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But it is in mainstream news outlets, so why would anyone assume he was wondering why it wasn't?  There is no value left in the post.  All that remains is irony.
Actually, if the question is 'why isn't this being presented on national news,' then the implication is that it's local news, which is lesser than national news.  The implication is not "regular news outlets," as you incorrectly suggest.  Being on the internet, Apple Insider is international, and therefor qualifies on an accessibility scale as being greater than national news. And "regular news outlets"?  I think the term you're grasping for is "mainstream news."
We all know patches don't always work correctly, which means you could potentially brick someone's phone while trying to save them.  That might not be considered an improvement to a user (one could argue that it takes away the risk of further infection, though!). Also, the issue is with a C++ process, which means the code would need to be either pre-compiled for every processor and target delivered, or compiled on the device and have all the correct dependancies in place....
You're on a news site asking why it isn't news?
LOL. I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but it's so fun.
Was I talking to you?
And if North Korea sent a missile and blew your god damn home up would you still be pissy if the President of the United States retaliated?  I'm so sick of all the ungrateful, disrespectful, entitled losers who should just move out of the US if they hate it and the people the majority elected to run it.
A '3D-like etched logo' would go great with a 3D display.  Just sayin...
 VoLTE doesn't necessarily imply that the LTE is open for data too, but yes, that's how it was designed to operate.  The article says simultaneous voice and data over LTE, which is GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA based, not CDMA.  The iPhone won't do both voice and data over CDMA because it requires more antennas than are available.
New Posts  All Forums: