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 Is that rhetorical?  Are you seriously arguing that Touch ID makes it too convenient??  Entering even a 4 digit passcode every time to use a phone is the reason tons of people don't use even that minimal level of security.  Touch ID makes securing your device very convenient. Also, entering your passcode/password onscreen is a security issue that Touch ID solves.  Someone just has to watch you unlock the phone once and they can now access it. And if that doesn't convince...
 Like what? 
And so signals the end of Oculus Rift.  RIP.   Facebook is competing with Google, so they want their own Glass.  That's why Facebook bought Oculus.   Apple didn't buy Oculus because NO.  Just NO.  There is nothing to suggest that Apple needs or wants this tech.  This isn't what Apple does, it's not important, and I'm sure anyone can agree they wouldn't pay that much.  $2B?  That's almost as crazy as $19B for WhatsApp.  At least WhatsApp had users to poach.
The sensor is so sensitive that changes in body hydration can affect it.
 If you actually look at his past predictions from 2012 and 2013, you'll find they're mostly comprised of product refreshes that line up with the normal cycles.  It doesn't take any intelligence to figure that out and put it on a cheesy timeline graphic.  For 2012, he saw the iPad mini coming with parts ramping up, and correctly said Apple was going to start laminating the iMac's glass to the LCD panel. What did he get wrong?  He said the dock connector (Lightning) would...
 Well of course some random cheap crap phones explode.  What point are you trying to make? No stories about abused phones catching fire?  You didn't try very hard.  Google search for "iPhone explode" and read one of the many articles including following.  This runner-up for the Darwin award kept using her phone after dropping it. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57598285-1/damaged-iphone-5-reportedly-explodes-injures-womans-eye/   "The handset was in the student's back...
Hopefully she learned a valuable lesson from this-- don't sit on electronics.  Some people need to learn the hard way.
 All of the iPhone fires/injuries/deaths have been because of misuse or faulty accessories.  Cite one instance otherwise. This girl broke her phone by sitting on it.  That's a FACT.  And NO, it's not reasonable to expect a phone to stand up to anything and everything you do to it.
 That's exactly what I was thinking when I read this article. While it's probably not true that all the carriers got the same number of units, we do know they are all experiencing the same supply constraints.  All carriers are having difficulty obtaining the iPhone 5S, which means that's not the reason someone would jump ship.
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