me, I'll just donate online.  It's ridiculous.
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