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  Yeah, Apple is totally losing ground to... what again?  What's that awesome tech that the others aren't having trouble manufacturing?   SockRolid said it best-- Apple yield issues are a sign of the bleeding edge tech.
  Sounds like you answered your own question-- they're release notes from the first beta......
  You go girl.  Get it.
  Why don't you do something about it then, instead of posting here?
  Do you see the irony in your statement?  All you've got are personal attacks.
  We're not talking about house searching.  We're talking about filtering through electronic communications.   You're like those idiots that say, "Well if we let men marry men then what's next?  People marrying farm animals?"   Get a grip.
  It's seriously entertaining to continue going back and forth with you about why you're afraid of the NSA reading your internet communications, but alas I must start ignoring the forum emails alerting me to a reply from you and stop coming back in here.  Real life calls.
  So maybe I can draw the conclusion that you're afraid to have a real discussion with me?
  It's quite delusional to think the carrier profile update will be used to take ones property away.
Your original reply to me was a bit ESL, perhaps because of your shortcut, but I did my best to respond.  So, if you want to be bothered to put in the effort to form a complete reply and have a real discussion about something in particular that I said then feel free.   In the US, if someone is about to shoot themselves, the police will intervene-- they are allowed to do that.  Are you seriously arguing that they won't try to stop you?   Again, what are you afraid of?
New Posts  All Forums: