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Wait, they are saying a company with a proven track record has a better idea about their business than an analyst? I don't believe them. /s
Leaked copy already on my iPad. I was wrong about iOS 7 being ugly, it's actually beautiful in real life. New features are brilliant and intuitive.
The really sad part is that the profile looked more like Jobs than it did Cook. wtf?
What did I just watch? Seriously, I don't even get the message of the 'ad.'
 Fair enough.
 TS...I'm a little disappointed in you. I've never had a cross word with you. FWIW, my comment was more or less about saying I was wrong about the Moto X and I'm looking forward to the Space Grey iPhone 5S. No need for your vitriol.
  All of the above, my friend.  Last night was my first real world test.  Compared my shots side by side with my wife's iphone 4s...not even my previous iPhone 5...and there is no comparison.  I take a lot of pictures of my kids, I am not going to sacrifice the quality for a few features.
As none of you will remember or care, I bought the Moto X. It has quite a few features that are really awesome. And then I used it for photos of my daughter's first soccer game last night. Moto X return label has been printed and Verizon has promised that as soon as it's scanned into USPS' system, I can call and they'll reinstate my upgrade eligibility. I'm going back to the iPhone (5s). That was a very short lived experiment. What does this have to do with the...
I will be ordering one for my wife on the 20th. Silver.
Florida, too.
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