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Um, how about a pic of the watch that gives some sense of scale?  Like on a wrist??
Feels like stock pumping by dumping rumors with outrageously good imaginary numbers on top of the Sept 10th ones. AAPL analyst motto is, "Buy on rumor, sell on news!" so why not pack more rumors in?
  It is promptly decompiled for examination.  Sorry, should have been more specific.
One does submit their app's source code. The issue here is that not all code behavior can be easily determined. Code can be very complex, even excessively so if the writer chooses. That's why apps with bugs can make it into the App Store to begin with-- not all bugs are found in the first place, even the intended ones. This one was designed to look like it wanted to do something innocent.
  The difference being that this group used the application only on themselves, not real customers.  They didn't take 100,000 developer email addresses in the name of research.  In theory, they could have also used this opportunity to backdoor Apple while the app was actively running for testing.
  Fail.  The link says nothing about Apple engaging in masking sales numbers with shipment numbers.  Try again?
  I think you're a bit confused.  Apple makes a point of saying they report unit sales, not units shipped.  Can you site an authority on this topic who says Apple is lying about that?
  It's worth discounting because there is little to no profit involved.  The whole reason anyone cares, aside from the fanatics, is shareholders making money.  Why else does it matter that more turds are sold than apples?
  I second that.  The HTC One is an awesome phone.   The general Android population tends to prefer the low priced, discardable kind of hardware.  Just look at all the people clamoring for the Nexus hardware-- it's complete crap.  They're just so eager about it because of the cost, but these things are already taking their last breaths.  The failure rate of the components is super high and the build quality is abysmal.  In the example of the Nexus 7 vs iPad mini, I'm not...
Thanks for the interesting read.
New Posts  All Forums: