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 At what point did I defend Samsung for bashing Apple in their marketing? Two wrongs don't make a right. All I was saying is that Apple Insider shouldn't engage in the same bashing. Also, I'm referring to the actions of a blog, not the actions of a company.
I quoted the subheader of the article... and i returned the Galaxy S4 to the store. I'm using an old phone until the 5s comes out. Not sure how that would be so out of the question. And the Samsung bashing isn't limited to this article. There was a feature earlier today about how they announced they want to move to a 64-bit architecture for their phones and the article is written in such a way that they are only doing it because Apple did it, which is almost certainly not...
First, I want to note that I enjoy Apple products and plan to purchase the 5s when it gets released.   That being said, why all of the Samsung bashing? A hands-on article like this on a pro-Apple website (nothing wrong with that) should focus exclusively on the phone itself. Instead, this "hands-on" article just seems to be trying to defend Apple's design choices against Samsung. Even the sub-header of the article states that, "Without any of Samsung's embarrassing show...
Attention Apple Fanboys: if you still want to be fanboys of Apple products, this is at least proof that you should at least go somewhere else for your information. At least read factually correct information, even if it is slanted. I literally come to this site for laughs.
Exactly, which is why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is raking in money for Samsung worldwide right now. People walk into a store and see a tiny, 3.5" screen, with way too much bezel, a glass back (seriously??) that will break anytime the phone is dropped, with nothing but rows of icons covering the entire homescreen, and then they see a big, beautiful, Super AMOLED HD screen, on a thinner device, with beautiful homescreens with beautiful, real-time widgets, and the choice is easy....
Except that it's been available for a year and a half already on smartphones? Lol
New Posts  All Forums: