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The budget iPhone has always been the previous generation with less costly chips (less memory, processor die reductions).  There's absolutely no reason to believe that will ever change.   It doesn't need to change because it works, and it works for a number of reasons; it's extremely cost effective and allows everyone to have the real deal, not some cheapo version.  Apple doesn't do cheap versions of anything.
  It won't.  Any savings they would have from materials would be lost in retooling and ramping up manufacturing (test runs, reconfigs, etc).
  I laughed out loud.
  Or just bypassing it all by making an emergency call and hitting the power button.  Seems iOS and Android have more in common than anyone is willing to admit.
People thought the feed was uncompressed before it hit the adapter.  They didn't realize that the screen's video is spit out through the codec.   Now I'm sure there will be another round of complaints about that.  It's like caring that a penny isn't really made out of 100% copper anymore.  Nobody really cares because it gets the job done.
  What you're talking about here is exactly what Siri is advertised to do.  For most people, it would defeat the purpose of using Siri if you had to take your phone out of your pocket, look at your screen, and type in your passcode.  She can be turned off if you feel threatened.
  That's exactly what I was thinking.  Australia's Treasury Department sounds like a big deal until you get to the 250 part.  This "blow" to BB is more like sensationalist linkbait.  I want to know when an organization of thousands decides to abandon BB after the Z10 announcement.
  Haha... yeah, it's HIS cognitive abilities that are at question.  From TFA:     A site is not a person; it's a site.  YOU don't get 25k views; the SITE gets 25k views.  See the difference?  Every time a page on the site loads with a map it contributes to the 25k total.  After that 25k the developer pays.  If a site has more than 25k visitors a day, and everyone sees even a SINGLE map, the developer pays money.  Is that clear?
  "Location Services" refers to the software and "defective GPSes" seemingly refers to hardware, so which is it?             Really?  That's your full post above.  Looks like you mention your friends 4S but don't say anything about what your phone is... I see you mention it in a later post.  Maybe you were just confused?           The example you link is where someone typed in a city without a country.  That happens when you search in Google as well-- I put in "Ontario"...
  Their campaign was about a PC.  They never said what OS it was.  They certainly didn't show disparate screen shots that purported to be the highest expectation.  I think anyone would agree, whether or not you feel Apple was using dirty marketing, that this goes above and beyond on the scum scale.
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