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A '3D-like etched logo' would go great with a 3D display.  Just sayin...
 VoLTE doesn't necessarily imply that the LTE is open for data too, but yes, that's how it was designed to operate.  The article says simultaneous voice and data over LTE, which is GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA based, not CDMA.  The iPhone won't do both voice and data over CDMA because it requires more antennas than are available.
I'm excited for the new Macs!
 The shield coverage gap exists in current models, albeit appearing in a seemingly, slightly different configuration.  You need a place to get through the shield to connect the screen and digitizer.
Is it clear if this is for an internal or external display?
 Is that rhetorical?  Are you seriously arguing that Touch ID makes it too convenient??  Entering even a 4 digit passcode every time to use a phone is the reason tons of people don't use even that minimal level of security.  Touch ID makes securing your device very convenient. Also, entering your passcode/password onscreen is a security issue that Touch ID solves.  Someone just has to watch you unlock the phone once and they can now access it. And if that doesn't convince...
 Like what? 
And so signals the end of Oculus Rift.  RIP.   Facebook is competing with Google, so they want their own Glass.  That's why Facebook bought Oculus.   Apple didn't buy Oculus because NO.  Just NO.  There is nothing to suggest that Apple needs or wants this tech.  This isn't what Apple does, it's not important, and I'm sure anyone can agree they wouldn't pay that much.  $2B?  That's almost as crazy as $19B for WhatsApp.  At least WhatsApp had users to poach.
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