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Second foray of the day!
  The trouble is that 'investors' are stuck with the AAPL motto of 'buy on rumor, sell on news,' so this won't end soon.  AAPL stock is stuck in a feedback loop, fueled by 'analysts.'
  Do you see the problem that occurs if "Apple beats the upper end of its guidance"?
  I thought you were being sarcastic until the second line.  Unbreakable glass!  LOL
  And exactly how far along is that piece?  Can you tell by a crappy photo that it's production quality and fits nicely with all the other parts not pictured?
So THAT'S where Samsung has been spending all those marketing dollars. Come on Apple! You're falling behind on the spending compared to them!! Innovate like Samsung!
  What a convincing argument.
    So your conclusion is that it doesn't make sense to create a whole new lower-cost phone that's made of completely different materials?  I'd have to agree with that.       Low cost to Apple is reducing component costs and ramping down existing inventories and manufacturing capabilities.
The budget iPhone has always been the previous generation with less costly chips (less memory, processor die reductions).  There's absolutely no reason to believe that will ever change.   It doesn't need to change because it works, and it works for a number of reasons; it's extremely cost effective and allows everyone to have the real deal, not some cheapo version.  Apple doesn't do cheap versions of anything.
  It won't.  Any savings they would have from materials would be lost in retooling and ramping up manufacturing (test runs, reconfigs, etc).
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