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  WTF does Obama have to do with this?  Are you one of THOSE people?
Most resources stored compressed on disk are actually decompressed when read by the application that uses them, and then kept in memory that way. For instance, graphics like JPEGs become Bitmaps. This allows a JPEG to be rendered quickly each time it needs to be drawn without having to be decompressed more than once. There's a big performance advantage, but at the cost of some RAM. This kind of thing happens all the time with graphics resources applications use to not...
Second foray of the day!
  The trouble is that 'investors' are stuck with the AAPL motto of 'buy on rumor, sell on news,' so this won't end soon.  AAPL stock is stuck in a feedback loop, fueled by 'analysts.'
  Do you see the problem that occurs if "Apple beats the upper end of its guidance"?
  I thought you were being sarcastic until the second line.  Unbreakable glass!  LOL
  And exactly how far along is that piece?  Can you tell by a crappy photo that it's production quality and fits nicely with all the other parts not pictured?
So THAT'S where Samsung has been spending all those marketing dollars. Come on Apple! You're falling behind on the spending compared to them!! Innovate like Samsung!
  What a convincing argument.
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