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  I think you're a bit confused.  Apple makes a point of saying they report unit sales, not units shipped.  Can you site an authority on this topic who says Apple is lying about that?
  It's worth discounting because there is little to no profit involved.  The whole reason anyone cares, aside from the fanatics, is shareholders making money.  Why else does it matter that more turds are sold than apples?
  I second that.  The HTC One is an awesome phone.   The general Android population tends to prefer the low priced, discardable kind of hardware.  Just look at all the people clamoring for the Nexus hardware-- it's complete crap.  They're just so eager about it because of the cost, but these things are already taking their last breaths.  The failure rate of the components is super high and the build quality is abysmal.  In the example of the Nexus 7 vs iPad mini, I'm not...
Thanks for the interesting read.
  Yeah, cause people want to get rid of their old one for a new one.
  A single data point does not make a trend.  That's what surveys and sales numbers are for.
  Wow, way to be completely wrong.  Aluminum requires the least energy to recycle.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recycling#Cost.E2.80.93benefit_analysis
  Don't put words into my mouth.  I didn't say price being the only factor.   My point remains-- you have no data to support a cheaper iPhone being more popular in terms of units sold.  Your argument is pure speculation.
  You're trying too hard to make price a winning factor here.  If price were a major factor then the iPhone 4 would be higher in unit sales than the iPhone 4S.  Your conclusion that an even cheaper iPhone would outsell the iPhone 4 isn't supported by the current data.
  You'll be less screwed than two years but more screwed than one?
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